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I Have No Empathy For The Ashley Madison Users

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Busted , Ive always said you always get caught and you do no matter how sneaky you are or think you are, if your cheating chances are your partner already knows it…

There are things I do not understand , one being if you were to travel through a Black Hole in space could you live, or what is on the other side, I am sure I am not alone on that one. Another those who make the same mistake over and over again thinking the outcome will be different.

The one thing I do not understand is why people cheat, I cannot even comprehend those thoughts nor the actions or why someone would act on them.

The different blogs Ive read most of the time the sex is lousy, it sucks , it stinks, there is no kink. He cant get me off, she cant suck a dick to save someones life.

The answer is really simple , fucking leave , pack your shit say good bye and move in with your fuck buddy providing he or she has a job.

Sitting in the bed at night while your partner is sleeping you grab your credit card and boom you are a member of Ashley Madison, you are now ready to fuck around. Now if the tables were turned on you , you would be a mad mother fucker, you would be ready to kick someones ass, but it is different because it is you..

Why do married men cheat but not leave? Good question but most are momma’s boys, the wifey takes care of the home and the kids. He is happy but she wont give up the ass, she wont suck his dick, or he cant smack her around and get away with it, he cant call her his little whore, so the next best thing to do is BOOM Ashley Madison , which is another thing I don’t understand because now your paying for pussy three times. One your wife , two Ashley then three your fuck toy.
Or maybe just maybe it is wifey fucking around and she falls under the above, she is the one fucking around because she is not happy.. The male is not going to leave because it would cost him money, money he is not willing to part with.

I do however understand it would be way to much work to sit down and communicate, talk things out , talk about your needs. Maybe your husband or wife is kinky ?

I have never paid for pussy nor would I join a dating site and pay just to get a piece of ass. These dudes that cheat are not men, they are scum, scum like earth worms.

When a woman who is married cheats she does not leave because the dude she is seeing cant keep her up, or hes not willing to take her 6 kids, and why would she want to move out of her trailer or if she is high class maybe she lives in a double wide who knows…

My philosophy is if your not happy get the fuck out, because once your home your still fucking miserable. Having to keep two different cell’s if your smart which is why Tiger got his ass beat. That seems to be more of a fucking headache , way to much drama..

A submissive was telling me a month or so ago she was seeing a Dominant who had a submissive but wanted to see her but was not going to tell her. All I could do is just sit and stare, I said nothing because I was trying to understand all the stupid.
That is no Dominant , no Dominant a real Dominant would act in such a manner.. Using a title to get pussy

Arianna and I had talked about bringing another submissive into the house, well that has not worked out for now and it may never happen, but if I wanted to I mean really wanted to I would bring someone in and just say deal with it she is here to stay. She knows this all to well, I don’t need to go behind her back..

I know I said I was going to change, but this Ashley Madison thing has got me busting out laughing , and to make this really funny , most of the profiles on Ashley’s site are fake. Most of the profiles that are up are fake and was put up by Madison employes…. So men who were cheating were paying on an average of 250.00 dollars..

So Ashley Madison said they had around 36.000.000 users which is incredible but from what Ive read it is more like 15.000.000 million and with our population around 320 million that is a lot of cheating fuckers. It also means there are a lot of stupid fuckers because half of the profiles were fake, and they were paying money trying to hookup and that person was fake…

My train of thought is that is way to much work to try and get some pussy. Then after you contact them it is a waiting game and no one is going to contact you back so you spend days , weeks and months repeating the same stupid.

Now all these people are pissed off because Ashley was hacked , but who were the ones giving their real name and credit card information? Who’s fault was it really?

I really do not get it… Maybe someone who is married and cheating can explain why?

dr_evil Am I understanding Ashley Madison was hacked?


Training And Online Dominants

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I use to perv the internet a lot, as a matter of fact back in the day, yahoo had one of the best profile search engines on the net. You could go to profiles and just type in a word of interest. Submissive , Slave , Slut , Whore, and one of my favorites Humiliation. Aol had something close to yahoo but yahoo was the place to hunt pussy.

I would pour a big ass glass of Tea , crack my knuckles and go to work.  You could search all over the world, by state , county and city. It was just a total fuck search, maybe that is why yahoo shut it down…

Your looking to enter the lifestyle and your looking for a Dominant, today the first place to look is your PC or Laptop. It is easy a cup of coffee and Google.

Online training is noneffective and has no meaning. Most online Dominants are married and spend spare time when the wifey is not home sitting behind his computer jacking off.

It does not take long until the submissive finds out they are being used. Rules are just sexual self pleasure acts, sending pictures and lots of phone sex. Having you drive someplace in public and Masturbating, or told not to wear panties out in public.

The first thing your told to do is keep a journal, a journal the dominant will never read. A journal of your daily activity’s which to you have very little meaning because there was no explanation on why you should keep such a thing…

The self punishment for not sending nude pics on time, or taking to long to respond to a text…. Self punishment , spanking your pussy until you cry while on the phone with your dominant, clothespins on pussy lips or nipples for long periods of time.
Then you end up spending money you do not have on toys, dildo’s and vibrators , nipple clamps , ohhh and butt plug for anal training.

While the Dominant does have control , that control is very short lived, 30 , 60 maybe 90 days and at times a little longer or until that deep loneliness kicks in..

I have done all of the above. I have used and manipulated , and I have shared pictures with friends that were sent to me. I have told stories how some bitch double fucked herself with two bottles.

I can say Ive never sat in front of my computer and jacked off, I mean its okay but nothing like the real thing…

The Dominant thinks he is in charge but in reality he is just barking orders that have no meaning, and your gullible to follow them until you figure out he is just an ass..

I am not going to say that all online training is not effective because at times , and there are some online relationships that do work and last for years.
Those relationships are those where the dominant has put a plan in place, and works on getting you to him, or him to you. Then again this can fail as well. If you are not the one painting the picture, you never see the finished product until you get to your new home.. Someone can paint a pretty picture and fill your mind with what you need, but you need to know all and have proof before you decide to move 1500 miles..

Over the past ten years or so I have gone through some Major changes. Changes in what type of relationship I wanted, what I wanted in the future, and most important how I saw myself living in a M’s relationship…

Online Dominants are just that, very few have ever had a D’s Or M’s relationship, and chances are they never will… These are men or women who cannot control their own life much less others.

The Topping from the Bottom I spoke about this topic last week, it can be fun , or it can be the death of a relationship.. Someone had contacted me not long ago while I was talking about BDSM and depression. I truly believe a Dominant who suffers from depression , he has no business trying to enter a D’s relationship. Someone who suffers from depression even on medication can only handle so much…

If you are a submissive who is trying to convince a man who suffers from depression you are doing more damage than good, and yes you are Topping from the bottom..

Many online Dominants have anger issues, many use humiliation as a way to control, they feed off of your problems they feed off of your self pity, and your low self esteem. Kinda like a Leech , until you have no blood left , nothing left to give and your left out in the dark alone…

The reason online training cannot work in the long term is because a D’s or M;s relationship is so personal. The Intimacy is so deep , the eye to eye contact, the communication, and last but not least the physical contact.

Many have tried and tried and tried with the results being the same, making the same mistakes thinking the next will be different…

You the submissive has to set ground rules. I email you answer, I ask a direct question, I want a direct answer. I text you I want a text back, I call you answer, providing your not at work. Those are not unrealistic demands.


BDSM Relationship Reset

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We all get in a routine , we do the same ol thing day in and day out. The routine becomes such a habit we do not even realize it.
The same goes for relationships , the old routine , and up until last night I never gave it much thought until Arianna brought it up, and Reset was the word, a relationship lifestyle reset.

Now you could say the same thing about a vanilla relationship, but I really doubt you could pull your wife by the hair force her down to her knees, shove your cock in her mouth pump until you blow your load, bend her over the couch and force two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass and pump until your arm gives out, then put her in a cage. That does sound very interesting.

The routine , Yes Sir, No Sir, may I Sir? You may , you may not , hey lets play!!!!!!

You already have rules in place , you have structure in place and rules but your submissive or slave feels like they are in a rut, a dead end, no where to turn, and once their feelings are discussed you then think of a plan.

A Boot Camp a Mini Boot camp , 12 to 24 hours maybe even 48 hours, you can set time aside , after all its your relationship we are talking about, you cannot put a price on time spent with your partner. Once we get comfortable we tend to expect things instead of appreciating them , that is something we have to keep in check so your partner does not feel they are being taking advantage of…

So I am in the planning stage of what a Reset would mean to me , maybe something like the story I blogged about ? The Breaking Of Sabrina, maybe a kidnapping scenario, that would last 12 , 24 maybe even 48 hours.

Bondage , Hot wax , leather hood, ball gag, dildo’s , face fucking ass fucking … Fingers deep inside Arianna’s pussy probing and feeling around inside as deep as I can go, Fingering her ass, one, two, three fingers pumping her ass.

No conversation just using.. A Total mind fuck weekend nothing discussed , nothing negotiated.. What comes with all of this a total M’s relationship reset…

So we are different a Vanilla relationship may make plans for a nice weekend , a short get away. I on the other hand have a different thought of mind.

I think the only times this would not work is one , if you went through no training. Two if you did not enter the relationship as a D’s or M’s couple, or you do not live together. I do know LDR’s you cannot put an effective training program in place. The Dominant is not present so there is no way he can be in control 24/7 and he can only go by what he is told..

Sometimes we can get in a rut and we do not see the whole picture, we grow to expect things, everything just seem normal, and things begin to grow Blah.

Even today almost three years later I am always thinking of ways to change things up a little. The one thing we do not want to do is put or add more than the sub or slave can handle. The same with rules, once you have been together for a month or so the Dominant can begin to add a few rules, as the relationship progresses more can be added..

Many times we as Dominants let our feelings get in the way, we think one way and act on another, maybe in fear of that huge bad word NO. If your relationship is on track the word NO will never come to light. Your thinking you want your cock sucked but you see your sub watching TV, or playing a game on the phone, or maybe you feel guilty?

I take training very serious , once you begin a M’s relationship you are molding someone to fit your needs. You are changing someones thought process.
You are changing someones habits, you are training someone to know what your thinking, how to do something, and when to do it.

You as a submissive may think well I don’t want to give up that much control. Once in a relationship and as your trust builds , you will begin to let more and more go. Once you find you are in hands that truly care about you and has your best interest in hand…

One thing I do know, you always put your partner first no matter what, you keep an open line of communication open. If that happens you both will grow.

To have someone kneel because they want is a total rush, to have someone kneel because you can make them is just ego feeding.



Viles Grammar

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While my Grammar is not perfect  my life is, I recently received a comment from Real Life Sir. Sometime ago I posted , I am not a professional writer, and this I understand.

I would however like to point out a few things, while I usually do not comment on such childish comments I will now.

One I have never visited someones blog and bashed them, I have never visited someones blog and said they were stupid, or they did not know what they were talking about.

The Kinky World Of Vile this is my hobby. Real Life Sir who’s blog by the way was blocked so I could not read or comment , and that is all good.

He says I cannot command because my grammar is so bad and he could be right I suppose because I do not command anyone, I do not demand respect, I dont have to demand anything nor do I command, I guide.

I am married to my slave , I am not single, I live a true 24/7 M’s again married to my slave.

While serving in the United States Army , I reached the rank of E-5 in 2.5 years and E-6 in just over 5 years , by not being able to command. Today I teach sales classes to one of the largest tech companies in the world and just last year we sold over 38 million cell phones..

I find it hard to believe another Dominant would visit someone just to bash.

If I had anything negative to say or questions I would of reached out to a private email, and my email is posted.

We as leaders in the community do not make it a habit to Bash other Dominants, we support each other.

Here is the comment I did not approve..

Submitted on 2015/08/20 at 5:25 am

The grammar in this is horrendous. If the Dominant cannot command the English language, how on earth can others be commanded? Get the nitty gritty grammar book and start practicing where you can and cannot put a comma. Learn your or you’re (you are) do something that shows you’re minimally educated.

From a Real Life Sir.

how on earth can others be commanded? This statement is not one I understand , I do not command anyone not even my slave whom I am married to. I earned my slaves respect and while I do not command anything I do guide.

I am asked to speak at local community functions , and while speaking no one has ever commented on my grammar, while helping others no one has commented on my grammar, while taking submissive’s into my home and helping them get back on their feet, while not asking for anything in return, my grammar never came up.

I share my life and thoughts nothing more, but the thing is if you do not like my blog or my grammar you do not have to visit.

I would probably say more but I am under a vote right now by a world wide Total power Exchange organization , in hopes of having my own chapter, so I can continue to share and bring others together. I feel education in our lifestyle is very important. We as Dominants and leaders in the community need to take a step forward.

I am a very respected Dominant and Master in the local community , my opinion is valued and that I truly appreciate. I can also say I did not get here by trashing other people…

My Grammar is not the best , wow not like I do not know this, and that is my fault. Coming from a broken home , again not my fault , dropping out of high school to help support my family again not my fault or joining the US Army at the age of 17 again not my fault.

So Real Life Sir , thank you for stopping by, thank you for your concern, I hope you have an awesome day… I also hope your comment made you feel better….

Much Love Vile

Topping From The Bottom

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This can be a very serious issue and is found in relationships where the Dominant is new and really lacks experience. Some cases it also happens in a Daddy Baby Girls relationship. Also it can be the way the relationship is set up, the relationship is structured in such a manner.

The submissive will pout in order to get their way, or simply say no. Many times the submissive really calls all of the shots..

To a Dominant who is not experienced , he knows something is wrong but he cannot figure it out.. Many times causing arguments and fights between the Dom and sub..

Topping from the bottom also happens when the submissive does not truly trust their Dominant and is unable to fully let go. It took Arianna some time to trust me enough to fully let go, this does not mean she topped me because I would never let her do such a thing…

Many times the submissive will try to manipulate a Dominants decision, either by questioning or pouting in order to get their way.

There is not a lot of information out there on this topic. Which really makes it hard for me to go into any great detail.

Sometime ago I was in an M’s relationship and after much conversation I moved from a Master , Slave relationship to a Daddy Baby girl relationship which lasted only a year. This was topping from the bottom and I did not even realize there was a problem until we had already split. The break up was my fault and only my fault because I gave in. That was the down fall because now she had moved into control and she knew it..

Some ways this can be avoided more so in a new relationship is to use your property often and without question. If you want to fuck then just fuck, you want your cock sucked , it is your right. Mean what you say, say what you mean….



Your Purpose Is To Be Used

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Fetlife something that just kills me is to see all of the complaining and whining about Daddy Doms, Doms, and Masters. Can my Master do this or that ? Can my Dom treat me this way ? Are these rules fair?

A few thoughts come to mind , one a Lack of communication , a lack of respect , a lack of training a lack of protocol and a lack of not giving a fuck about bashing his name in front of people you don’t even fucking know. My main thought that comes to mind is Bitch ask your Dom.

You as the Baby girl , the submissive or slave did not enter a relationship blindly . I am almost certain at some point and time during your conversation when you first met there was one word that stood out. USED , you were told at some point you were going to be used. You were told you would be trained, you were told you would have rules, you were told you would follow them , and you were told you would be punished.

Now if you did not ask questions and you sat there like some dumb bitch just agreeing and going along with what ever, then you keep your cock sucker shut.

My train of thought is first and for most Arianna is my slave , I own her and deep down I truly believe that statement.  While I do love her with all I have , while I put her first, I own her , we live a 24/7 Total Power Exchange, a relationship many do not understand and you do not have to, you don’t even have to like or respect me, you don’t even have to understand.

The initialism BDSM includes psychological and physiological facets

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bondage and Discipline (B&D)
Dominant and submissive (D/s)
Sadism and Masochism (or sadomasochism) (S&M)
Master and slave (M/s)

The term be careful what you ask for should be your main focus , because many of you signed up and it was nothing like you imagined , and your Dom is not the one to blame… It is you and only you who has to adapt to your new surroundings. It is you who will be trained not your Dominant.

We attended a MAsT Friday night we had not been able to make one in several months due to my work. I do work from home it mostly has its ups but it also has its downs, at any rate I love it.
Being out allowed me to be around very close friends and I also met a few new ones. The topic was a good one , it was Topping From The Bottom. That will be an awesome post.

Okay I am not sure there are many who are submissive or Baby girls, and even those who think they are a slave, who enter a relationship without a clear picture. Then Bam it hits you like a Brick wall and your thinking what the fuck have I gotten myself into.

Why do some Dominants cheat ? Why do some Dominants go behind their partners back ? I do not have a clue , I suppose if the training was not real, or maybe he did not know what he was doing. Because if he had trained to fit his needs there would be no cheating and no need to.

You may be a partner a lover a submissive , a baby girl, what ever category you fall in , but the bottom line is you are meant to be used. Used to play with, used to fuck, suck what ever your Dominant needs , no questions asked.

If you are having problems in your relationship , sit down and think about resistance you may be putting up , you may or may not know. If you put up a lot of resistance during and after training ask yourself what you can do to make things better, how can you improve things?

One of the subjects I like to talk about or a couple , is Rules , Structure , and Protocols. If you have the last two in place , you will not need very many rules. Structure is putting rules into play as well as protocols for public and private…

If both agree to all terms before entering a relationship , there is no reason to cheat. If the Dominant you meet loves ass fucking and that is a hard limit, then you just need to shake hands and go separate ways. you have a mental list or maybe a written one, as you go down your list each topic should have a check, if it has an X then you can talk about it or just end.

What is your role going to be ? Submissive , Baby Girl , Slave , a pet ? Are you going to be an in-service submissive? Are you going to be used as a sexual toy ? There are a million in one questions to be asked and answered.

To fill my needs and wants I trained Arianna. The way I like my cock sucked, the way I like her to lay while I am fucking her. Before all of this though I had to earn her trust and as I stated before that took me some 6 months, maybe a little longer.

You have to be in the right frame of mind , okay I am going to be cared for but I am going to be used and used a lot. You have to take your training serious…

The main problem going into a D’s or M’s relationship if your new , is getting use to Rules, being told what to do and how to do it, also some go into the new relationship blind not having a clue.

The one mistake I made in the past was not keeping that frame of mind, my slave, my property , for my use. I found this to be hard as a Dominant when I had very little experience, at times I would let my feelings get in the way..

Just a few of my thoughts…


My email is


Being Masters Slut

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Many hate those words , Slut , whore , Bitch , and many more but in our lifestyle to most those are really just pet names.

Each role in the lifestyle is different , each relationship is different , and the way you are treated is different.

Every Master is different , every house is ran different. I myself run a very strict home , but what is so awesome is the way Arianna has adapted to my surroundings , she has giving 150% and 150% 24/7…

Over the years my idea of owning a slave has changed, the way I wanted to train, the protocols I wanted, the control, but most of all the control. Although in the past in other relationships I had pretty much the same one thing always happened. I changed, I let my  feelings get in the way thus losing my control and respect.

About 5 years ago I went on what I will call a short sabbatical , I had a little depression going on or maybe just a lack of caring. I did not want to be around anyone , talk to anyone or see anyone. I needed time to get my life back on track and figure out what I wanted out of life.

I did know the way I was feeling and thinking it would not be fair to bring someone into my mess.. This was the time I had made contact with some people who was in the lifestyle in the Philippines. I had my passport in hand and already landed a job.

I met a slave and we played for about 6 months, I knew it was going no place nor did I want it to, I was still moving, then came the day I found out she was married and I cut all ties. I was not going to be responsible for her family breaking up if there was in fact any hope..

So I was introduced to Arianna and I have told the story more than once. After I first meeting I was intrigued and now I had some serious soul searching to do.

I knew what I wanted and needed it was finding someone who would fit my lifestyle and almost 3 years Later that would be Arianna , and today we continue to grow and expand our relationship as she moves deeper into submission.

I wanted a consensual non consensual relationship , many Dominants told me it would be impossible to find such a slave. I wanted full control, again I was told the same, and in the end all were proven wrong.

In order for me to get what I wanted I had to be willing to give back and many times I am giving back much more.

I am far from the romantic type although there are things I do that shows my appreciation. I am not one to buy gifts or flowers. This has been me for as long as I can remember.

I can tell you from an Owners perspective the Dominant has to keep the frame of mind that his partner is there for his use. Before anything the submissive is owned , they are property , they are there for pleasure and only pleasure. Once you lose that train of thought you the Dominant will lose control and respect. Once you show a different side you cannot go back because that thought is always there….

So as I mentioned I am moving in a different direction. Sometime ago I was asked to do a short story , which I did and it got one comment.
I went deep in my thoughts and while the story may or may not be true, thoughts as such do pass through my mind.
Total control, total usage no questions asked.
The Breaking Of Sabrina was meant to be one of many stories and some day they may come to light, I have not really gave it much thought.

Back on track now when most think about BDSM most see abuse , most see the female or male being abuse. My train of thought is there is such a thing called consensual abuse, consensual usage, consensual ownership.

The Non consensual side is a different story…

Life is full of choices which door are you going to take?