Fifty Shades Of Grey My Take On The Movie

Anastasia Steele , Why do you want to hurt me ? Christian Grey for your pleasure and um Mine! Those seven words really stuck to me and gave me much to think about.
Okay so Fifty Shades Of Gray is a fantasy , a Book written by E.L James and meant to be only a fantasy , but it is a Fantasy with little to explanation about the lifestyle or the Role of a Master and Slave or a Dominant and a Submissive.

A couple of weeks ago I saw on the news where a college student was raped but another student , and he did it based on the movie , because he thought it was what all women wanted.

There were rules but no explanation on why there were rules and what they were for. Rules without an explanation have no meaning. Again rules are meant to improve.

Christian Grey is a Sadist , and he said as much he did however use the word Dominant , but sadist was used more than once, the pleasure was all about him , and he thought as long as he was getting pleasure the submissive would as well. In the end it was all about Christian Grey…

5 Thumbs up to the NEGOTIATIONS part BRAVO on Anastasia Steele’s part and standing firm in what she would and would not do. This is something that I have been covering over the past couple of years.
When you first meet a new Dominant, Daddy , or Master there has to be Negotiations , and you need to stand firm, because if you do not the Dominant will just run over you.
Our Negotiations were much the same but Arianna was a bit more Docile. In the movie Fifty Shades Anastasia Steele was topping Mr Grey.

Another thing that stood out in my mind that is not the Character of a Dominant , Christian Grey had a very low self esteem , and he was always second guessing himself , and he would give in at the drop of a pin if he thought he was going to lose.
The relationship was about Mr Grey , and nothing more, he had to inflict pain to get his kicks.

I have strummed through the books and nothing caught my interest but the movie was a real tell , tell , and it looks like there will be a part two.

If you watch Fifty Shades , then you watch The Secretary , both are suppose to be BDSM related but only one is and that would be The Secretary.

Jamie Dornan was a very poor choice for this role , his acting was really substandard , and dull. I did like Dakota Johnson , I liked that plain Jane look a real turn on. The girl next door fit very well, but in my eyes she was over the top dramatic, and a little unbelievable at times.

I was waiting and waiting on Mr Grey to bring up the subject of a collar in the movie, and what it was for and what it meant but that never happened.

Over all I gave Fifty Shades Of Grey a 5..

Scene from Fifty Shades Of Grey Negotiation


11 Responses to “Fifty Shades Of Grey My Take On The Movie”

  1. That’s because that is only part 1 of the movie. There will be a movie for all three books…

  2. You are a better man (duh!) 😉 than I. I couldn’t bring myself to see it.

  3. I downloaded all three books on my ipad and have not read a single one… I have also not seen the movie, and I’m happy I didn’t since they are trying to squeeze as much money out of people as possible by milking this thing into three movies.

  4. paingurl Says:

    No movie has ticked me so much as The Secretary, the mental connection is the key. There is no mental connection in 50 Shades of Shite 😉 And I agree only The Secretary was true to BDSM. PG

  5. ChildofRa Says:

    I seen the movie howevwr i hate anastasias’ ignorance of bdsm especially after she went online and googled it. I also hated the fact that they discuss the contract and yet she never signs it and they still engage in the activities. Her character just didnt seem that smart to me and Christian felt more like a stalker to me.

  6. kit has read the whole series years back when it first came out. The whole story just focused on kinky sex and nothing deeper than that. The story did not explain the foundation of BDSM of what it really is to provide a safe haven for those of us who loves to submit or dominate. Feel like the whole story kinda just dismissed the BDSM aspect of relationship and made a 180°turn towards vanilla world.

    One thing good came out of the movie is that people are more aware of the BDSM community…weather it’s a positive or negative response that’s still a question remained to be answered.

    Love The Secretary. kit can relate to Lee on so many levels.

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