A slave has THREE choices – draft two

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Living With X

Note, this is cross published from my Dominant support group in Fetlife which can be seen here.  (You will need a Fetlife account to view)

When I first proposed that a slave has three choices, I was formulating an idea that has been solidifying from years of thought.  I have no power to make this a standard throughout our communities and fully expect to be rebuffed.  I am OK with being at odds with traditional standards.  I don’t think of this so much as a destruction of tradition, as a refinement to incorporate consent.  Tradition in an effort to be real slavery, acknowledges consent but only grudgingly as that thing we don’t need to talk about.  That being said, these ideas are arrived at through years of study and deliberation, and are at least worth consideration.  I present here now, draft two.

It has long been…

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2 Responses to “A slave has THREE choices – draft two”

  1. You honor me with your kind words. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Vile for sharing this. It’s answered a lot of my questions about my own slavery.

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