I Don’t Want To Fuck You , I Want To Mind Fuck You

The illusion , kinda like Michael Carbonaro , the TV show The Carbonaro Effect , is it really there , I saw it , I touched it, I made it happen.

The mind is so easy to fuck with , like being in a empty old house with no power at night , your mind starts to hear things and in some cases even seen things that are not there , or are they ?

A mind fuck is more than just being scared because the one your with you should have a full understanding of , a bond , you know each other inside and out and you trust your partner with your life. There is a difference in a mind fuck and just being scared shitless.

Mind Fuck the thought of doing something with no intentions of doing anything, sounds really freaky dose it not?

When you start taking senses away that ups the m ind fuck, such as sight in a nice tight hood, or you can add the ear plugs to deafen things out. Lighting scented candles two or three each one with a different smell. Tied spread eagle on a bed and she hears nothing , and the slightest touch throws the mind out of whack.

I remember a few years ago well maybe longer before I pulled the mind fuck in the bath room, with the same slave we were at my friends place, he is a Dominant I have known for years.
Animel had the coolest setup , he actually lived in a large warehouse , living space was about 400 sq feet with a wall separating the living quarters , was a garage and a dungeon.
I had K tied to the rails of a dun buggy arms and legs spread wide ass open and I had been using a very heavy flogger on her , she had a ball gag in her mouth and she was blindfolded. As I was swinging the heavy flogger between her legs I could hear popping , K began to make loud noises so I stopped pulled the gaga out and asked if she was okay? K said your hitting my clit , I said I know and I put the ball gag back in her mouth.

I had this bug zapper that looked like a tennis racket I was using on her nipples and I could see the goose bumps all over her skin and one time I held it to a nipple she pissed right there on the floor.

I made the comment you like big cocks yes and she nodded , so I pulled the hood off and walked out of the room , when I returned I was holding a dildo that was roughly 3 feet long and about 18 inches around and when she she saw it she passed out.
What was really funny a professor from a local University came over to animels shop. Animel ran the maintenance department for Mitsubishi for years and still had hundreds of manuals. The Professor a black man walked up to Animels shop the bay door open and there was K handcuffed to the dune buggy. The gentleman looks at me and I am holding this massive dildo , and he is trying to explain to Animel what is wrong with his SUV. So Animel starts digging through this Manuel’s moving large dildos out of the way, and the guy is looking at me and K.
The guy says maybe I should come back another time and Animel says today is no different than any other day and he keeps looking for the right Manuel, I am still holding this massive dildo, and K is about to cry from embarrassment. So the guy says you know what ? I have seen some shit in my day , but I will never forget today , have a nice day.

There are two kinds of mind fucks , the first is I do not really give a fuck about you but I need my dick sucked so I will stick around. The other is what I call erotic mind fuck.
The first is when your just being used , but you don’t see it , but you stay in a mass confusion state trying to figure things out but you never will because its not meant to be. Things will only change when you get smart to what is going on.

It is good to have a routine but a routine the slave will not be able to figure out , once that happens it is game over. Having a routine but mixing things up is kinda like a mind fuck , you keep the slave guessing, and this keeps them on their toes.

The mind fuck is making someone believe your going to do something your not. You can put a knife in the freezer for a while and if you touch the skin it feels like your actually cutting. Or if taking pictures is a hard limit and your sub or slave is tied down you start acting like your taking pics or even filming only to find out when it is all said and done there is no film in the camera.

Get inside the head and you can dance around for hours..



13 Responses to “I Don’t Want To Fuck You , I Want To Mind Fuck You”

  1. I must remember to never show any Dom I end up dating your blog.

    Nope, They’re never gonna read it

  2. great piece.

  3. We must always remember, two can play that game, Sir. šŸ™‚

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