To All The Vanilla People

This is true


Lets forget about BDSM for a minute and talk about some core issues. I want to touch on Values and respect for a short time here.

I am not better than anyone else , as a matter of fact I know there are others who are more knowledgeable than I am when it comes to the lifestyle. I also know we are all different we all have different needs as well.

There are two reasons a relationship fails, one is communication and the other is infidelity. If you have a break down in communication the second is sure to take place, looking for something better that is really not there. The grass is never greener on the other side. If you make it to a marriage counselor the odds are your already at the end of your rope.

I find it to be sickening for someone to open up theā€¦

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2 Responses to “To All The Vanilla People”

  1. Respect and communication are at the core of any relationship: vanilla, BDSM, work, social, family.
    Mostly it doesn’t happen.
    I have a 30+ year marriage. Yes we have arguments. And we don’t manage them well.
    But a relationship can fail for more than your two reasons. There are many pressures on all of us. D/s isn’t necessarily the solution for everyone.

    • I do understand what you are saying and I do agree with you.

      I run a very structured home , I believe the main difference is the rules and protocols .
      I see no reason to argue , people say thing they do not mean.
      Dinner no cell phones at all , no TV at all.
      I also set aside 30 minutes a day to just talk about anything and everything.
      I take care of everything with the exception of the finances , but I know where every penny goes.
      I have the final say although we communicate about any major purchases.
      Thank you for stopping by

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