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Assume Nadu

Posted in bdsm, Nadu, Slave, Submissive on April 25, 2019 by thekinkyworldofvile

You must have a need to submit , it must be in your heart. To be able to share your feelings , your thoughts , your needs , your kinks without any judgement is total freedom.

To be able to give yourself 100% without question knowing the Dominant has your best interest in mind is total freedom.

Submission is powerful and is a gift that should not be taking for granted. One should only submit to those who truly share your thoughts , your desires. Someone who is willing to give back 100%.

At the door you assume the Nadu position , waiting for your Dominant , your Master , your Owner to walk through the door shows great devotion. It shows you are giving yourself as a whole. Your submission is real and the desire inside continues to grow.

Your submission is not a weakness , if you are codependent that is no weakness , but what is important is to be with someone who will not take advantage.

Last week someone asked my slave if we were coming to an event. My slave replied master makes all decisions. This is the mindset you seek and to obtain that mindset it has to be a need not a want.

Being able to be free , it feels like you have started a whole new chapter in life. The new you has been awakened and now you can flourish.

To have no worries , everything being taking care of for you but there may come a time when your advice is needed , I know there are times I reach out to my slave. Then there are times when my slave may ask if she can add a little input on a decision I am about to make and most of the time I welcome her voice , then there are times I have already made up my mind.

When in the position Nadu you are giving yourself as a whole to one..