The Slave

I love this


I never pressured Arianna to call me Sir or Master , I waited because such an honor is clearly earned.

I loved the steps I took in building a relationship, I loved watching the relationship grow, but I also knew in order for it to be successful I had to be who and what I was.

I wanted Arianna to ask , and I waited for that question. Will you be my Master, I knew then I was on the right path.

Although we spoke of training and what our goals were , yes hers and mine , I did not go into any great detail and only answering questions when they were asked.

By earning ones respect you get so much more than trying to demand submission. You can demand submission but your not getting the whole picture nor are you entering a true relationship with any meaning.


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One Response to “The Slave”

  1. Yes, that is how it should go. When my Master tells me to call him Master I cringe inside because I want/need to desire to do it; when I feel ready. When he deserves it. Dragging those precious words out of me does not mean he has earned them nor is he worthy of them. He “may” be, but demanding I call him Sir isn’t being my Master or even my Dominant. It’s just strong-arming me to say words I may not mean with all my heart and soul yet or ever. He hasn’t learned that obedience and trust and servitude and submission must be freely given with love.

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