MacGyver, Emancipation, Force Fantasy

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Living With X

My slave will put in a DVD and start to watch a movie, while I am otherwise occupied.  Soon I’ll start to watch, and when it gets really good, I’ll look over and she is grinning.. yup.. she’s picked something just nerdy enough to suck me in and the wench knows it too. In fact, judging from the grin, I would say she is almost smug about it.  The other night it was “The Martian”.  I’ve seen it but holy bat crap.. when he starts to staple the gaping wound in his own stomach, or announces he’s a space pirate.. what’s not to love?

So the other night she popped in a disk and at first I thought it was MacGyver because of the lead star but it quickly became apparent that she had popped in  SG1 -Star Gate 1.  Well of course I get hooked and shortly I am…

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2 Responses to “MacGyver, Emancipation, Force Fantasy”

  1. Thank you my friend. I pleased you found value there, and as always, that means a lot to me ~X

  2. (Giggle) how can you NOT love Stargate or sci fi????

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