Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s

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Last year I was introduced to a Dominant who lives in Ocala Fla. We never met in person which was fine because after talking to him for about five minutes he was living proof that After Birth Does live.

He told me his Slave was begging to come back home, and as I was listening to him rant and complain, I am thinking Vile just hang up man, but I wanted to continue listening because perhaps I had just met the stupidest man on earth, and I found it rather amusing.

So I said well are you going to let her come back? He said well she has a few new rules she will have to follow. I asked what are those ?

He said she will have to fuck anyone I want her to, anyplace I want her to. I will take her to a bar here in town…

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4 Responses to “Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s”

  1. Shaking my head at this story.

    • Is that good or bad?

      • Both. Bad the way things appeared to be going down. Good the way you stepped in and how you shared your message. I’m not opposed to multiple person play, and I completely believe in giving myself over to Professor, but I do that because I know in the deepest recesses of my soul that my safety and well being will ALWAYS come before his wants and desires.

  2. I agree. The very basis of my relationship with HB is care. But also, I believe in my worth too much to allow anyone to put me in that situation, even Him.
    Then again, I have someone reminding me of my worth daily. I’m betting she didn’t have that.

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