While Reminiscing

Going back to 1992 I stepped out into the public while living in Daytona Beach. I attended my first Munch and it felt good being around like minded people.

I purchased my first computer in 1990 a Aspire from walmart it weight almost 20 pounds. Once in and I figured out what I was doing it was game on.

While my first real experience in the lifestyle was in Korea, I was never able to actually meet someone and be able to sit down and talk about what was in my head.

Early in 92 I met people of leather in Daytona Beach and the way they carried themselves it was with pride and dignity. Picking brains not so much about leather but their life experiences. The Leathermen were quick to answer any questions you might have and welcomed you back if you should have any questions about anything.

Today Being Leather is much different, and for a good many years it was something I sat as a goal, but today that goal has vanished.

Some 29 years later things have change, I truly doubt I am the one who has changed or maybe it is because I refuse to change. If I changed to make others happy then I would not be me. In order to be happy we have to be who we are, trying to make others happy will get you no where.

Many today in the lifestyle look down on those who are in a Ms’s relationship, they have this vision those who identify as slaves are in some way being abused. Most who are in a Ms’s relationship have a closer bond I believe with their master or owner than lets say a D’s type relationship.  Abuse happens in all different relationship even vanilla.

As with all though all should be negotiated so the slave knows what is expected and what will not be tolerated. This is just not something you can wing and make adjustments day by day , who does that?

Looking back over 29 years I grew in the community, in 1992 I taught my first class in Daytona beach at a local much 2 as a matter of fact. Most events I had trouble making due to work and just not enough hours in a day but there was so much I wanted to achieve, I wanted to help so many people to the point I would take submissive’s in who had been abused and helped get them back on their feet never asking for anything.  I was not and never looked for any type of glory but it was the satisfaction of seeing someone able to make it on their own.

Early last year I wanted to find a child in Orlando who was less fortunate and provide clothes , a tablet for school, birthday and Christmas.  I wanted to provide a good Thanksgiving dinner for the family and with a little bit of work from some in the community it could of been done. I reached out to people and pitched the fundraiser and people just stared at me. I was like what we raise a few thousand dollars a year and follow someone through school, how awesome would that of been?

I know I have not changed but I do know in my older years I am somewhat grumpy or so Arianna tells me,  but the truth is I love everyone its just sometimes my words tend to come out sideways.

This weekend is Arianna’s Birthday, I have some special things planned. We are heading up to St Augustine to a nice Bed N Breakfast. Actually today is her Birthday.

I am just rambling now , I am going to start posting more here.

Much love to everyone


2 Responses to “While Reminiscing”

  1. Vile, you are always an inspiration to those of us in the community. You are very concerned that people learn the DS lifestyle in a proper manner and that those submissives in it avoid the abuse that can easily take place. I for one have always appreciated your writings and life lessons you share. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I love when people talk about the days before the internet. You might want to consider re-posting this on “The Pre-Electronic Party” which is all stories from before the internet. Or start something new there. This is the group in Fet: https://fetlife.com/groups/107420

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