Warning Signs Of A Fake Dominant

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Those who enter the world of BDSM are really clueless , the first is the chat rooms which are really polluted , and most of the time is spent arguing over who is real and who is not. Private messages telling one to strip and kneel, or the hours of phone sex , sending pics and short videos.

The second are BDSM dating sites. If your looking for a partner in the lifestyle my number one choice is Fetlife. There are thousands of groups and any fetish you can think of, and within the groups are members profiles, you literally have your pick from thousands and you pick and choose who you want to contact.

Collarme.com is known as the meat market by Dominants, 90% of Collarme is spam and predators just looking for a piece of ass, or maybe some late night Head. ALT.com is getting just as bad…

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4 Responses to “Warning Signs Of A Fake Dominant”

  1. Bill Chvala Says:

    I have a specific protocol I follow religiously when meeting a prospective Sub the first time, which starts with a platonic leisurely dinner in an upscale restaurant, and adjournment at least for the night, before we ever engage in any physical play. Anyone interested in the following steps and procedures I follow, are welcome to email me at BocaSlutMaster@gmail.com

  2. missagathaarmstrong Says:

    I have been blessed with a journey that has always had me set out the rules … they are simple and uncomplicated … if any of them were broken – the deal was off…

    I know it was and is not a slaves place … but I found my Master because of it.

    I have been in some extraordinary situations … one or two could be said to be a rather dangerous – but I always trusted my own instinct. and one or two I have walked away even before anything started.

    my heart breaks for these gentle creatures who only want to love and cherish and be loved and cherished – why do they sell the souls … why do they allow such hurt x

    as always Dear Sir … beautifully written and the original comment’s were very interesting …

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