Arianna and I met an Awesome D’s Couple

I have been emailing another Dominant from Texas for a while now , I knew he was planning a vacation and would be spending about a week in Orlando Prior to jumping on the big boat and taking a nice cruise.

We arranged to meet for dinner a really nice Mexican restaurant and we had dinner together. It was a pleasure to meet both and we had some good conversation or as much as I could gather.
Arianna had a very long 4 days and driving a total of 17 hours , so I was still pretty beat , I think you call is drive lag.

Although him and his wife have been married for 25 years and what makes it more awesome this was actually their Honeymoon and she was his princess.
What makes it more than awesome both are going through a transition right now and are moving into a D’s relationship.

They are both active in the local community , she is very shy but as he explained she is beginning to open up more and more each day. Now not only are they active but he is reaching out to others in the community and absorbing as much information as he can. He truly has a hunger to learn.

In their area there are groups who actually have classes about the lifestyle , Dominant training programs and the steps that are needed to become the best you can be.

Arianna said I was really quiet but I was absorbing all the information even being tired , and truth be known I was in total awe. It has been a very long time since I had met someone who was so serious about this awesome lifestyle.

Right now they are finding their own way , finding out what works for them , he spoke about rules and protocols and slowly making that transition.

It is not often I click with someone , but I even went as far as wanting to have dinner again before they headed back to Texas, maybe , maybe not there is always next .

I hope they both enjoy their belated Honeymoon and I also hope they both continue to grow..


4 Responses to “Arianna and I met an Awesome D’s Couple”

  1. Kathy Lewis Says:

    That was a great blog. That is great for them. That very topic came up in a thread the other day. I think more and more couples are transitioning and instilling their own rules and protocols. My husband and I were discussing this last night as well while sitting in our local dungeon.

  2. It’s good to meet some new people, especially ones you like. Good for you and Arianna. XO

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