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You Can Never Come Between A Submissive And Their Mother

Posted in A submissives mother, abuse, bdsm, fighting, mother and daughter, slave, submissive on April 7, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I have made this mistake a couple of times, putting my two sense when when I should of stayed out of the way.

I am sure there are Dominants who have tried to step in, when they truly felt they were protecting their property. If you do step in between a Mother and Submissive you are going to lose. I have been in a relationship between Mother and Submissive was just out right abuse, from name calling to getting physical. Again if you step in you will lose.

In the end no matter the circumstances the Submissive will side with their mother every time not even giving it a thought.

Last year I had a submissive come and stay with me, her back was black and blue from the beating her mother had been giving her, marks around her neck, and even a cut to her head. You would think this would be enough, but I was wrong. The more angry I became towards the mother, the more the submissive disliked me

The same way with a wife and husband fighting. I remember I was around the age of 19 and I passed a house and this dude was beating the fuck out of his wife in the front yard. So being the good guy I am, I stopped ran over got him off of her, he swung at me and it was game on. I had just finished Ranger School in the Army so I felt like Superman. Well when I knocked him down, I felt something hit me in the back, his wife was swinging a ball bat at me, and when I turned around her eye was black, nose busted, and bleeding from her mouth she was yelling at me to leave him alone. She then bent down and started kissing him, and helping him up. WTF is going on.

No matter what the Doms feelings are or what is going through our mind, it is best to keep our mouth shut, and let the two work it out.

The abuse comes in many different forms, be it verbal , mental, physical , or even financial. The Dominant has to stay out of it. The first time you try to intervene  or say something against the mother, this is the beginning or the end of your relationship, no matter how strong the two of you are together, no matter what has happened in the end she will side with her mother.

If asked, then you just offer support, never say a cross word about their mother no matter how much it bothers you. If you step in you will fail.

One the other side of the wall, we must try to maintain peace with the mother, now matter our thoughts, or how we feel. I have tried the, well I am not going to see your mother, or I will have nothing else to do with your mother. This is the same thing as bad mouthing her.

It is hard to keep peace when your property is being abuse, it is harder to keep our mouth shut, as most Dominants are very out spoken.