We Are Taking a Small Trip

I have not seen my Dad in almost two years , not that I have not wanted to but we have just been busy. So now we are setting time aside to go for a 4 day trip.
Sometimes you just get a gut feeling , he has not been doing well for sometime now and his Dementia seems to be getting worse. That has never been something that has been in our family as a matter of fact this is the first as far as I know.

I am thinking of leaving Tuesday morning around midnight , we are 5 hours from Atlanta and then Cleveland is two hours north of Atlanta so getting through before rush hour would make a huge difference…..

I have never been close to my family less on my mothers side , I have not seen any of them in um maybe 25 years , maybe longer , my Dad’s side maybe as long. .
My mothers side the whole family is fucked up , and I am thinking some may even be inbreed. My dads side we just don’t have anything in common , probably because I do not fit into their social setting.
It does not bother me because I never think about them , or maybe it does subconsciously who knows.

Anyway just a small update….


12 Responses to “We Are Taking a Small Trip”

  1. Annie B Says:

    Be safe!

  2. Fucked up family is still family. I have them too. I don’t have contact with them, but they still cross my mind from time to time. Safe travels.

  3. rosewyn Says:

    You’re following your gut and that means you’re doing the right thing. Hope things turn out well. Bet your father will be happy to see you. Life and family are never easy. Best to you and have a safe trip.

  4. nuttierthanachristmasfruitcake Says:

    Just a text or call away if you need anything.

  5. Drive safely and it is better if you go. For closure or a chance to touch. If something happens — that opportunity disappears, so take it now.

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