The Truth About Daddy Dominants

First I am not speaking about every Daddy Dominant in the lifestyle , I am however speaking about 98% or higher .
Baby Girls in the lifestyle for the most are really different than those who are submissive or even a Slave. Most Baby Girls do not live with their Daddy Dominants, while I am not sure what the numbers are the percentage is very high.

Most Daddy Dominants are married and cheating , most Baby Girls do not care that they could be responsible for ripping a family apart because they are selfish. Selfish enough to try and separate the father from his children. In those cases I look down on both and I have zero respect for either.

Baby Girls first coming into the lifestyle are very vulnerable, all are really clueless when it comes to the lifestyle. Most if not all are clueless when it comes to finding a good Dominant.

So A week or so ago I was speaking with a Baby Girl who mentioned the same thing I am speaking about , how the Doms wanted a relationship but they did not want the responsibility.

So while chatting with this Baby girl she told me she had been talking to a Daddy Dom or maybe just a Dom , but when I asked if he was married she said luckily no , she too has had the same problem with married Dominants.

Again I am not speaking about all Daddy Doms , there are some good ones out there who have their baby girls best interest at heart.

You know I spent almost 7 years in a Daddy Dom role , I will also be the first to admit that was a bad turning point in my relationship but I did it because it was a need for the slave, little did I know she saw that as a weakness in me , because I was willing to change who I was.

My role was not an easy one , I set goals for her , and I made sure they were followed through with. I had rules , and protocols that were followed. Again the weakness was me changing who I was.

Once your Baby girl , submissive or slave spots a weakness they will prey on that to see how far they can push you.

While our relationship is strictly an M’s , it is based more on structure , rules and protocols. I have never left a mark on Arianna , the key word here being NEVER. One I know her limits and I respect them , two I care to much for her.

This statement is going to hit some nerves. The term Daddy Dom is somewhat new to the lifestyle. Another for the most I do not even think in a Daddy baby girl relationship the term BDSM should even be used. The main reason being many do not have rules , many do not have protocols , nor any type of structure. The final the only time a collar is put on is during play.
While at a MasT meeting sometime ago a Daddy Dom called me aside and told me I was abusing Arianna, I should not even be in the lifestyle because I did not know what I was doing. He said I was to strict, and I did not give her any freedom.
I thought for a second and I asked his what was he even doing at a MasT meeting. MasT means Masters And Slaves Together.
I have been approached by Dominants who have asked me basically the same thing. These are people who do not have a true understanding of what the dynamics of a M’s relationship is really about.
Again this is not my thoughts to all Daddys Doms within the lifestyle.
However there is a reason why you do not see many Daddy , Baby girl relationships active in the local community, who knows?

Books are an excellent reference , and you can obtain a great deal of information from books , good and bad , but you cannot live your life according to what someone else has written it will not work. We as humans have different needs , different kinks , we need different structure , and rules. Books can give you an out line but in the end your just reading someones opinion, just like my blog.

Most Daddy Doms do not collar their property, well the first meeting but after that the collar is not brought up except during play.

We need to learn to accept everyone for who they are , and what would help is maybe learning to understand our friends a lot more. The more we understand the more we grow, the more we grow , then we are open to more ideas.

I have a very dear friend Master R , him and I live total different separate lives , we both have total different views on how a M’s relationship should be ran, how a house should be ran, but we are open enough to understand we both have different needs. We also know we can depend on each other , and today in the lifestyle that is really hard.

That is why when you first meet someone being able to clearly communicate is so important, being able to understand where each other is coming from. Knowing what is expected of each other. How you see yourself in a relationship , be it Daddy Dom Baby Girl , Dominant , and Submissive or Master and Slave.

I have said this before , my way is not the only way, and just with any book , after reading some 1000 post maybe you can lay the ground work to something awesome…

Again there are a few Daddy Dominants I respect but for the most man I cant even say.

Many who call themselves Daddy Doms are married and want a piece of ass on the side. So you sit and wait and wait and wait for that call or text and then you get a couple of hours alone, then you wait another two weeks or a month and in some cases longer. You are an object and if you are happy being an object then so be it I am happy for you.



12 Responses to “The Truth About Daddy Dominants”

  1. There is another side to this as well Vile. Kayla and I both enjoy Tumblr, it is a somewhat visual play we like. There are a great many young girls calling themselves “babygirls” or “littles” who profess to being in the lifestyle and submissive but are only looking for a sugar-daddy to take care of them. I get messages from ones like that all the time on there, it gives Kayla and I a good chuckle.

    • You know John I agree with you 100% and that may just make a good blog.
      I do tend to over look things at times, thank you for bringing that up.. You have opened my eyes.
      We should do dinner sometime.

      • Vile I would love to get together for dinner. WE just got some fantastic news tonight, a day early, so we will be moving forward on some plans, but yes I’d like to get together.

  2. I agree that there are Daddy Doms and babygirls out there posing, confused, or not truly in the lifestyle that all of us subscribe to. Just to give another perspective, I absolutely have rules and protocols. SSir and I may be unique – or we may not – but our relationship is D/s first, DD/bg second. 🙂

  3. flufffybunny Says:

    I can’t love this post enough, Vile. As You know I fit under many “roles”. I’m in a bit of a different spot though becuase I only cary out bdsm relationships online (yes I know) . I’m married, but my husband knows who all I talk to any about what ( I know, Sir, I know, feel free to lecture me) . There’s no meeting up for sex with me ever. And I don’t delude myself in thinking I’m the only one these guys are chatting up. I’ve been in this lifestyle a long time, and though I have always been a little I didn’t know until a few years ago that there was a term or even a role for it.. What I wanted to say, after all of that nonsense, is that I’ve found all those points to be true for just about all Dom-types. Especially those found online. The problem I think, when it comes to Ddlg and little/babygirls (and this is just from my own experience of being in different dynamics) is that there is a different level of trust and vulnerability with a little mindset, and that’s not just from being new in the field, it’s in general. And yeah, people totally take advantage of that state. It’s hard to explain the difference between being that kind of vulnerable as a submissive than as a little. I’ve been that vulnerable as a little in Domme role (and that was rl). If I can ever manage these thoughts into words (and I am trying ) I will forward it to you. :*.. And of course, thank You for always looking out for us and keeping us both physically and mentally safe. You’re a true tresure, Sir.

  4. I found this post extremely interesting Vile. While I call myself a Daddy Dom that is a convenient label. Angel is a Baby Girl but again a convenient label.

    I have always agreed with you that there are so many “doms” out there that are just looking for a good time and a caring daddy Dom type is a good way to get in with them. Unfortunately it gives us who can identify as being a daddy Dom and bad name.

    Being married to my baby girl I can absolutely say they need rules, protocols and limits just the same as any submissive would. They should be collared if you are serious. They should be made to feel as they belong to you.

    As I sit here and think about it, I would have to agree that the daddy Dom is probably one of the most “pretended” Dom out there. While I have seen people play at being Master, that is usually more online where they can hide. Not in person in the community. It’s unfortunate that some baby girls coming in the the life have to be hurt to learn. Thankfully here are people out there, such as yourself, who are more than willing to speak out and help. I will say that I am also willing to help those out there avoid the pitfalls that afflict newbies.

    As always, great post. Thank you.

  5. Shadow Daddy Says:

    I too am finding this discussion interesting. Although I often feel like a Dominant I have never explored that side of myself in r/l or online. I was initially looking to find a sub or slave but as I have discovered the world of DD/lg and read tumblr blogs of a number of both Daddy Doms and littles I have become more and more interested in that aspect of BDSM.

    With that said what make your site and comments so helpful is that I have no desire to do things half way or to risk hurting anyone. So I am reading as much as I can and taking things slow, because I absolutely want to be in the 1-2% not the 98% that you discussed above.

    Shadow Daddy
    (for now since I am lurking and not actively seeking a little)

    • Learning and understanding , having a clear picture in how you see yourself in that role.
      There is a huge difference in a little , a submissive , but more so a slave.
      Little’s require very little direction but a lot of care and a ton of attention.
      The submissive there are so many different levels as with a slave. Getting to know someone your interested in , on a friendship basis will play a huge role.
      To get into someones head you have to know them.
      I sat down and made a list , a list of qualities I was looking for, right down to the hair color and education.
      You want someone who wants to contribute not that money plays a role. There are many ways one can contribute.
      Someone who is going to put you first, that is huge, then someone who is loyal.
      Good luck my friend.
      Find a good dominant and learn

      • Shadow Daddy Says:

        Thanks for the reply and advice. Once I feel that I have learned enough to be comfortable talking about what i want and need I will start looking for some Doms to meet locally.

        I’ve already started that list as I do my self directed online studies.


      • Good deal. Feel free to ask questions, here or via email

  6. Padraigin Says:

    I guess I am a little. I was pursued by a man who wanted me to call him daddy. I am such a newbie. I didn’t understand anything. As soon as I submitted and started enjoying the lifestyle and being “owned” there was distance. I know the pain of waiting and waiting. I was told for a long time that I was the only one. I have recently found out I am not and that he is always looking for new conquests. It is very painful and I can’t help but keep waiting. I want to give him everything and I have. I had no idea there were traits for this kind of Dom. Reading this blog is total confirmation. Sigh….

    • You have to realize you are better than that, and you deserve much better. You deserve that one on one attention.
      The other side with him seeing so many , you are at risk of catching something bad. Is he worth getting sick over or worse?
      Thank you for stopping by.

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