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Wow People Are Now Getting Emails

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WordPress has forgiving me , incredible



WordPress Has Shut Me Down

Posted in bdsm on December 19, 2019 by thekinkyworldofvile

I guess all good things come to an end. Going back to 2012 I felt I had words I had the need to share. I wanted to share my life experience , I wanted to share my growth , my mistakes but most of all prove that a couple living as master and slave was and is not about abuse.

WordPress has blocked me from Google and other web- browsers and when I reach out to find why wordpress has blocked me it comes down to because I do not pay for service .

Now it is not that I do not wish to upgrade but reaching out to wordpress about how to process works I get no reply because I have to upgrade before I can get any assistance .

I have spent thousands of hours writing and reaching out to people , and for the most my words were welcomed.

I will give you a quick example 2 years ago I averaged between 1600 and 2000 visitors a day. Today 15 maybe 20. In my settings now google is not even a option..

So thank you WordPress for being open minded but I am being sarcastic.  I have reached out 25 or 30 times with no reply..

So in the end all good things must come to a end. I will leave my blog up just in case someone may find it helpful


You can find me on  Fetlife I_Vile_Own_Her



Protocols by RJ Rubel PhD

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This is good info

Living With X

I am currently reading “Protocols – Handbook for the female slave” by Robert J Rubel, PhD.  The thing that strikes me is how much of what is in this book, we already do.

Take the dining protocol for example.  A slave serves from the left and takes from the right. For slaves just getting used to this, I always ask what direction the words in a book are presented to their eyes.. left to right.. in English anyway..  Food is presented the same way.  That’s a little trick to help you remember…

I suspect some of the protocols we have acquired are actually handed down from high society etiquette from centuries past.  interesting point that…

Some of the forms like standing at attention might have roots in the military.  A Master or owner may command silence with a gesture you’ve seen in every commando movie.. Arm raised straight up and…

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