I am Alive And Well

Work has been crazy , life is good, Arianna has a Birthday coming up on the 27th, the big 39.

I have been working on several blog which lay in the not finished folder.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate everyone who stops by. The coolest thing when looking at the stats is how many different country’s from around the world stop by..

Arianna and I attended a MAsT meeting last night , and there was an awesome turn out of people.

The topic was Topping from the Bottom, and I think that will be a post down the road very soon….

I am still waiting to see if I get the Approval about starting a MAsT chapter it has been almost 3 months since I submitted my application but at Last nights MAsT I heard encouraging words.

I am moving in a different direction with the Kinky World Of Vile and I am sure you all will see the difference, I think we are in need of more kink….

Much Love

18 Responses to “I am Alive And Well”

  1. Wet Bliss Says:

    More kink is good. A topic I’d love for you to post on is managing OCD behaviors through submission. 😉 just a thought to throw in the bag.

  2. Did i hear Vile say ‘more kink’? Woohoo!

  3. miss agatha armstrong Says:

    i agree – more kink…. i have been in such a muddle recently. Mr F has kicked things up a gear and as usual i didnt see it coming. it has made me question alot – esp if i am a sub or a slave – you Mr Vile, and one or two others have written such words as to kick me from my slump and made me remember… there is so much i must remember – and my memory is so bad. but i am writing to say thank you – i also had forgotten how happy it makes to me write naughty stories… its so easy to slide and have thoughts that really are so silly and forget about the ones that make me smile. Mr F will be so pleased…

  4. Thanks for the update…I always look for your posts in my reader. You are not afraid to push the envelope, question what is assumed, and look beyond the mundane.
    I respect that, and look forward to whatever you have to say.
    Chazz Vincent

  5. Kathy Lewis Says:

    Well I enjoy your blogs and if you kink it up a notch, more power to you. You tell it like it is and I enjoy that. “Change is good.”

  6. How do you find local MAsT meetings?

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