This is something my slave blogged about it really hit home..

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One year ago tomorrow my step dad passed away. You can read about it on my July 27th, 2014, blog. ‘Until death do us part’, parts one and two.

I’m not on here saying that to get attention. It’s an observation. My mom is going through a rough time with it. She’s headed to the coast in the am to get away from the house for a couple days. Me, I’m quietly observing my feelings and contemplating on whether that’s playing a part of my melancholy today. I left work 4 hours early and just have been , off, all day.

I’m also thinking about my service to Master and how that should and does determine who I am and what I do.

For those that follow, the kinky world of vile, you may know that I am an emotional being with severe ups and downs. Bipolar and depression, although…

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