Fetlife = Drama

Everybody is wrong , but at the same time everybody is right, everyone has the answer, everyone knows what is best for you or how fucked up you are and you need to just call it quits and stay home and be a hermit.

The only people who know your wrong are those telling you how stupid you are, they all have to be right , right ? Or maybe just maybe they are the ones who are fucked up and your the smart one for asking questions ?

One question was and believe me no question is stupid but one question. How do you maintain your Head space between being a submissive and living in the Vanilla world.
What the fuck these people just started Bashing this girl to no end , Arianna pointed it out to me and I could not believe the remarks I was reading. It is no wonder not only people but those who are new to the lifestyle are scared to even ask what fucking time it is..

Why do some like to swallow ? why do some loving sucking cock? while there are those who refuse. Why do some love anal sex and can cum while being fucked in the ass while there are those who refuse to give up the ass ?
Why do some get off on pain while there are others who want no part of it? Why are some just into kink but not the lifestyle ? Why are some Baby Girls who want Daddy Doms , while others are submissive but only in the bedroom ? Why do some want to be 24/7 while others just want a fuck buddy ? Why do some want to live as a slave and give up total control ?

The list goes on and on and on and on , it is never ending and it will continue to grow. You know I do not understand why someone would want to be a pony but I think it is cool as fuck.

The thing is no one is wrong , you cant do that ? Well who in the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot do ? Which bill are you paying this month.
The funny thing is these loud mouth no it all’s are the ones who are single.

What I do not understand I try and learn , instead of putting people down I try to understand which is not always easy. One thing no one can change is we are all different , we all come from different walks of life and we all have different needs.
Sometimes it take some a little time to find their fit , where they belong.

I myself cannot believe the amount of disrespect a lot of subs and slaves show on Fetlife , it makes me wonder if their Dominant , Daddy or Master knows the things that are being said.
The Baby Girl , the Submissive , the Slave is a direct reflection of your owner. The way you act in public , in a chat room , or on a post reflects directly on your owner. It is also a direct reflection of your training if any training at all.

Most of the Doms or Masters who tell others they are wrong or they do not know what they are doing are in fact single. The Internet Kings trying to tell others how someone should be living.

We will never understand everyone , we will never understand others kinks and non kinks , but we can all try to understand and maybe learn from others.
I do try and keep an open mind , I enjoy reading how others live and what they have to share.

Social groups would be much more enjoyable and a lot less drama if people would jut try to understand.



13 Responses to “Fetlife = Drama”

  1. I was “that” girl once… I posted a question in a group and about 50 comments came flying at me completely judgmental and bashing me and pretty much ran me out of the group. I was one month on the site and I have yet to ask another question in a group. You are right, the newbie’s can get scared away very easily. Sad really.

    Oh and yes, they are all single and just wait for some to ask a ‘dumb’ question so they can jump them and not give sound advice… or they tell them to get off the computer and meet people, yet the almighty no-it-alls are staring at their screen all day/night. Again.. sad

  2. flufffy_bunny Says:

    This…… This is why I don’t comment or post much in groups. I’ll read it. If I know I have something to offer I’ll add my 2 cents, occasionally. But this is exactly why I don’t comment. And if I do, I don’t go back to the thread again to see what others have said.

  3. Shouldn’t this be the most understanding and open minded group of all? Pity that’s not always the case, but you will find jackasses everywhere. There is a plethora of stupid in the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 😀

  4. Sir- 

         I agree with you and so does my master, he has had people physically attack him because they did not agree on how he treats me(spills me like a princess). 

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    From:”thekinkyworldofvile” Date:Fri, May 1, 2015 at 5:44 PM Subject:[New post] Fetlife = Drama

    thekinkyworldofvile posted: “Everybody is wrong , but at the same time everybody is right, everyone has the answer, everyone knows what is best for you or how fucked up you are and you need to just call it quits and stay home and be a hermit. The only people who know your wrong a”

  5. diemeng Says:

    I joined fetlife, and left almost a month later for this EXACT reason. The people on there are super toxic and judgmental. Even the moderators. I got yelled at/shamed by a MODERATOR for god’s sake for a very simple question.

    Also, I’ve noticed a lot of the ppl on fetlfe have serious mental disorders that they channel into their kink, which leads to really unhealthy relationships. A lot of the men on there also are extremely sexist/horrible but use their “kink” as an excuse to be horrible. The line of consent/abuse/and healthy relationships are almost nonexistent on fetlife.

    Never going back to that toxic community.

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