Viles Grammar

While my Grammar is not perfect  my life is, I recently received a comment from Real Life Sir. Sometime ago I posted , I am not a professional writer, and this I understand.

I would however like to point out a few things, while I usually do not comment on such childish comments I will now.

One I have never visited someones blog and bashed them, I have never visited someones blog and said they were stupid, or they did not know what they were talking about.

The Kinky World Of Vile this is my hobby. Real Life Sir who’s blog by the way was blocked so I could not read or comment , and that is all good.

He says I cannot command because my grammar is so bad and he could be right I suppose because I do not command anyone, I do not demand respect, I dont have to demand anything nor do I command, I guide.

I am married to my slave , I am not single, I live a true 24/7 M’s again married to my slave.

While serving in the United States Army , I reached the rank of E-5 in 2.5 years and E-6 in just over 5 years , by not being able to command. Today I teach sales classes to one of the largest tech companies in the world and just last year we sold over 38 million cell phones..

I find it hard to believe another Dominant would visit someone just to bash.

If I had anything negative to say or questions I would of reached out to a private email, and my email is posted.

We as leaders in the community do not make it a habit to Bash other Dominants, we support each other.

Here is the comment I did not approve..

Submitted on 2015/08/20 at 5:25 am

The grammar in this is horrendous. If the Dominant cannot command the English language, how on earth can others be commanded? Get the nitty gritty grammar book and start practicing where you can and cannot put a comma. Learn your or you’re (you are) do something that shows you’re minimally educated.

From a Real Life Sir.

how on earth can others be commanded? This statement is not one I understand , I do not command anyone not even my slave whom I am married to. I earned my slaves respect and while I do not command anything I do guide.

I am asked to speak at local community functions , and while speaking no one has ever commented on my grammar, while helping others no one has commented on my grammar, while taking submissive’s into my home and helping them get back on their feet, while not asking for anything in return, my grammar never came up.

I share my life and thoughts nothing more, but the thing is if you do not like my blog or my grammar you do not have to visit.

I would probably say more but I am under a vote right now by a world wide Total power Exchange organization , in hopes of having my own chapter, so I can continue to share and bring others together. I feel education in our lifestyle is very important. We as Dominants and leaders in the community need to take a step forward.

I am a very respected Dominant and Master in the local community , my opinion is valued and that I truly appreciate. I can also say I did not get here by trashing other people…

My Grammar is not the best , wow not like I do not know this, and that is my fault. Coming from a broken home , again not my fault , dropping out of high school to help support my family again not my fault or joining the US Army at the age of 17 again not my fault.

So Real Life Sir , thank you for stopping by, thank you for your concern, I hope you have an awesome day… I also hope your comment made you feel better….

Much Love Vile

22 Responses to “Viles Grammar”

  1. Sounds like a comma Nazi expressing their stupidity. 😉

  2. I believe a Sir worthy of that title should also be a gentleman. He clearly is not. If he, or anyone else for that matter, would have a serious issue with a posting a personal and polite mail is the right way. Bashing someone for a few spelling issues is plain stupid and says more about him than about you.

  3. mysirsvixen Says:

    Agreed, A Real Life Sir is a Real Life snob, and does not embody the spirit of being a Dominant. Without humility and respect how can he expect to lead others? Answer- he cannot and most likely does not.

  4. I believe Sir Bolli said it perfectly
    Best wishes for your own chapter.

  5. nuttierthanachristmasfruitcake Says:

    You just keep doing what you do. Their are people out they’re who need to hear what you stand on the soap box preaching, and the only way there going to hear it is if someone cares enough to say it. Grammar be damned my friend. You ain’t got time for that negativity because what you do is far to important to let that get in the way.

  6. miss agatha armstrong Says:

    Well said Sir, well said. I hope truely you can bin such ridiculous words – as quite frankly it is your content and how you use your magnificent words that counts.

    I am an english girl from a very old and very proper family – my spoken grammer is always always perfect, but there are times when my written grammer is not so good – but bugger it… it is the content and the words that count – and yours Sir are inspirational and I would not be without them for a second.

    I would simply say the other fellow (he deserves no capitals or title) is simply envious.

    Be well Sir and thank you for your beautifully beautifully written words – with or without ‘ s, ‘re, s’ or any other such silly combination.

  7. Wow – dude has a lot of time on his hands and…very simply…if he doesn’t like your grammar, he doesn’t have to read your blog. Someone is feeling bad about himself, so he has to lash out at someone else. Glad he is not my Dom. (Doubt he ever would be~)

  8. I am a self-admitted grammar freak and I am frequently distracted by bad grammar and spelling. However, I have never thought about it once while reading your writing. Your thoughts are organized and flow well. This gentleman (should we call him that?) has too much time on his hands.

    • Thank you for your comment. i am not one to look at grammar, nor would I jump on someone who makes errors.
      The short hand bothers me some , like IKR or not spelling a word fully and leaving one to figure it out. Again we are who we are.
      If I had a problem with someone , I would simply email..

  9. Isn’t it love, not criticism, which makes the world go round? I just found your blog by the way and think you and your words are very wise and helpful.

  10. I am a comma abuser.. I noticed the grammar mistakes. I ignored them, for a number of reasons. I should try to lose all of the commas. Screw it. If what I have to share doesn’t work, that shouldn’t be a distraction. I have things I think are more important to work on. btw… my slave frequently fixes my spelling.. value added!

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