The Mind Fuck In A Relationship

The mind fuck does not only have to happen or do with any type of play , in fact I myself use the mind fuck on a daily basis. Here is why , if your property ever figures you out , then you have lost control, and from my experience once you lose control it is impossible to regain control, your done , your finished you have lost.

We were at Wal Mart not long ago shopping which I hate Wal Mart but Arianna thought I was being short with her , and I asked why do you think I’m being short? Her answer was because I don’t know what your thinking ! Bingo the Mind Fuck just kicked in.

Mind fucking can be good during play as well , being blindfolded is one way , I like to use ear plugs as well. When you start taking senses away the mind cannot comprehend everything that is going on.

Getting into a regular routine can often let your property figure you out , the idea is getting into someones head and being able to stay there. Many times during a conversation we speak the same sentence at the same time

This is why it is so important to get to know someone, You need to know what they are thinking , why they are thinking , and what makes them think the way they do. You spend hours just picking the brain. I know myself I ask Arinanna several times a day what she is thinking or whats on her mind , or is there anything she would like to talk about. This also prevents things or problems from building up… It works….

Being able to mind fuck your property is much different from scaring the shit out of someone although they may seem to be the same but the two are much different when it comes to reaching sub-space. Just like many think the only way to reach sub-space is through pain and that is so far from the truth.

Getting to know your partner , the mind fuck , the releasing of endorphins there is where your sub-space lays it is all in the mind and being able or having the ability to get in.

Many think reaching sub-space requires pain , that is so far from the truth , it is all about getting in the head. It is about knowing your partner. If you have someone who suffers from chronic pain , how is pain going to help them reach sub-space?

If you know the mind you can fuck the mind…..



3 Responses to “The Mind Fuck In A Relationship”

  1. I completely agree with you Sir. I have just recently found sub space and the deepest I’ve been had all to do with his grip on my mind and very little to do with my body.

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