Fifty Shades Of Grey , All Bad Reviews

This is no real surprise to me at all. People who do not live the lifestyle have no way of understanding the way we live. They have no clue about the protocols , the rules , the communication and the trust that is needed to build a healthy relationship.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is a more kinky 9 1/2 weeks but 9 1/2 weeks had much better actors in the movie. The Miss Hottie Kim Basinger then Mickey Rourke , that was a kinky pair and the story line was somewhat the same.

Fifty Shades was based on sexual kink , don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with kink , although I am straight I am down with almost anything.

So who gave Fifty Shades a good review ? Yea the one and only Kim Kardashian . Now there is a reliable source.

So they take what could be a good movie and it will make millions , they exploit the lifestyle and people will still look down on other who life the lifestyle.

Secretary 2002 with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal , James was the Dominant , and Maggie was the submissive , and a submissive with problems and emotional issues. The movie showed how two worked together while building a D’s relationship.

The one problem that comes to mind there will be many who take the movie to heart just as they did with the book. The end result we have those who have no clue invading our world. To some or many it may not seem like much but it is starting to look like the TV series The Walking Dead, which by the way I am addicted to, but what I am saying is we will be drastically out number more so than what we are now.

A lot of you will think I am bitching about nothing. I may be saying a bunch of nothings here, in fact it may have no meaning. You may think I crazy, but many of you have seen what I am talking about.




26 Responses to “Fifty Shades Of Grey , All Bad Reviews”

  1. Never read the book. Saw the trailer and was bored.

  2. I have to agree with Sir Vile. The movie is sparking all kinds of bad ideas. No one really understanding and just ridiculing us for our choices. What I find funny is that many who speak out are living a small part of the life. They don’t realize that taken in hand and domestic discipline is part of the life.

    Just like with anything else they ridicule what they don’t understand. What they think is wrong.

    The book in my opinion was a nice fiction. It doesn’t compare or tell the truth of the reality of how we live.

    Thank you.

  3. Sensationalism!! I was allowed to read the books as my colleagues at work were all reading them and discussing the content within them. I had to write my opinion of each book for my Master as he had an interest in my thoughts relating to the story…. i must admit that it was great fiction but nothing like the life my Master and I live.

    No doubt there will be people who have read the story and believe that’s what our lives are like. I think it’ll be interesting to see the outcome of the film and how long before its forgotten…? Hmm

  4. I agree completely and will be watching our social media accounts very closely. I don’t want to be invaded by pretenders who think they know all.

    I can also tell you that Angel is very nervous. She wears a collar 24/7 and is worried about being ridiculed or singled out because of it.

    • You know I believe the collar is the least of your worries. Arianna wears a gorean style collar. It has been on for 2.5 years , she is in contact with over 10.000 people daily and works closely with others and no one has ever brought it up.
      She did how ever see another slave in line while getting lunch and they just stared at each other.
      If you had a dog collar with spikes then it might be different….

  5. I agree that 9 1/2 Weeks was a much better portrayal of a BDSM relationship. The way Mickey Rourke’s character enticed and entranced Kim Basinger at their first meeting was believable and erotic. I haven’t seen 50 SOG but the trailer looks weak and over-done. I didn’t see any chemistry between the leads either. To me, the 50 S’s movie is simply a cleaned up & romanticized Hollywood version of a D/s relationship. ” 9 1/2 Weeks” was realistic.

  6. Jade Forbidden Says:

    I still think that the books inspired curiosity in many people. Women in particular, which proves only that nowadays everyone is off “vanilla”. Whichever thing moves people to know more, am happy with. At the end of the day the book plot wasn’t to depict a D/s relationship or inform vanilla people about BDSM: it was the story of a virgin vanilla girl falling for a man into D/s. And vice-versa. It’s credible, it’s not about the overly BDSM practices many apply to their lives and was written in a modern style (refreshing). So much criticism was turned to it when most people didn’t even bother to read. I say: stick to what you believe, or enhance your knowledge, for talking with none of it ridicules one. It works both ways though, not only vanilla to BDSM 😉

    • You know I fully agree with you, and in the end we are our own.
      I just found it funny shortly after the book was released 30 new single Doms started attending munchs all middle aged men new to the lifestyle. It did not last long once most found out the munch was not a pick up function…
      Thank you for stopping in and your comment

      • Jade Forbidden Says:

        Of course they did: what better opportunity than to jump on the wagon and get kinki fucks?? Women are the stupid ones whom don’t know yet how to make a clear distinction between the two (Masters and men). Knowledge helps, hence why am always debating to raise awareness about D/s and BDSM.

  7. Jade Forbidden Says:

    PS: and let’s not forget that even before 50 shades of Grey far too many people were pretending to know it all about BDSM. I continue to meet around at munches many individuals – most of them Dommes into pro-domming – that have been practising for decades and are SO NOT about true D/s, just kinki fuckeries. Nothing new under the sun then, and not fault of Grey either.

    • Yes the Pro’s are in it more for money than any type of relationship.
      I recently had a pro Domme approach me about training her. Real life relationships that is and I gracefully . I wanted no part of her dis-functionality, or to let something fuck up and some say well Vile Trained her.
      No thank you.
      Much Love

      • Jade Forbidden Says:

        I so agree! That’s why am to train subs, NOT doms/dommes about what D/s relationships. My workshops aim at empowering them with knowledge of what to expect, avoid and better to get to the REAL stuff: a proper D/s relationships with all shades of BDSM they are craving/wishing for. Safely, sanely, consensually 😉

  8. i agree this think i like

  9. flufffybunny Says:

    I saw 3 separate interviews where the author admitted she knew absolutely nothing about bdsm I till after she started writing the books, and that all of if her research was done as she wrote it. … Whatever happened to “write what you know”? I get that it’s fiction, it’s meant to entertain and not educate. But I think it was an irresponsible move. Jmo.

    • I agree with you 100% . Many think it’s just about kink and fantasy.

      • flufffybunny Says:

        Yeah and it shouldn’t be viewed as anything more.. Just a damn shame it got tagged in with “bdsm”.. But, it can’t be undone now.. I mean, in all fairness to it, Pretty Woman glorifies prostitution *shrugs*.. But then there wasn’t a swarm of women running out to become hookers… 😉

  10. I completely agree. I have been very upset by some of the things I have read in the aftermath of this book and film about the “dangers” and abusive relationships in the community. My relationship with the Marquis is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in.

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