As A Dominant

It is our responsibility to pick those up who have stumbled, those who are having a hard time coping , Those who are having a stressful position on life , those who are confused and feel they have no one to turn to.

Something that irks me , is to be at a public outing and the big bad Dom sits back and tells about his times and travels , what he has done, what he knows and the mile long experience he has, but when a submissive needs a helping hand they just turn their back and walk away.

You want the pussy but you do not want the responsibility , you want your dick sucked but you do not want the responsibility, you want to tie their ass up and beat them but you do not want the responsibility.

This does not pertain to all of course there are those who just enjoy fucking , but there are the few who are different , there are the few who suffer from depression. When you play with someone who has some sort of mental issue , you are doing nothing less that manipulating  them, your playing head games and once your front door closes your done your finished.

I was talking to someone the other day and he wanted to know hot to train someone , so in answering that each is different but I gave a few ideas and he stopped me midway and said it was to much work.  I explained that it could be a little work in the beginning but within 60 to 90 days everything would start to fall into place.

Training is no joke , as a matter of fact it is something close to rehabilitation , you are changing someones thought process, changing habits, the way someone dresses , talks and walks, of course this is a M’s relationship and at times it very well could be a D’s. Once everything is in place it is just daily maintenance , not weekly or bi-weekly it is daily.

You want the perfect relationship but your not willing to put the effort into building something that could be the most intense relationship you have ever had..

Karma is a bitch and it will bite you in your ass. Think twice before you ruin someones life. Unless your in for the long run leave the ones who are vulnerable   and need that guiding hand alone, unless your going to answer your phone at 3 am.

Playing with those who have emotional problems or suffer from depression does not make you a Dominant , it shows you are weak and you have no values, and if you think for one minute that you are not being talked about you are dead wrong..

So next time your sitting at at table at a munch and you introduce yourself as Master Dick , take a look around the room.


12 Responses to “As A Dominant”

  1. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    dearest Sir Vile … so very very true … there are times recently when I have felt really quite guilty. Master is an awesome man. He has His ways.

    but then in my happyness … I read from others who have Master’s and Dom’s … who I see as just using these darling creatures….

    it breaks my heart … both sides think it is all so easy. it’s not. it’s hard work on both sides but it is so worth it.

    • tiffanyj Says:

      It is so worth it once you get the right Master. I won’t stop looking for mine. He’s out there, somewhere

      • missagathaarmstrong Says:

        I have searched and waited for 40 years … and He is the right one … for me – as I truely with all my heart hope I am right for Him x

      • Hang in there Tiffany. I wont say its easy. It is not. My search was many, many years. Don’t compromise, but also don’t put your life on hold either while you are waiting to find the right one. Get out, and make your life full and happy. It makes the wait go faster, and brings the right person to you quicker.

  2. tiffanyj Says:

    I fucking needed to see this today. As you know, I’ve recently come out of a D/s 18 month relationship whereby I was emotionally abused. Told not to text or ‘pester’ him for attention, not to call him on evenings, no weekend time. No real quality affection….I presumed he was married, he was adamant he was single. Well yesterday I got the truth…he was seperated from his wife when i met him but for the last 8 months he has helped her move, started staying over, now saying he thinks he wants her back…..and Im left reeling. Panic attacks, crippling depression. I wanted to talk it over properly by way of helping me understand and he told me “i have told you i don’t know what i want so leave me be for now. Ill contact you later”……i got sooo mad at that. I haven’t text him at all. But in the 24 hours since I’ve got amazingly bad anxiety….all I wanted was a Master, a real Master, someone to understand and nurture the sub in me…what i got was a lieing prick who used me for his kinky perversion and spent a year telling me i was crazy…… hoping i heal soon

    • missagathaarmstrong Says:

      Oh dear dear girl … I so very sorry … do you need a hand to hold and an ear to listen … if you do… I am right here x

    • missagathaarmstrong Says:

      Sir Vile … I hope you don’t mind… but may I offer my hand to Tiffanyj. I cannot get her blog … but Tiffanyj … please, if you need a friend who will.listen and never judge … let me.know x

      • tiffanyj Says:

        I deactivated my blog while I try to heal from this. But yes, I appreciate any support from like minded people. It’s day 3 and I feel I cannot cope…I know I will but I feel empty and lost. That connection between your Master and self, to me, is still there, like it’s meant to be, because I gave myself to Him, I stood by my word and my promises, like a sub should, and got used while he sorted his life out back home….it’s hard to comprehend that the ‘thing’ indide you, that sub that you are, can be picked up so easily with promises and lies and discarded. He was the first Dom I truly loved, why? I don’t know. I thought we clicked…… My email is

      • You are a submissive not a doormat , you have rights , you can make demands prior to entering a relationship. Keep your legs and mouth shut until your sure your Dominant is going to commit . You have the right to go to his home, you have the right to have 24/7 access, phone , text , emails, you have the right to open communication… I am sorry you have been tossed in such a mess, but you will find the right one….

      • missagathaarmstrong Says:

        Sir, thank you most kindly. it’s so hard to be able to talk about our lives ‘in our lives’. it can be a lonely old world when one cannot speak freely with another, knowing that they are the same.

        again, thank You kind Sir x

    • missagathaarmstrong Says:

      my email is

      I have sent you an email other adress so that you can see who you are talking to … and that I a real person x may you be gentle with your heart x jojo x

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