A New Time In Life

Over the past several years times have changed, the world has changed and so does our life.

Over the years I have put the community first. Answering the phone at 3 am and driving 200 miles to pick someone up who had been raped and beaten pretty bad.

When Arianna first met me I moved a submissive into my home who was mentally ill and physically ill in a bad way. She later talked me into letting her worthless dom move in who was truly a broke dick. In a period of two years and several surgeries I was able to get her on SSI and social security. She later lost her social security because of her broke dick tag along. She got something like 25.000 and was suppose to give me 8.000 for all the room and board but I did not take one penny from her. She was the third I had moved in and never asked for anything and no there was no sex involved. I can say I did enjoy the company and I had spent some 2.5 years being single.

Today my views are very different and my only concern is my home and property , that being my slave.

I remember several years ago I logged into my wordpress and noticed I had over 8.000 visitors and twice as many views , trying to track down the source and my email was blowing up. A college in Louisiana was blowing up my site and I just sit and watched the numbers continue to roll. It was like a whole new world to some and the questions were just pouring in.

We all have up’s and down’s in life but the key is to have more up’s and strive to keep everything moving in a forward fashion. While it is not easy it can be done with a little work.

At the age of 56 I purchased my first home but the idea was to find something that was less than paying rent with little to no money out of pocket. Arianna gave me the needed numbers but she continued we do not have the 10% down that is needed. I stated not only will I find something in the range that is needed but I will do with no money down. It did happen and it was the first house I saw when Zillow popped up.

People no longer care about each other it seems most only care about themselves. I will tell you why I feel this way, recently I had to close my Facebook I had for more than 12 years due to threats. You know you get excited and you do the check in thing so everyone can see where you are at. That my friends is a huge mistake, and this is why. When we first purchased the house I did what? I checked in so I could show everyone and I wish I had never done so.

With everything going on , I started receiving hate mail, on facebook and Fetlife and the hate mail I received on fetlife were people who had Attended MAsT Kissimmee in the past. I am going to assume the same people who followed me on Facebook, from my blog here on Facebook I had some 3000 followers but only about 47 or 48 friends. I left that part open until Facebook started censoring me when my blog was posted on Facebook. You have posted spam and is against our guidelines, just as Twitter as soon as my blog hits it is pulled. The funny thing is you can post porn on twitter and that is good to go.

However when you post something about the lifestyle and more so living as master and slave it becomes racial. Nah do not worry I am not going to get into politics , this is the one place I have full fucking control over what is posted and any comments that are made.

I reached out to friends about the threats no one thought is was serious, even when a note posted on my front door. We found you. Yep it happened. The only thing I worry about is shooting someone who is to young to know better. I reached out to friends as I stated and it was like nothing, oh well if you get killed at least it is not me.

Arianna and I have been I guess the word would be shunned from the lifestyle, we are no longer welcomed at MAsT Kissimmee the hate email stated so, now its not that I am worried because I do have a license to carry, I am just not looking for any type of conflict. Being called a racist because of Arianna living as master and slave. MAsT stands for Masters and slaves together.

I did try to reach out to a Leather man who happens to be a POC about what I should do and was basically told to go fuck myself because I do not matter but it is all good, I can see what leather actually means now.

So Artianna and I are going to start our own group but I need a little help. This group will be geared towards just masters and slaves, we will vett each couple and will hold meetings at our home the way we did MAsT Kissimmee for the longest. At our home we were like family, everyone brought a dish , we ate and talked to each other then a meeting. and afterwards we spent more time together. It seemed to be one big happy family and we had regulars show up.

What gave us the idea several approached Arianna and I about putting together a membership only group closed to power exchange couples, we kinda brushed it off but with not being welcomed back at MAsT Kissimmee we decided it was a go.

So a fetlife group is needed but I need to form a group without using the term master and slave. If you check out fetlife it is flooded with master and slave groups so it has to have a different name but a name people will recognize..

Much love to everyone , be safe out there and wear a mask..





9 Responses to “A New Time In Life”

  1. I’m so very sad to hear about your threats. While we might not live the same lifestyle, I see no reason for the hate. My best to you and your family.

  2. This makes me so sad to read and I had to honestly think about what I wanted to say in response. Being a part of the MaST in my area and secretary for my NLA…these are two groups that are very dear to my heart. To hear that people are so shallow that they would bring HATE mail TO YOUR DOOR is inexcusable and just makes me want to cry. My Sir is from the Florida area and from what he has told me…it makes me scared for our move here when it’s time.

    As for the Master/slave thing…it boils my blood that someone would run for a title that their “partner” didn’t believe in in and then “speak out” about how it’s racist just blows my mind. STEP DOWN if you are so offended.

    I am actually here in Orlando this week with Sir was looking forward to seeing the sights and getting to know lifestyle people…now I think I will instead follow his example and just keep my head down and not expect as much here as what I have in my local community.

    Hugs to you and yours from SIr and I

    • While there are a few good people in the area, most are judgemental. The lifestyle has changed , now the 20 somethings are trying to tell people how they should live and what names can be used and what cannot.
      We have dropped out completely and we will just see where things go.

  3. Vile Sir, as You know Master and i will certainly be a part of the group. After reading what You wrote, a saying came to my mind

    “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    While that particular quote does not apply to relationships, in this case i do believe it can apply to O/our friendship with you and Arianna. W/we will ‘stand with You and Yours’.

    You also said ‘People no longer care about each other it seems most only care about themselves.’

    Again, i will say W/we will stand with You and Yours.


  4. Hi, just checked in to see how you are doing and was sorry to hear about the terrible things you have been going through. Sending warm wishes to you and yours xx

  5. Oh, dear – I am sorry for the chaos. Good Luck and wishing you two well. d

  6. Just catching up on my reading. It is amazing to me how the very people who demand respect, refuse to give it.

    I dont do facebook. I keep a strict separation between my real life and my nilla life. It’s sad but the world really does not understand us or want to… which is a shame. The Master / slave world has a lot to teach that could improve the lives of nilla’s.

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