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The BDSM Tree Of Life

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We as a community have branched off in so many directions. We have the only lifestyle where we can be who, and what we need to be.

We have been able to Branch off in every direction to fill our needs and kinks. No matter what your into you can always find a partner, or maybe more than one.

Our lifestyle allows us to be free. We have what many only dream about. We live what others only see in a fantasy. We wake in the am proud of who and what we are.

You can be a Submissive , a Slave, A baby Girl, and Adult Baby if that gets you off. You can be a pony, a puppy, a little kitty and lets not forget the little bratty sub, who is always stirring something up.

You can be a Sadist who has the need and love to inflict pain. The Masochist who crave the feeling of a single tail whip strike your back. You can live your life as a slave, and hand full control over to someone.

You can be as open as you need, you can share your deepest and darkest secrets, with that one special one or like many share on their blogs. You have that second life no one knows about.

No matter what your kink is there is a branch for everyone. Every idea, every thought , need or want, you can find it in our small little world.

The Baby girl who needs a Daddy in their life, to love and guide. The bedroom submissive who only wants to submit when the lights are out. The submissive who is learning a new path of freedom, with her Dominant, or the Slave who wants to surrender all.

The pony who want to pull the buggy, or the puppy who wants to be in a cage, the kitty playing on the furniture. The tree is always growing and new branches are born everyday.

You can find the sensual Daddy Dom who will always be easy, or a Dom you likes it rough, there is someone for everyone, no matter what your flavor is.

In the world of BDSM a Dominant or Master can have multiple subs or slaves and at times all living under one roof. Some work out while some do not, to some it was just an experiment . If we do not experiment then how do we learn.

The bad news your going to make mistakes, some mistakes will have a plan and just goes wrong, while some mistakes are due to being careless.

One thing we all look over is we all need to get along. We are small in numbers. We should not judge anyone for their kinks, their needs. We are who we are and nothing is going to change it. We should support each other, give friendly advice, and if your told something keep it to yourself. There is a very heavy trust factor.

Just be who you are, and be free.

ImageThe pony

ImageThe Adult Baby

ImageDaddy’s Girl

Image The Submissive

Image The Puppy

Image The Kitty

ImageThe Slave


ImageThe Masochist

No matter what your flavor is there is someone for you.

Image That is just an Ass I love

Hey please check out my friend she was just a few hundred of hitting 50.000 visitors she is awesome. and she tells me she writes good books.


Our fetishes

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We all have our own fetishes, even if we do not admit it. We all get off on certain things, and at times our minds are more kinkier than we want to act out.

In our lifestyle we should never look down on someone because of their kinks or fetishes, we may not understand them, but it goes the other way as well someone else may not understand us.

When first meeting someone, there are somethings that are not best to share to soon. You should be careful with what information you give. One it could blow the whole thing, or two it could be used as ammunition later down the road when things go bad.

I have a bad ass fetish , I love to look, touch grab. Most of all I love anal sex, to me anal sex is the most submissive act there is, the most private part on the female body.

I have a short skirt fetish, I have almost broke my neck turning to fast to catch another glimpse. I am also a leg man I love a nice pair of legs, although they do look better on my shoulders.

The BDSM community has grown so much over the past 10 years or so, finely there was a place where people could be excepted and not be judged, or is that statement true ?

If you travel back in time to the late 60’s 70’s the Leather Guard Master And Slave, there were no Submissive. Then in the late 80’s and 90’s there was an explosion, the internet was a game changer people came to life, we could finely be who we needed to be.

Now you have puppy play , pony play , Daddy Dom and Baby Girl . Rubber fetishes , the list just goes on and on. We can be free and not be judged or is that statement really true ?

We are judged by the same people who live our lifestyle , we are judged by the ones who do not want to be judged. Why is this ? Because everyone has to be right.

That Master does not know what he is doing, or that Master is a FAKE , that Master cannot control his Slave, Or the best one is that Master cannot be real because he will not share.  Yea Ive heard that one before.

So when you first meet someone a Master meeting a new Submissive or Slave, a Submissive or Slave meeting a new Master you have to lay everything out on the table, but wait. Yes there is a BUT. These things should not be shared on the first meeting eh maybe even the second meeting. You should want to become friends first and for most.  Even when chatting and getting to know each other the topic of BDSM or limits or sex should not come up. If this does ladies you are just a piece of ass, and nothing more. I want to know you as a person, I want to become your best friend. Once you have got past that stage, then you lay your cards out, because if you do not, 3 months 6 months down the road these so called fetishes comes to light and guess what your partner is not game.

We as Dominant are suppose to be a different breed of men. We are secure by nature, we are not controlling by nature, we are self sufficient by nature, we are calm by nature. We indeed are a different breed. So if this is the case why do we not except others for who they are.  Every Dominant is different we all train different we all expect different things out of our relationship, we all have different goals, we all have different needs. .

Okay now there are a few good books out there for the BDSM lifestyle Master and Slave, but these books are one mans opinion, or a Slaves opinion. I am not to say what they believe is wrong or right, what they do works just fine for them. What I do works for me and Arianna.

I will tell you ladies something if you want to meet a real Slave meet mine Arianna, She can give you the definition of what living a Slaves life is all about. The one thing is we had an agreement prior to entering a relationship. She showed me her card I showed mine, there was no Bullshit. I will tell you this I do not negotiate, it is my way and my way only.  This does not mean I do not ask her for her opinion because I do. If there are any major decisions to be made we talk. Arianna is not a Doormat , nor is she stupid.

Be honest and upfront if someone does not like what you have to say, or they say no way would I think about doing that do not give in stand your ground. Be who you are and who you need to be.

Today we have a large number of BDSM site’s More of a spam site, use to because now you can only find Nigerian  slaves , you have FaceBook which can be awesome, and who could forget FetLife, every fucking kink in the world and you are not Bombed with spam.

Image I do have an Ass Fetish


The Control We Have

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You look at the world of BDSM , we come with different fetish’s, different needs, for us Dominants needs and wants. We all come in different shapes and sizes, different cultures, different demographics. This is what makes the lifestyle so interesting, no matter what we are looking for, with the proper patience we can find the perfect partner.

We have Dominants, we have Daddy Doms, we have sadist, sadist who are not dominant or one can be a sadist and a Dominant. We have Baby girls who play the little brat role, masochist who are not submissive, and those who are both sub and masochist.  We have those into rubber fetish, diapers, pony and pet play. Those into age play. The list just goes on and on, it is never ending. The learning process is never ending. I know myself I learn something new everyday, I have the need to continue to grow, and learn. Most of all I have the need to be in control, being in control is not a want, being a Dominant is not a want it is a need, almost like a drug. My needs grow daily .

Us Dominants have a high standard, we are looked at differently, and those who are submissive or a slave expect different from us. We are looked up to, we are asked to guide, train to fit our needs, we tell one to trust, while we work to gain trust. We must show control 24/7. We seldom show emotions, we seldom share our feelings, we seldom truly open up. We view these things as a weakness. The lifestyle is one that one must show consistency, we have to stand by our word. Most of all we have to be truthful at all times, no excuses.

While I am in total control, the rights my slave has are those I allow her to have. I have the control where she sits, which is not on the furniture, with the exception of eating dinner. My slave never takes the first bite of food. I control everything. I am not going to go over the list, but I am sure one can imagine. My slave is for my use, sexual or not. My slave is for my service.

What does she get out of all of this. How could I possibly repay the gift of submission, that she has giving me. She gives her all without question. She trust me enough to put her life in my hands. She trust me enough to know that I would not do anything to hurt or jeopardize her or her career. How can one truly repay such a gift.

Well she knows I am there for her, be it physical or emotional. She knows when something is on her mind, or something is bothering her, I am there for her. She knows we have an open line of communication. She knows when she needs to be held, I will hold her. She knows I will keep my word. She knows when she needs me, I will drop what ever I am doing.She knows I am loyal without question. She knows I will never scream or yell, call her names out of anger. She knows I will never put her down. She knows I will support her in anything she may want to do. In my opinion she gets a lot in return.

She trust that the control she gives up, I will not take advantage of. She knows I will not push her to the point of breaking. She also knows I am there on not only the good days but the bad days as well. She knows when she calls I will answer my phone no matter what.

The BDSM relationship can be very rewarding, you can feel your needed, and wanted. Yes again the communication. Every night Tish and I sit indian style on the bed and we talk about anything and everything, this is her free time to say what ever is on her mind.

Are all Dominants like me, I would say not a chance, do all dominants want to be like me, again not a chance. Do all dominants agree with my views, again very few. The thing is I am me and I refuse to change anything about who or what I am.

When I say the word slave, I say it in a control manner. I do not want Tish to be my maid, my cook, clean the house, or do all the laundry. I do my fair share. I do most of the cooking, I do laundry, fuck I even make the bed at times. Being a slave does not make one a doormat.

I very seldom get angry, or if I do I seldom show it, although a short while back, I had someone who I thought was a friend push my patience, and I got pretty verbal. I never show my anger towards my property.

Things we should and should not do as Dominants.

We should never come between family and friends. The slave or submissive’s family should always come first we come second. We should not dictate who their friends can be, they were friends before we came into the picture. I will say this about the friend thing, if there was any type of sexual play, I can put a stop to that.

We should allow the submissive or slave down time. Time to breath, go out shopping, the movies, or even a girls night out. They need down time, it is like when we sleep at night our body repairs its self, I look at down time as having the same benefit.

We have so much control at times it can be scary. We have a great responsibility. We have to think things out more clearly. After all we are doing the thinking of two, not one.

We should cherish what we have.



Our Kinks

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Even in the lifestyle we tend to judge people, we look down on others who seem to have out of this world kinks. We do not understand so we judge or ask are you crazy?

I would imagine that is why there are so many who are afraid to speak up, or attend local event.

I remember many years ago when I first met sherry, while I knew she was a masochist I surely did not understand. While she was my first and the beginning of my sadist journey, I did not understand what made her click, more so I no longer understood me.

We tend to make fun of people when we do not understand, and instead of asking questions, we just shun.

What if a submissive told her Master she wanted to wear diapers at home, and he made fun of her or told her she was crazy. That would make her feel pretty stupid.

While I somewhat understand pony play, I do not judge or make fun of, adult baby’s I far from understand, but we all have to have a release, a safe haven, and be with someone who understands.

I know a couple local who is into K9 play, no not puppy play real K9. I have watched at a party. While I do not really get it, it is not for me to judge, it makes them happy, I would never want to get into that type of play, and I am not sure what I would do if I was approached by a partner who wanted to try something like that. I would have to think long and hard. While to each their own I do have limits in place.

I do understand the masochist now, the release of pain, and endorphins a place to go in your mind. While I would not want that type of relationship now I do understand them much better.

I am at a point in my life, I do not wish to see that kind of pain in ones eyes. I care to much. I was not in love with sherry that is what made it so easy.

I now what to feel ones pain but in a different form, I want to hold and caress, I want to feel what is inside. yea um kinda of mushy there huh.

So the next time we are told about someones kink, google it, try to understand them and support them instead of making fun of or not even considering them as a friend.

I have talked to subs, and I showed an interest in a daddy , daughter type relationship, and the conversation ended right then. We all know it has nothing to do with incest.

I myself being a Dominant, may not enjoy or like some kinks a slave would, but I would go there because I knew it was a need, just like there will be thing I enjoy she would not, but would be willing to go the extra mile.

So lets all just stay kinky and have fun while doing it..



So I am watching Cheaters.

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I blogged about this the other day, about being upfront with each other about your needs. So down the road there are no surprises. You need to express your sexual needs, and fantasy’s . Because if you do not, you are going to stray.

I was just watching this TV show called Cheaters, a male was married, a nice church going family, very respected in the community.

So his wife suspected her husband of cheating, and hires Cheaters Detective’s. They follow him around for a couple of weeks, taking pictures and doing video taping.

Then comes the time, her husband is in a hotel room, with another woman, they knock on the door it opens and in walks the wife.

Her hubby of 5 years, jumps from the bed wearing an adult diaper, and powder goes all over the place.His wife is screaming and yelling, and flushes her wedding rings down the toilet. His lady friend makes an exit, and he is left there in his diaper.

Now they were not having sex, no sexual contact at all. Is this still cheating? Should his wife taking the time to let him explain.

So this is a fetish he had before he got married, but was afraid , of telling her his fetish when they first met, and after they were married. They did not have that open line of communication, that is the first down fall. He did not express his sexual needs, while they were dating. Would she of stayed with him if he had, from the way she was acting, not a chance she would of dumped him.

So he did not have sex with this woman, is this cheating? Adult baby’s are very common, this space takes them back to their childhood, at this point and time, they have no responsibility’s . not a worry in the world. Now he did not wet in his diaper, or need to be changed.

It is very important to be honest with your partner at all times.. Tell the truth good or bad…



BDSM And The Adult Baby Fetish

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Disclaimer: Age play has NO tolerance for pedophiles or the like. It is simply for enjoyment of the kink!!

Age play is a common role play kink among BDSMers in which either the dominant or submissive (generally the submissive) role plays as a child under the age of 18 and the other partner (generally the dominant) plays a guardian/parental role. Age play can take different forms depending on the age of the “child” and the degree of submersion into age play.

Common Roles:

Infantilism: Commonly called “adult babies” or “diaper lovers,” this form of age play is one of the most common in BDSM. The “baby” may rely solely on their “parent” for all things or may choose to role play at specific times during a scene. Common activities include diapering, drinking from bottles, sucking on pacifiers, and using names such as “daddy”, “mommy”, “baby girl”. Diapering may range from simply cosmetic in the home to public usage for urination or scat. Diapers commonly used are adult incontinence suppliers such as Depends. Some adult babies use cloth diapers or more expensive diapers for play. Additionally, some adult babies may have a nursery set up in the home, complete with adult-sized baby furniture.

Juvenileism: Role playing as a pre-adolescent.
Adolescentism: Role playing as a teenager. Commonly used during school corporate punishment scenes. Also the most frequently used age for sexual age play, as it’s a common “spanking” age. Additionally, many submissives play the role of the “brat,” a form of adolescentism.

Resources: –Wikipedia basic information on age play –Basic background on ageplay with links –personal page of an adult baby — links to other AB/DL websites –AB/DL community