Things that Irritate Me

It has been sometime since I have posted but we have been really really busy. We are moving on the 13th and things will be much better. The most important being Arianna’s commute will only be 23 minutes. The apartment is huge a little over 1200 sf two bedroom with two full baths. It does have an awesome gym which I will be visiting but the nature trails are awesome as well. We will be close to downtown Orlando as well, so there are a lot of benefits.

Things that Irritate Me , this is something I have had on my mind for sometime and it is just not about BDSM but life as well.

When it comes to BDSM what really gets me is when other Dominants tell someone they do not know what they are doing. I find that statement to be meaningless , mainly because every relationship is different , every submissive or slave has different needs , different kinks and different levels of submission.

I am against abuse of any kind and abuse does not have to be physical , it can be verbal and mental as well. I see so many who are willing to take abuse just to be in a relationship. This only happens though when someone has insecurity issues or a low self esteem.  Abuse can come in other ways as well. One being if you do not live together if you are not getting the time or communication you were promised from the start of the relationship. If you are not getting the communication or training your were promised ,I find that to be a form of abuse.

Then the almighty Married Dominant , The almighty married Dominant who has to cheat because he cannot run his own home, the one who does not care about his wife or children.

What you submissive’s or slaves do not understand is you will always be number two. As a matter of fact in most cases you don’t even have a name or a face. What you have is three holes that are used. Your a number just like a number at your local DMV.

What you do get is a full bag of broken promises , and I am sorry , I will make it better , I am going to leave my wife and kids and my home and pay child support. Really you truly believe this ?

When entering any relationship you want to be first , you want to be the one with a name and a face.

People who try and buck the system really irritate me , I knew a family that had 5 kids both parents on disability and received over 1400 a month in food stamps 1400 a month and midway through the month they were completely broke. So you add up all the checks they were getting from the male, the female and the mother , they were making a killing , but drugs were more important. The good news is they lost all of their kids to the state.

Women who use men and use their pussy to get ahead in life or working their legs through manipulation , spreading for favors or just using someone. There are really some weak men out there who would crawl naked through broken glass if they thought they were going to get laid.. I am not sure what goes through a woman’s head when she will just lay and spread take what ever is giving , just to get something. Those types of relationships never work for long but I have seen it drag on for a couple of years.

Trust is a huge issue with me , well when it comes to making friends. My circle of friends is very small and I believe the smaller the circle the better off you are.  The first thing I think of when someone wants to be a friend is they must have an agenda , there is something else they want in order to be a friend. Friends are someone you can trust someone you can confide in , talk to on any level. Yea today that is nearly impossible , if not almost unheard of.

False people irritate me fake people , people who try and play you or think your just stupid.  I am pretty good at reading people so I can tell something about you with the first couple of words out of your mouth.

Arianna and I have talked in the past about finding another submissive or slave to form a closed Triad.  What we found though is others just playing games , head games and I am not sure what someone gets out of fucking with someones emotions.  We have talked about it on and off but we are not longer perusing anything right now well at least until all of the stupid subsides. It really bothered me that some would waste someones times just for a laugh , shrugs Karma.

Racism is something I have never understood , I have never understood why we all cannot get along. When I look or talk to someone I do not see a color , I see a human being. . At the same time though you can feel the tension at times while out. I have never understood why people are so prejudice. The only thing I am prejudice about is stupid , and stupid comes in every color. I am prejudice towards people who work the system thinking they are owed something, and when something turns out fucked up they cry and bitch because they feel they were fucked over by the same people they were trying to fuck.  The way I see it we are stuck here with each other so we should work together and make the best of what we have to work with……

While I am not against religion I do not agree with organized religion , as you know religion was the cause of the slaughter in France this past week.  Religion is the cause of the slaughter in Iraq and Syria , all over the world for thousands of years. Everyone should be allowed to pray to any god they want to without fear.  Today religion is based on two things , fear and money . The poor are targeted promised hope and salvation as long as you give.

I know I have not spoken very much on BDSM but I just wanted to share some of my personal feelings.

In the united States 6 out of 10 children go without food on a daily basis, most who are able to eat are only able to eat at school when they go. Then you have these religious organizations running commercials about feeding kids in other countries. Help us feed the kids sponsor a child for only 19.00 dollars a month. I seriously doubt very much of that money even reaches the children, by the time you pay everyone , the cost of shipping , then transport.

The real reason truth be known we want to convert people , teach the word of god , pass out bibles with promises of hope.

So why not drill wells , show them how to plant , pass out condoms , instead of giving them everything let them work like we do in the USA.

What about the starving children here in the US ? Why do we not care about them ? Why do we not pass food out to the ones who need it , instead of helping someone who has no future here on our home land.

We as people have grown apart, it seems greed has taken over and we have forgotten who and what we are. Even families have grown apart , we are now what can you do for me not what can we do to help each other.

I remember when my grandfather died , he built Grandfather clocks for a living a very talented man. When he passed away he was not even out of the hospital and my family was going through his things , I truly felt bad for my grandmother. It was just greed and nothing more.

Well I have ranted enough This year will be an awesome year , much love to everyone.



11 Responses to “Things that Irritate Me”

  1. Whew! Let it rip! 😀
    Enjoy the new apartment.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Always good information. Thank you. Good luck with the move

  4. Vile, I hope you and Arianna enjoy your new place… it sounds lovely! I miss Orlando terribly, especially the wintertime, but I doubt that Master and I would have come together otherwise. Everything does happen for a reason!

  5. Great read!! We’ve missed reading your blogs, glad all is well. Congrats on the new home! 🙂

  6. nuttierthanachristmasfruitcake Says:

    How did ” going pee thirty times before bed to make sure you don’t have to wake up right after you get into that good deep sleep to take care of business, then waking up right after you get into that good sleep state to pee anyway” not make the irritation list?

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