Part-time Doms don’t get Full-time submission.

Boom I love this


Sometimes I come across something that catches my eye, and what I am going to share turned up on my friends list on Fetlife.  I found the Writing of Master James to be right on.

While my way is not the only way I have touched on many things that most disagree with, when I use the word protocols people laugh, when I use the word consistency most laughed, when I use the word rules most laugh , and that is all good until the relationship fails.

You wake up one morning and now your Christian Fucking Grey like him not having a clue and your super Dom, or King Master you want the title you want to be adored and worshiped but you do not want the responsibility , not really caring what effects your having on someones feelings or emotions, or the lasting effects.

The part time Dom…

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One Response to “Part-time Doms don’t get Full-time submission.”

  1. Wow.. thousands of likes on Fet. That went viral. Put my appreciation there, with a tip of the hat to our diligent Vile for bringing to your readers.

    One note I had to add. Becoming a full time Dom, won’t help with a part time slave. Takes two to tango.

    Why do I always have these criticisms you may ask.. because I hope they are constructive, and never intended to be destructive.

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