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I have Hit The Ten Thousand Mark

Posted in 10.000 views, bdsm on August 6, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile
  • 10,045 views all-time
  • That is incredible, I never would of thought that people would find what I write so interesting. I have those who follow me on a regular basis, and I thank you very much for your support.
  • If anyone should have questions or a topic feel free to ask. I do not claim to know everything, but I do carry a lot of knowledge in the BDSM lifestyle.
  • Everything is my own opinion, I am sure many other Dominants do not agree with my ways of training, or the use of my protocols,and rules. I am good with that, we are all different, and we all have different needs.
  • The one thing I stress in my blog is abuse, I do not condone any type of abuse be it mental, physical, or verbal.

Again thank you all..

Much Love


There has to be a pic.

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Wow 100 away from the 10.000 mark

Posted in 10.000 views, bdsm on August 5, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I want to thank everyone who has viewed and who is following my blog. Everyone is awesome.