Predators Are Alive And Well

Predators come in many faces , Predators are all around us , Predators are people we know and don’t know and from time to time we get a little surprise.

I never mention any names unless I do not like you and to tell you the truth there are very few who I call my friend.

While we should not judge anyone for their actions mainly when it comes to the lifestyle , because as we know each relationship is different.

Predators come in all sizes , shapes colors , male and female. The female I call the black widow, the leech , the succubus. These women seek out men who they think are weak. While it may be true some men may not be week , but maybe experiencing a vulnerable moment in life. These women will drain a Texas oil well  and walk away like nothing happened, and move on to the next victim….. These women very seldom give up the pussy and only do so if they feel they are losing control.

At a younger age I was played a few times until I figured out the game, then I was like wow here we go, lets get ready to rumble…. Interesting mind fucking the mind fucker.

The male predator they see submission as a weakness , they prey on those who are having problems in their life, those who are a emotional mind wreck. These guys pretend to give a fuck while undressing you with their eyes, or wondering how well you suck cock or if you take it up the ass. These guys want the slut but not the responsibility.

In these situations you find yourself doing things you would not normally do. Perform on webcam , or send nude pictures daily, phone sex, wearing slutty clothes in public. You feel awkward but you go along with it because you believe this is the way.

So the predators are not just men there are some wicked women lurking , looking for their next dollar.

I get emails all the time from women who are caught up with these so called married Doms who are cheating on their wives. Well this is no Dom because he cannot even run his own house. What he is looking for is a cock sucker or someone who will take it up the ass. These men see those who are submissive as being weak and worthless, and you spend more time waiting on an email or a text than you actually spend with him, and when you do get a little time your sucking dick.

The only time your out in public is on your first meeting after that your a secret and nothing more. You hear promises that things will get better and how he plans on leaving his wife. I would hope you would not believe that story…

Your training consist of sucking cock being on your back , being humiliated on a regular basis, and taking pain you really have no interest in.

Then the guy who spends his life thinking with his dick. Arianna laughs when she is on Fetlife and sees a Dom and his Avatar is his cock because she knows this is the way he is, his dick runs his life.

On Fetlife if you look to the left at the interest this will tell you a lot about the individual. You can take a peak into his mind and see exactly what he is looking for in a relationship.

These are the guys who also play a game , on the hunt for pussy and head and nothing more. I know a Dom near me who goes through several women a month, playing on their submission.

The abuse often it can start and the submissive is clueless and does not see it until it is to late.

While at a function a couple drove a couple of hours to meet Arianna and I. We were excited to see her and her new Dom, but as we were talking he was saying how he was not going to allow her to go to munchs , or submissive round table’s  as he does not attend local meetings mainly because he is not welcome. This is where the isolation starts , but shortly after leaving she sent Arianna a text saying she was not going to stay with the Dom.

The isolation begins to keep you from other people in the lifestyle , this is so your Dom is the only one you are getting information from. You give all of your passwords to him as well so he can monitor your every move.

Then comes the name calling telling you how stupid you are, how worthless you are and you were nothing before you met him….

This is to humiliate you but it is meant to eat away at your self esteem , to make you feel lower, and take away any self confidence you may of had. This moves you into a position where you feel all alone, now your at his beck and call , most of the time waiting hours days or even weeks before hearing from him.

The only time your out in public is on your first meeting , unless your dumb enough to just show up at his place or a motel not knowing anything about him.

When you do see him you spend about 5 minutes talking and the rest of the time sucking dick.

If your not able to think straight or rational you have no business looking for a relationship in the lifestyle.

At times I get emails asking for advice and when it is not what they want to hear I never hear back from them , go figure.

The mistakes you make are decisions you make , and you know from the start what your thinking… You also know from the start if things are not right…

It is not easy trying to weed through the fakes but you can tell if someone is truly interested in you. You can tell if someone wants to get to know you as a person.



14 Responses to “Predators Are Alive And Well”

  1. Spot-on assessment. In many ways, all relationships are subject to the same scrutiny and assessment, especially the workplace…(where you can be sure that some will fuck and some will get fucked.)
    It all comes down to being absolutely straight in your dealings with others, and only accepting honest, straightforward, and open communications.
    Nobody’s perfect, but if we learn from our mistakes, we can improve.
    Why settle for less?
    Chazz Vincent

  2. I have a feeling that that girl you are talking about learned a lot from your blogs and/or communications and was able to spot the red flags early. Thank goodness for her 🙂

  3. Little one Says:

    Soooooo true!

  4. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    This is so true

  5. The succubus.. odd that’s the exact word I use to describe the way I felt about my first slave.. but it was more emotions she drained than money… Those were the later mistakes.

    Your observations and experience from it is exactly why I am opposed to TNG groups. You can’t provide the sage advice that is in here, without having some history. And helped at least one person, didn’t it? Spot on, as usual, all good stuff..all of it. Glad you are here to share!

    • TNG groups HAHAHAHAHAH . I am glad you brought that up.
      About 6 years ago one night I was bored nothing to do, Looking on fetlife I see a munch TNG , I was thinking pretty cool , but I should of read the rules.
      As I walked in the restaurant looking for the room , once I found it I was stopped at the door.
      You are not allowed old man , I scratched my little goatee and I looked at him and asked if he was old enough to buy condoms or did his mom have to buy them for him.

      He stated 18 year old male Alpha . So you are in school congratulations.

      He then stated again I am a male Alpha, Oh like a wolf ? So little grasshopper tell me about you’re times and travels .

      His finger touched my chest and I gave a deep stare. If you touch me one more time one of you’re Betta’s will be taking care of you.

      At 18 I was clueless , at 25 I did not care, in my 30’s I used women , it was not until my early 40’s I caught on..

      These TNG’s should be clinging onto and older Dom if they really want to learn.

      • Yes.. but with the same caution you forward to slaves, meaning you still have to judge if the person offering their value, actually has value.

        It should go without saying that the more experience you have, the potential value you may have. No guarantee though since many people don’t bother to reflect or learn.. so “potential” is the operative word.

      • You are correct 100% , looking into the potential and the value of the potential.
        Someone told me I am not going to date her she is ugly?
        He did not take the time to look at the potential or the outcome of what the relationship could be.

        Okay look at it this way we my friend are like the stock market we are a commodity , several years ago our stocks were high , today we are still a valuable asset but as we age our stock prices begin to drop

  6. I am always glad to read posts from you. The opening quote is one of my favorites.
    There are few people who are really interested in the truth. Most hide behind an ideation of their egos created by their minds to protect their low self-esteem. Some are subs, some are noms, but …the song remains the same….
    Your work is thoughtful and incisive because you are not afraid of the truth.
    Chazz Vincent

  7. […] are cheating.  I won’t go into the cheating side.. if you want words of wisdom on that read some of Viles blogs.  He’s set you […]

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