I had a bad day..

This is an older post. I have something coming in the next few days..


When I shower 99% of the time Arianna kneels at the tub and we talk, once I step out she drys me off. Now before you jump to any conclusions , this is something she wants to do, and made it clear from the beginning.

So the other night Arianna was cooking and I did not want to bother her, and as I stepped out of the shower I reached for the door, where we hang out Bath Towels, and nothing is there. So I begin to look around looking for a towel. Where in the fuck are the towels I am thinking ? I walk out in the hallway I open a closet door, or I think that’s what it is and look, oh this is where the sheets are. Good to know.

So I now call out Arianna where are the Bath towels ? In the pantry in…

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