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Weak Men and Their Cocks

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Those of you who are submissive just look around you when your out. Listen to the way some men talk, the way they act. yelling out at women. Doing their mating calls.

I was at a store several months ago and this fucking hot woman pulled out at a store I was stopping at driving a BMW, and this dude on a bicycle said yo lil momma as she was walking by. I looked at him and said really dude.

Weak we see it everyday, their life is ran by the brain power of their cock. They sleep they walk, they think, with their cock.

My first example would be the almighty Anthony David Weiner.

Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandals

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Anthony Weiner, Congressional portrait c.2007

American politician Anthony Weiner, former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, was involved in two sexual scandals related to sexting, or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone. The first, sometimes dubbed Weinergate,[1][2] led to his resignation as a congressman in 2011.[3][4][5] The second, during his attempt to return to politics as candidate for mayor of New York City, involved three women Weiner admitted having sexted after further explicit pictures were published in July 2013.

Now I am not going to post his wife’s pic up because well it would not be right. She is hot, petite, and very intelligent. Do not think for one minute Anthony is the only one who is running our country who is doing stupid shit, he got caught.Again, and again, and again.

There are other weakness’s as well not just falling to the power of pussy. The great Rob Ford, who in the past three months has been a total ass. Smoking Crack while at work, buying crack while at work, and being drunk in public.

Rob Ford

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Rob Ford
Rob Ford Mayor.jpg
Ford in 2011
64th Mayor of Toronto
Assumed office
December 1, 2010
Deputy Doug Holyday 2010-2013
Norm Kelly 2013-Present
Preceded by David Miller
Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 2) Etobicoke North
In office
November 14, 2000 – October 25, 2010
Preceded by Ward created
Succeeded by Doug Ford, Jr.
Personal details
Born Robert Bruce Ford
May 28, 1969 (age 44)
Etobicoke, Ontario
Political party Independent (2000–present) Note: Municipal politicians in Toronto run on a Nonpartisan basis
Other political
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario[1]
Spouse(s) Renata Brejniak (m. 2000)[2]
Children 2
Residence Toronto
Profession Politician

Robert Bruce “Rob” Ford (born May 28, 1969) is a Canadian politician and businessman. He is the sixty-fourth and current Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prior to being mayor, Ford was a city councillor. He was first elected to Toronto City Council in the 2000 Toronto municipal election, and was re-elected to his council seat twice. At first discounted as a potential mayor, Ford was elected mayor in the 2010 mayoral election on a platform of reducing the “gravy train” of government expenses and taxes, and he took office in December 2010.

During his political career, Ford has been the subject of a number of personal and work-related controversies and legal proceedings, including a conflict of interest trial that nearly removed him from office.[3] In 2013, he became embroiled in a substance abuse scandal, which was widely reported in the national and international media.[4] Ford initially denied the allegations, but after a 2013 Toronto Police Service gang investigation led to police discovering a video of Ford, he admitted to all of the incidents, including public drunkenness and illegal drug use.[5] Ford admitted to having used crack cocaine “probably in one of my drunken stupors”.[6]

Following his admission, Ford refused to resign. Not allowed by law to remove Ford from office, Toronto City Council voted to remove certain mayoral powers from Ford and grant them to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly for the remainder of Ford’s term. Council also voted to reduce Ford’s office staff and move those staff to Kelly’s office.[7][8] Despite the scandal, Ford has promised to “continue doing the job he was elected to do” and contest the next mayoral election, scheduled for October 2014. On January 2, 2014, Ford registered to run for reelection.[9]

I am sure there will be more to come from Mr Ford.

Then a somewhat of a surprise was Mark Sandford who I had a great deal of respect for.

Mark Sanford Disappearance

And Extramarital Affair

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For six days in June 2009, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford‘s whereabouts were unknown and there was media coverage of what was described as his disappearance. Subsequently the Governor reappeared and reported that he had been in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. He stated that in 2001 he met and became friends with this woman and that they started having a sexual relationship in 2008. His wife became aware of the relationship in January 2009, and it was later revealed that two weeks prior to June 24 Sanford and his wife had begun a trial separation. The woman was later identified as Maria Belén Chapur, an Argentine journalist.

During the six days of absence, one of the excuses offered by Sanford’s spokesperson was that Sanford was hiking the Appalachian Trail.[1] As a result, “hiking the Appalachian Trail” or “hiking the Appalachians” became an acceptable euphemism in the English language.[2]

On major disappointment to me was John Edwards whom I would of probably voted for.

John Edwards

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John Edwards
John Edwards, official Senate photo portrait.jpg
United States Senator
from North Carolina

Johnny Reid “John” Edwards[1] (born June 10, 1953) is an American politician, who served as a U.S. Senator from North Carolina. He was the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2004, and was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008.

Edwards defeated incumbent Republican Lauch Faircloth in North Carolina’s 1998 Senate election. Towards the end of his single six-year term, he sought the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2004 presidential election. He eventually became the 2004 Democratic candidate for vice president, the running mate of presidential nominee Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Following Kerry’s loss to incumbent President George W. Bush, Edwards began working full-time at the One America Committee, a political action committee he established in 2001, and was appointed director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. He was also a consultant for Fortress Investment Group LLC.

A North Carolina grand jury indicted Edwards in 2011 on six felony charges of violating multiple federal campaign contribution laws to cover up an extramarital affair to which he admitted following his 2008 campaign. Edwards was found not guilty on one count, and the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five charges, as the jury was unable to come to an agreement.[2] The Justice Department dropped the remaining charges and did not attempt to retry Edwards.[3]

Now I am not going to rag on William Jefferson Clinton for a couple of reasons. One he was caught red handed. At first like any good man he denied . Then he admitted what he had done, and he came out victorious. If you can get your cock sucked and still run the country. So be it.

Your going to say that is not fair. Well John Kennedy messed around for years and nothing was said, both great men. I guess you see which side of the fence I am on. Well not here as of late.

So where am I going with all of this. You the submissive, you the slave are looking for the same in a partner as all the people were with these men above. A Leader, someone who cares for you. Someone who would be honest, none abusive. Someone who wanted communication.

The truth is everyday I read a sad story of a submissive or slave who has been put through the ringer. It is sad to say, after the Dominant Grobbles back into the subs life, after he has begged, and he swore it would never happen again, or he is going to leave his wife who wont suck cock. You let him back in.

This is the Dominant who got down on his knees and begged you for forgiveness . Then once he stands back up he now wants to be in charge again. His chest out pointing his finger telling you to get on your knees.

If a man cannot control his own life, his own emotions, keep his cock in his pants. Why in the fuck would you submit to such a piece of shit.

In a year and a half I have been ragging on these dudes and not one has come forward, to make a statement. Not one has come forward to explain why he is the way he is.

I think that would be a good debate. Why cant you run your own house. Why do you have to step outside of your marriage ? Why you just put your vows in the trash can. Your wife wont submit so you find someone who will.

Let me tell you women something, like me or not, get made tell me to go fuck myself. BDSM is not about meeting some dude in a motel once a month for a couple of hours. BDSM is not about fucking in some dudes car once or twice a month.

Then you wonder why things are going the way they are. You wish things would get better. Don’t forget the Dom has told you not to worry things will improve. Why would you sit by your phone after work just looking at it waiting on a return text you sent the day before, or a return call. You can only call a certain time. Then he may or may not answer.

You sit there and you put yourself through this torture. You allow yourself to get in the tangled web. You allow yourself to be abused.

Well Vile is just blowing smoke out of his ass. He has no idea what he is talking about. I got news for you. I have used women just like you. I have used women just for my own pleasure, and the next day if we met I could not even remember your name. Unless you lifted your skirt and bent over. Oh your Kasey okay nice to see you again.

While your wasting valuable time on Mr Cock, and just hoping that things will change, and they never will. You could be looking for someone who could benefit you. Someone who can provide the love and structure you need. Someone you can wake up to every morning.

I know I harp on this subject a lot. Maybe just maybe someone will stop by and read this and say you know what ? Vile is right.

Ladies do you know what a Dominant wants in a submissive or a Slave? Do you really have a clue ?

Lets say you find a Dominant that does not have a cock with ears. Lets pretend for a minute your looking at his head and yes his head has ears, and his cock does not.

A Dominant wants a submissive who is smart , witty, fun to be around. A submissive who takes care of there selves . Little to no drama. A job would be good, not required, unless your paying for everything. A submissive with a sense of humor. Intelligence goes a long way. Someone who is loyal, caring loving. Someone who wants to adapt to new ways. follow rules. Act like a woman in public That is not asking much, and your rewards could be giving back 100 times fold. Even more.

Now what do you think he thinks of you while he is waiting at the motel, because he cant take you home. Or your sucking his cock in the car in a parking lot. I am sure by now you can guess.

Your going to say , but he gives me what I need when we are together. What is it he gives you for those few hours? How does he give you the daily support you need. The love you need, the attention you need.

Instead the only attention your getting is him stroking your hair while your going down. Then once he has blown his load you spend about 20 minutes talking and hes got to go.

This does not make you a whore. This does not make you stupid. You are confused, because some dude has fed you a line of shit longer than the mexican border, and you fell for it

Fuck if you read Ariannas blog she went through the same shit. I confronted both of the fake ass’s , and neither could or would stand up to me. I even asked to meet one in public, and he refused. I wanted to meet him because I thought he could do good for the community. He had a lot he could share.

You know what makes you stupid? Is when you go home and you don’t hear from your Dominant for a week or longer, and you hit that depressing mode, you sink into a deep state of depression. That is what makes you stupid.

Come on your smarter than that, your far more intelligent to fall for the same ol same ol.

It is not how he is caught it is when he gets caught, and he will. Do you want to be there to go through all the drama. Do you want to be there when his family falls apart. Then comes the children. If nothing else you have got to think about his wife’s children because he is not. Do you want this on your shoulders?

Now there are some who are happy with this type of relationship. There are some who do not want to commit. More power to you, if it works for you so be it. If you are happy then I am happy.

Do not waste your valuable years hoping things will get better. Holding on by a thread, crying at night. Your little bit of time you spend on the phone is phone sex. Which I am upset because I have never had phone sex. I have never asked a female to cam for me.

If and when you meet someone just look and see where his ears are. Things will go much better if you separate the two

Image Can you really submit to this ?


Change Never Works

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That statement is so true , I am speaking of trying to change lifestyle’s. Some change is good and can be beneficial under the right conditions.

I know some 16 years ago I felt like I needed a change. I was at Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida one day sitting down just chilling , watching all these family’s walk by, and I started thinking man I am missing out on some shit here. The wife, kid, white picket fence, a little ankle biter roaming the yard, cooking out with the smith’s.

I did just that it was not three months and I was married, it took me about a month to come to my senses , VILE my man you have truly fucked up, you acted without thinking, and now you must pay dearly because you got the bitch knocked up. You did it so make it work.

I never should of went to Bush Gardens, should of went to a Titty Bar instead, not sure why I went, I prefer Universal anyway. My ex was not bad looking small petite frame, yea that is about it. So I started to make my exit and she informed me she was pregnant. Fuck me man how much worse could things get ?

Well I stuck it out for nine years, and during that nine years I remained loyal to a T. So after eight years or so I had to come clean I could not take the Smith’s next door any longer, and I was asked to leave. Since then I have paid child support every week and have never missed a payment. I do see my son, not as often as I would like, but we have a good relationship going. There is no drama between my Ex and I or my current wife and Slave.

What I am getting at you can go from Vanilla to a D’s relationship and then back , but I do not think you can go from a D’s relationship to a Vanilla, talk about fucking culture shock.

If you are not happy with your current relationship get the fuck out, even more so if your fucking around. Okay when it comes to women I can somewhat understand the fucking around part. Women tend to be more sensitive than men, women need more attention than men, women are abused more than men, still if your not happy kids or no kids just make an exit.

Men in general are DOGS most will fuck your sister if giving the chance and hope you invite her over for dinner. Men are sexual predators. I remember being over at my ex mother inlaw’s and when she was talking to me, all I was thinking man those Tits have got to be fake, and sure enough they were store bought Tittys.

Finding the right partner from the start, finding someone your compatible with, someone who is open to new things. If you know head and ass is off limits it may not bother you at that moment and time, but six months or a year down the road you will have to have one of them, the answer will still be no, then guess what. Your doing your wife’s sister.

Change never works, not when it comes to a relationship.



Does everyone Deserve A Second Chance

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I think about this often really, what if I had giving some a second chance, while some give two and three chances for the most I have been a one strike man.

Then again it depends on the severity of the situation. Two things I will not forgive, infidelity , and lying, those are the two unforgivable things I will not forgive.

I do understand people do make mistakes, I make mistakes, I would like to say I am perfect often I think I am, but in reality I am not. I would like to say I know everything, but in reality I do not.

I believe everything can be worked out, if the two are willing to sit down and communicate. Even vanilla seem to forget about communication. Once we are in a relationship for any length of time we become comfortable, this is when we take things for granted  , we look over things we did not in the beginning.

In the BDSM world. kinks may differ, likes and limits may differ, but with proper communication anything can be worked out.

Many times a slave has needs, but the needs do not fall under the Masters criteria of needs. Many times the Master looks over ones needs, not wants. The needs are met first, the wants are earned.

There is a huge difference between forgiving, and forgetting the first is easy. The forgetting part is very hard, we tend to place things in the back of our mind and we use it for ammunition. We know it is there, and we wait in the dark to use it.

So if you are willing to forgive, it should never be brought up again, no matter how angry one gets, that closet has to stay closed.

My forgiving is very limited, and far and few between. If I care about you I can forgive in time. I have a soft heart for subs and slaves, with the exception of the two listed above.

You have to realize that we as people make bad decisions at times, we follow our brain and not our heart, or we ignore our first instinct. This happens all to often, we go with the second instinct, and it takes us down a path of destruction.

You cannot live your life with a what if? What if they will change? What if I can change? The world would stop if everything was based on what if.

There are those who do deserve a second chance. Those who I have chosen not to, well you are pretty much erased….