Training And Online Dominants

I use to perv the internet a lot, as a matter of fact back in the day, yahoo had one of the best profile search engines on the net. You could go to profiles and just type in a word of interest. Submissive , Slave , Slut , Whore, and one of my favorites Humiliation. Aol had something close to yahoo but yahoo was the place to hunt pussy.

I would pour a big ass glass of Tea , crack my knuckles and go to work.  You could search all over the world, by state , county and city. It was just a total fuck search, maybe that is why yahoo shut it down…

Your looking to enter the lifestyle and your looking for a Dominant, today the first place to look is your PC or Laptop. It is easy a cup of coffee and Google.

Online training is noneffective and has no meaning. Most online Dominants are married and spend spare time when the wifey is not home sitting behind his computer jacking off.

It does not take long until the submissive finds out they are being used. Rules are just sexual self pleasure acts, sending pictures and lots of phone sex. Having you drive someplace in public and Masturbating, or told not to wear panties out in public.

The first thing your told to do is keep a journal, a journal the dominant will never read. A journal of your daily activity’s which to you have very little meaning because there was no explanation on why you should keep such a thing…

The self punishment for not sending nude pics on time, or taking to long to respond to a text…. Self punishment , spanking your pussy until you cry while on the phone with your dominant, clothespins on pussy lips or nipples for long periods of time.
Then you end up spending money you do not have on toys, dildo’s and vibrators , nipple clamps , ohhh and butt plug for anal training.

While the Dominant does have control , that control is very short lived, 30 , 60 maybe 90 days and at times a little longer or until that deep loneliness kicks in..

I have done all of the above. I have used and manipulated , and I have shared pictures with friends that were sent to me. I have told stories how some bitch double fucked herself with two bottles.

I can say Ive never sat in front of my computer and jacked off, I mean its okay but nothing like the real thing…

The Dominant thinks he is in charge but in reality he is just barking orders that have no meaning, and your gullible to follow them until you figure out he is just an ass..

I am not going to say that all online training is not effective because at times , and there are some online relationships that do work and last for years.
Those relationships are those where the dominant has put a plan in place, and works on getting you to him, or him to you. Then again this can fail as well. If you are not the one painting the picture, you never see the finished product until you get to your new home.. Someone can paint a pretty picture and fill your mind with what you need, but you need to know all and have proof before you decide to move 1500 miles..

Over the past ten years or so I have gone through some Major changes. Changes in what type of relationship I wanted, what I wanted in the future, and most important how I saw myself living in a M’s relationship…

Online Dominants are just that, very few have ever had a D’s Or M’s relationship, and chances are they never will… These are men or women who cannot control their own life much less others.

The Topping from the Bottom I spoke about this topic last week, it can be fun , or it can be the death of a relationship.. Someone had contacted me not long ago while I was talking about BDSM and depression. I truly believe a Dominant who suffers from depression , he has no business trying to enter a D’s relationship. Someone who suffers from depression even on medication can only handle so much…

If you are a submissive who is trying to convince a man who suffers from depression you are doing more damage than good, and yes you are Topping from the bottom..

Many online Dominants have anger issues, many use humiliation as a way to control, they feed off of your problems they feed off of your self pity, and your low self esteem. Kinda like a Leech , until you have no blood left , nothing left to give and your left out in the dark alone…

The reason online training cannot work in the long term is because a D’s or M;s relationship is so personal. The Intimacy is so deep , the eye to eye contact, the communication, and last but not least the physical contact.

Many have tried and tried and tried with the results being the same, making the same mistakes thinking the next will be different…

You the submissive has to set ground rules. I email you answer, I ask a direct question, I want a direct answer. I text you I want a text back, I call you answer, providing your not at work. Those are not unrealistic demands.


17 Responses to “Training And Online Dominants”

  1. omg. WOW, I can’t believe you said that… Never having experienced it myself, I am not in a good place to opine. However, based on what I have read, I could not agree more. Kudos for speaking up. 🙂

  2. tiffanygoodgirl Says:

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    Very true. Great info

  3. Loved reading this post. Reminded me of the mid 1990’s A 300 baud modem, Compuserve and some hot chatting 🙂 and insanely high phone bills. Pure online relationships? Nah but I think it was/is easier in the Vanilla world.

  4. darkgemdom Says:

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    Thinking back when I was younger, and discovering what exactly it was that I felt, and wanted. Internet is/can be faceless. Y/you easily lose true reaction and emotions. And yet I feel it makes it easier to meet L:like minded people. It’s a double edge sword
    This part struck Me:
    The reason online training cannot work in the long term is because a D’s or M;s relationship is so personal. The Intimacy is so deep , the eye to eye contact, the communication, and last but not least the physical contact. Thank you vile for your post.

  5. mysirsvixen Says:

    Sigh. How many are reading this and inwardly cringing? Thank you Vile, for nailing this so well.

  6. Sir, are you saying ldr will never work. If you truly know it won’t work please guide methods, way to make it work. I and she truly love each other it may be just months but we are serious and really want to work. I am ready to relocate the day we feel this relationship is going deep, which we both want. We both will be grateful if you guide us.

    • The only way LDR will work is if both have plans to move in with each other. The internet , text and calls get old fast

      • We have planned that eventually I am moving to her place. Her family won’t allow her to move nor my family allow her to be here. So, yes we have planned but not rushing. We both are not looking for heartbreaks. I personally feel will not be better if we meet once or twice and stay with her for few days and see if she is really feeling it good. All I know and want is to love, care, respect her, thus is it okay if we take it slow.

      • I do believe you are from India so I do understand the family’s and some of the traditions.
        I have actually been the cause of a marriage that was arranged to crash, after taking my friend to a Titty bar and talking to him, he was going to school in Daytona Beach…
        I never understood the arranged Marriage , kinda like buying a new car without test driving it

      • Yes, that is the thing. It is okay they as my parents for this life follow traditions, I have no problem, why the hell I have to follow. I myself am responsible for my happiness my life am I not. Thus as I realized I have in me a Dominant kind of nature I cannot settle for a vanilla kind of or arranged type of partner forever, I won’t.
        It is so hard sometimes to listen to these traditional lectures and notes. I am who I am just cannot change myself to make others happy. Yes, She and me are committed so far yes and we find something is pulling each other closer. Not rushing because I really want it to grow stronger. Thank you for your support and words. I really love and am grateful to you for sharing those post, which guides me through this adorable, respectful lifestyle.

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    We are in Savannah Ga on vacation . I like this blog but I have change my mind some. I will update soon .
    I want to thank you all for visiting and feel free to ask questions.

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