Being A Dominant is 24/7 365

This really made me think


Slaves and those who are submissive need down time, free time to clear their head, get away from daily activities. The need to see family, friends, or maybe just go out shopping.  We as Dominants expect so much from ours, but I believe there is a breaking point.

Many Dominants for what ever reason once in a relationship become very controlling, cutting the slave off from friends or family, not allowing to go out alone, and no real down time. I have seen these types of relationships, and they usually go sour in about a year. Why ? The Slave or Submissive has hit their breaking point. Humans can only take so much Slave, Submissive or Vanilla, we all have a breaking point.

The break up once they have reached their breaking point and the Slave wants out of the relationship, it then becomes their fault. They did not give…

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One Response to “Being A Dominant is 24/7 365”

  1. How odd. I just wrote in my own blog, something in the same vein. I was just observing that while I desire to never let go of the control, there are times it gets tiresome, and times that my property needs that break.

    If I may paraphrase, I think you are saying that blind devotion to an inflexible dynamic is bad, to which say, I couldn’t agree more. Consistency is important, but then so is adaptation.

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