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12/21/2012 The End of The World

Posted in 12/21/2012 The End of The World, bdsm, donations, saved lives on December 21, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

As many of you know, I posted two weeks ago, I was working very hard to save the world. Vile was in his Lab almost 24/7.

So at this time I would like to say My staff and I were successful. The world is saved. How do you know the world is saved? One you are reading my blog. Two, your probably watching TV, got the kids off to school, walked hubby out to the car, walked the dog.

Now I am not a greedy man, nor do I really expect anything in return for saving your life. I mean really what is your life worth.

So with that being said I am excepting Donations, if you are not able to give a large sum, I will set up a payment plan to fit your budget….

Your Welcome