Awesome Interview With A Dominant

This is a Interview I did with another Dominant


I really love doing these interviews , it gives us a different prospective of someones life in our so called dark world.

I love talking to married couples about their life and their personal journey, and what steps they took entering the lifestyle. Last week was a Daddy Dominant and a Baby Girl who had been married 17 years how awesome is that? There are not very many Daddy Doms and Baby girls who have rules and protocols. Although since being on wordpress I have met a few.

Then comes this awesome interview with someone who has become a friend. I have a feeling we will meet in the near future, hoping anyway.

This couple is married, and they have taking the journey into the world of BDSM, and are now living a D’s relationship..

What makes this interview so awesome is Tom goes into great detail about how they…

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3 Responses to “Awesome Interview With A Dominant”

  1. VIle- You and I are sooo on the same page, and I hope life is treating you well my friend. Mynx and I are doing well, plowing through life full steam ahead. Thanks for the repost, Sir…

    -Tom Wolf

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