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The Power Of Pussy ….. She’s Got The Jack

Posted in AC/DC, bdsm, She's Got The Jack, The power of pussy on December 8, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

About 2.20 into the video is one fine looking Bitch

My Fav Band

Okay I lied One more Video then I am off to sharing again

Posted in AC/DC, music, rock n roll on July 24, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

These guys rock, one of the last of my generation. One of the few bands who can sell out a stadium, with out an opening act. Those who still can would be U2, Bon Jovi , KISS Kid Rock, and a long list of country players, but AC/CD these guys still rock . Brian Johnson who turned 65 this year, I do believe he has retired, so AC/DC is probably finished, just watch the first song. Train was released last yr, watch the crowd…