WordPress has been perving my blog again I know they want to shut me down. They have spent the last two days going through all of my pics looking for what they call porn.
I suppose it will not belong before wordpress finds my blog offensive and shuts me down…

40 Responses to “WordPress”

  1. Wet Bliss Says:

    We’ll protest! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Kathy Lewis Says:

    Love your blog posts. Hope they leave you alone. We are following you for a reason. We enjoy the written words and the pics that go with them. Sorry PG just won’t do.

  3. My goodness I don’t think I’ve seen any “offensive” pics on your blog for some time now… probably the last time they threatened to shut you down. Are you rated X all the way around? I guess if they can see the genitals of either party, they find that offensive. smh…

  4. I hope they don’t try to shut you down as I’ve learnt do much from you! I’ve never seen anything remotely pornographic in either your written or photography…we’ll have to start a petition if they try it!

    I look forward to your next post V


  5. I hope they don’t shut you down.

  6. Can you change the name of your blog? Then they wouldn’t find you so easily. Is that possible? I also like your blog and hope they leave you alone.

  7. Automattic has been all over mine as well this past week..

  8. That’s crazy. Hope noting comes of it.

  9. Wow! They have shut down your blog before?

  10. I truly hope they are not out to shut you down, Sir. I think we might have to protest loudly if so. Your words are necessary and so are the pics I might at ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sir Vile. Isn’t there a way we can self report ourselves as “adult content”? I’ve not done that myself yet, but saw something about it. I haven’t done it yet because I’m unsure if it would just make me more subject to their scrutiny, or would make me more free to post sexy pics. Your thoughts?

  12. Vile – I always have clicks from WordPress Media and never think twice about it. They are consistently on my stats. I’m not sure it’s wordpress. It might be viewers looking more closely at your photos. (But, then again, I could be wrong. XO)

  13. I definitely hope they don’t shut you down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I enjoy your writings very much Sir Vile. How will we find you if they do shut you down?

  14. yours are pretty tame, as I’ve seen other’s blogs that are blatantly pornographic.

    I certainly hope they don’t take down Your posts. I still have some to read and believe there is so much to be learned from Your writings.

    Thank You for doing what You do!

  15. flufffy_bunny Says:

    There is an alternative blogblog That’s allows kink and porn, however it won’t carry over your followers.

  16. I moved to self hosting and using WordPress.org. Moving your content isn’t hard. I’ve done it twice now, from my original blog to Stellakiink.wordpress, then from there to stellakiink.com. When all the hoopla started with shutting blogs down I started doing a backup after every post. That way nothing would be lost if they did shut me down. Hopefully they will leave you be.


  17. I really hope they don’t shut you down Sir, i have learned a lot from You in the short time i’ve been following. x

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