What An Awesome Life

On Thursday we went to the Monkey Doctor for Arianna’s annual exam , yea nothing I would rather be doing than sitting in a Doctors office with a bunch of pregnant women , and no Arianna is not pregnant , she was just getting the factory checked out.

So sitting there gave me a little free time to just think and as my mind began to wonder , I thought to myself, Self ! you really have it made.
Arianna and I have been joking because I carry a Dollar in my pocket , and I was saying you cannot buy a fucking thing with a dollar , so now I have two dollars in my pocket and this am a ten was laying on the table.
I am not one to carry cash anyway because all of my needs are met, and as she stated I get pretty much anything I want anyway, and you know she is 100% right….

I was looking back at day one when I first met Arianna. As many of you know if you have been following me. Arianna had a break down when we first met. This is when the Doctors found out about our lifestyle and supported us 100% , even to the point of agreeing that the structure we had in place was a good thing.
Arianna had missed a lot of work but with the amount of off time she receives from work she was getting paid anyway, but that is not the point. The point was to get her healthy.

It was me who found her a new doctor who really dislikes me , but such is life. I am not going to say it has been a struggle because it has not been. It is much different when two are working together as a team.

So the progress has been awesome , I could not ask for more or better. Arianna’s medication has been cut quiet a bit , and now she has registered at a college , to continue her learning. She is now looking at a new career in her second part of life.
So this means here pretty soon Ill be banging a college chick.

I explained to Arianna by filling out the paper work it was in no way a final decision , it was her who had to think things through and it would be her own decision, but I would back her with what ever she wanted to do.

It is truly amazing to just sit back and look at how much progress as been made, how far we have come and where we are going. It is truly amazing to sit back and look at how you have effected someones life , to see the changes that has happened over time. It is amazing to see how the rules and protocols you have put in place has changed someone.

Last but not least my favorite past time is cooking , I love to cook , don’t tell anyone though cooking does not sound to Domish. I love to grill , and each time I try and out do the last. I do not follow any recipes I think about what sounds good and how it would taste if I was going to cook it..
Arianna on the other hand is an awesome cook as well , and she has a couple of apps she uses. So just about every night we have something different…

This was my last dinner I cooked last week , a bone in pork chop you could cut with a fork.


7 Responses to “What An Awesome Life”

  1. Your post made me smile. Just happy to hear that life is good for you both. And hey, cookng is very Dom. I’ve met some top chefs and worked in a lot of restaurants. Chefs are some of the most dominant men I’ve ever met. Cooking is also an art form and I love to cook as well. I can always tell when someone cooks with their heart.

  2. I agree with Elle. Cooking can be a Dom thing, especially if you love to do it. M. loves to cook for me. XO

  3. its nice to know that everything is going so well for you guys after the move and your both settling in…hugs and kisses to you both.

  4. I have yet to meet/date a Dom who didn’t cook…. and cook well. In any case, it’s a major plus
    That looks yummy

  5. Daddy JD Says:

    yes, you are a blessed man. I can identify with the cooking and the transformation of your woman. Creating great meals is part of a dominant’s repertoire just like guiding and mentoring.

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