Why I want To Be Your Slave

First off I usually do not share something this personal, but I wanted to give some idea of the steps we took before entering a relationship. This was not a rush to judgement. Our relationship was something that was giving a lot of thought on both parts.

Arianna was going through her email last night and found an email that was in the very early stages of our relationship. A email that was not only deep in nature , but an email that set the pace of our awesome relationship. Many it seems it is much easier to put things on paper because it is much easier to express yourself. Sitting in front of someone when asked a direct question can cause some to mumble away out of nervousness. So if your ever in that situation let it be known your not ready to answer you need time. That statement is fair and needed sometime , unlike the TV shark tank where a decision has to be made right there and then.

Moving onto a D’s or M’s relationship is a huge step , you have to know exactly what your getting yourself into and you need to make sure your both on the same page. Being open and honest about your needs is very important.
If your a submissive and one of your hard limits is golden showers , but the Dominant you are talking to has a fetish with Showers , then you have a lot of thinking to do.

Warning signs you should look out for. A Dominant with anger issues, a dominant with anger issues is not a dominant , he is a predator. A Dominant with anger issues will abuse you and you can get hurt. A controlling Dominant , a controlling Dominant demanding all of your passwords to your different accounts, your social media accounts. This is not a Dominant this is an insecure male trying to bully his way into a relationship. If the Dominant your talking to is into pain and you are not , then he is the wrong Dominant for you.. That would be the same if you were thinking about seeing a Dominant who suffers from depression, although there are some who would disagree…. If a Dominant cannot control his own life in all matters, then how can he control you ?

It is like buying a pair of gloves , you want a nice tight fit, if it is to big it just will not fit right. Having the perfect it is very important…

Back to the email , I had a question that had seven words in it, once I asked Arianna the question , I told her she could have sometime to think about it. I asked the question because I wanted to know where she was coming from. I wanted to know her feelings and what she was thinking.

She did answer me in an email and this was her answer.

Why I want To Be Your Slave

Date:01/03/2013 8:55 AM (GMT-05:00)

These are Arianna’s words

Of all the titles that one can have, the title of Slave is rare. Only a true slave can fulfill their Masters needs.
I want to become a true slave.

In my mind, a true slave:

Can foresee their Masters needs.

Is available for service at any time

Has no safe words but relies on their Masters care and attention that He may take me a little further than I would normally go on my own.

Is an extension of their Masters hand.

Is open to new experiences.

Has a continually thirst to serve and be of service in any aspect the Master desires.

Trusts Master more than oneself.

Why I choose you?
You are strong and attentive. Caring and consistent.

Why do I want the title of Viles’s slave?
I believe that there is a lot to learn. That my mind has just barely touched the surface of M/s.
I have a longing for my body, mind and soul to be owned. I have a desire to be a captive to the imagination of You. I am clay ready to be molded. I am a virgin slave per se and I need to be controlled. I need to be bound. I need to be gagged. I need to be restricted. I need to be used. I need to feel like my body belongs to You. I long for the mind fuck. I want to lose control and let go. I want You to get in my head and make me Into Your pet. I want to lay at Your feet. I want You to become my sole thought. My sole need and desire. I wish I could flip a switch and give You all. Maybe after we have the house to ourselves I can take a week and just be there for you in an intense training. Naked, chained, fed by you. I can become anything you want. I want to go deep. If I could I would be with you 24/7. Ideally, I would love to be chained and work from home on the computer running your business.

Those are really deep words , and even today Arianna is finding and thinking of more ways to give more of her submission.
Second Arianna did go through a very extensive training plan for a period of 90 days. Those 90 days were the make or break it time. I would also like to add Training is continuous on going daily.

Once you have everything in place, rules , public and private, protocols both public and private the relationship really moves very smoothly…



12 Responses to “Why I want To Be Your Slave”

  1. Sir Vile, you and arriana seem to be a beautiful fit. I am happy that you have found each other in this life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and advice here with the community.

    How would you define “anger issues”? My Sir is quick to feel and show anger, but this is just His nature. I am quick to feel and show fear and that’s just me. We never gave up trying to resolve our natures towards total comparability, so respectfully, I am hesitant to agree with your advice to steer clear of a Dom who doesn’t hold in his anger. Also, my Sir has all of my passwords/logins and I have His. For me this is not Him being insecure or a bully, but is instead supportive of our total transparency with one another.

    Would you agree that such things depend on the circumstances?

    • Remember my post are my opinion. I have been in the lifestyle for more than 20 years. around the same time I found Buddhism, through study’s and meditation I learned to channel my anger into something positive . It is not to say I do not get angry I do , but never at my property. It is true however a good characteristic of a Dominant is having the ability to stay in control , this is something a experienced dominant learns to control over time.
      I can see some transparency in some areas but we all need some amount of privacy. We need something to be ours and it has a lot to do with trust.
      While I do have Arianna’s passwords those were something she emailed me without asking. To date Ive never used them.
      You are happy and that is all that matters, you are happy with your relationship and that is all that matters.

      • Thank you for your reply. My Sir, since fully allowing and embracing His Dominance has better channeled His anger, has had more self control it seems, and hasn’t been angry at me any. Perhaps, as you say, He is learning to control this over time.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful answer.

  3. Thank you for sharing…lovely words to read.

  4. Hello, I created this word press account so I could contact you. I’ve read a fair few posts and would like some kind of mentoring. I’m a 22 male Dom from England. Very new to the scene. I got into it after being with a masochist for 2 years. Very lovely girl, quite demanding of my time but I enjoyed having such a caring role. It ended as soon as we both started working. As we could meet up most weeks and that makes it very difficult when you are the carer of someone who you aren’t living with. She moved on and I hope into another decent relationship. I am very willing to learn. I’m calm, understanding and actually very chilled a lot of the time. I do understand that I know very little, but I hope I am taking things at a decent pace so I can be ready. Here’s my email if you want to help someone from a new generation of bdsm. Jfp1992@live.co.uk thanks for reading. Loving every post so far.

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    This is awesome, words from my slave

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