The Year 2082

President Vile


Just after the great war in the united states we find the country divided into 3 different sections. Section 1 the Democratic freedom choice. Where people are treated equal , then we have the Religious free state , where all of the Christians come together in hopes of building a better life. The last is the Brotherhood Alliance Coalition , this is where there are strict laws when it comes to female behavior. Women from the two other states who are rebellious are sent to the Brotherhood to live and be reprogrammed. The Brotherhood is the last place a woman no matter the age wants to be sent , the sentence is a lifetime without the possibility of parole.

Women are sent to training camps and each serve a purpose , for those who are single will have a locking red collar placed around the neck showing they are single and available for marriage. The camps the slaves are sent to determines the needs at the time for the Brotherhood. Camps are labeled , Service , teaching , secretarial , book keeping and general care. These camps last one year with zero failure rate , failure is not a option and there are consequences for those who do not perform. The first 6 months of training is to learn a trade this includes cooking. The second 6 months the slave will be trained for proper sexual activity on how to please a master , this will also include some pain in case your Master is a sadist.

The married slaves are broken down into three different groups but these groups are determined by the Brotherhoods laws. The groups are as follows , the silver locking collar are for those who have working class Masters , the gold collars are for the slaves who have been given to the white collar workers and finely the platinum collars are for the slaves who are married to the Brotherhood government officials. While waiting to be placed in a home after training the slave has no say with whom she will be placed with. On her graduation day she will be cuffed and placed in a caged wagon and put on display for the city of the Brotherhood to witness. This only happens twice a year so there are Masters who have been waiting patiently for that knock on the door. There are cheers in the streets as the slaves pass the huge crowds of people , after all this is something to br proud of yes?

The Master is sent 2 different BIO’s along with pictures in different poses , nude of course and the Master this go around can only pick one. In the Brotherhood as long as a Master can afford the upkeep , a Master may marry more than one slave. The Bio includes a break down of test scores , sexual talents to include your best services maybe Oral , Anal , maybe a masochist and the most important scores are service in general, cooking cleaning and hosting when friends are over.

No Married slave is allowed to have sexual relations with another Master or a single Master waiting for a slave. If the law is broken the slave is then returned for training for another year and her Current Master’s marriage will be voided and he will be giving a new slave.

If at any point the slave shows any signs of not wanting to serve or gets mouthy , the slave is returned to training and reconditioning for a period of one year,

Once the slave arrives at her new owners residence her only purpose in life now is to serve and please her new owner and she will only bear children if the owner wishes to. The slaves only rights are the rights giving to her by her new owner.

Once girls reach the age of 18 they will be placed in training camps with no choice of camps , the choice is made by the Brotherhood. The first 3 months of training the slave will be placed in a small 4×4 cell with only a mattress , one cover and no pillow. There is a small toilet for use but everything is monitored by staff. Once the slave arrives at the camp she is striped of all clothing and giving a full medical exam to insure the slave is in good heath , if not then slave is then sent to one of the two states because she has been deemed unfit to serve in the Brotherhood Alliance.

While out and shopping no clothing is allowed , when the slave arrived for training all clothes were taken from her , stripping her of her identity. The slave was giving a new name also taking her identity away along with a number tattooed on her neck in plain view.

The slaves only purpose is to serve her Master be it domestic or sexual its all service.

Hmmmm could be interesting ?



7 Responses to “The Year 2082”

  1. The Year 2082

    Becoming such an awesome storyline….it’s as though the author lives then…..and is reminiscing about today’s world.

  2. huxleysvision Says:

    Please can I ask if this was written as a a scene you would act out? The premise appears to be the females would not be consenting which, having enjoyed and been educated by your blog for some time, seem alien to what you’ve previously advocated.

    • If you have read my blog I am 100% about consent.
      The story is one ive had in my head for a very long time.
      To keep someone against their will is no fun nor would one be a Dominant.
      I wrote a small book and I have a longer one following it…
      I am writing my thoughts it is a story line way way way in the future ….

      I get in the slaves mind but first you have to earn the trust and show you have good intentions.
      I am very good at reading people and often within the first minute of meeting someone, however I do not pass judgement , I let judgement pass itself

      • huxleysvision Says:

        Thank you for your reply and clarification.

        I hadn’t read this when you first posted as I’d been away due to work. Before reading my sub (wife) had brought it to my attention as both of us enjoy yours and Arianna’s blogs and find them very instructive as we start on a very recent journey trying to be true to each other.

      • You can live the dream , when I tell people how my life is some believe me but more do not..
        if I did not use my cell phone daily I would forget how to use it.
        What I mean everything is done for me and I mean everything..
        That is what Arianna needs but our relationships are all different

      • huxleysvision Says:

        It’s your honesty of how you got to where you are now and the respect which you show Arianna which lead me to post my first ever comment to your blog.

        You are entirely correct, which is the reason I enjoy your blog, that every couple is different but, for me, that was the first time is been comfortable in me and not having any rules to follow other than being respectful. Thank you

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