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A BDSM Poly House

Posted in 24/7, Alpha Female Slave, Arianna, bdsm, masochist, poly, Polyamory, sadist, slave, submissive on November 25, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I have spoken about this before but last night I had someone call me who is a Daddy Dom. He was speaking about his EX who is in the process of joining a House, a Poly house that is.  While another female slave has made a petition to join the same house. The M’s couple has their own home, but they also rent another where one lives 24/7 but other members have full access to the house. Each pays a portion of the rent, like Arianna stated it is like a Time Share.

A D’s Poly home is really pretty common today, more so than lets say ten years ago. The funny things is while I do understand the concept in a few ways, when I ask a Dom why he needs a ploy house it is always the same I need more flavor in my life.

I have lived in a poly home before but the second slave and I were never really close although she did follow the house rules> The slave was my slaves toy and nothing more. As time went by she did try to get closer but I was just not receptive to the idea, and when she started to try and cause trouble and try to come between the two of us, out the door she went.

On the other side besides the Flavor that is needed a well ran Poly house with good structure can be good if everyone is on the same page.

My prospective is living in a Poly home does not mean everyone is having sex. Beth who lived with us was a in service slave when it came to me. She had chores and task that had to be done, and if not completed she was punished by my slave who was the alpha female.

There has to be an Alpha female in a poly ran house, this is why. Lets say you have a female cat, a year goes by and you decide you want another female cat so you bring one home. Guess what is going to happen? The first cat feels as though her space has been invaded , and the cat will do what ever has to be done to maintain control. They may or may not ever get along, it would come down to more of a toleration thing.

The Flavor thing I still do not understand , because when I ask another Dom why the need that is the only answer I get. I would think before you enter a relationship you would lay everything out on the table about your needs and expectations when it comes to being a full time live in Slave, their part about being in service, play time, and sex.

When I was active in my search I had needs and wants, and I was very open about what I needed, wanted and expected , most just looked at me with a blank stare or just out right told me no. Well that is fine I will just move on. When asked if there was any room for compromise the answer was absolutely not , I will not bend in any form or fashion. I want what I want when I want no questions.

My house , my rules , my protocols. If I bend on anything then that leaves an open door for the future. Well you did make adjustments before what is different now? You stick to your needs, your kinks, what ever you have to be who and what you are.

At one time in my life I was a Sadist and a feared Sadist. I was speaking with Master R not long ago and he made the comment that both of us were feared and he just grinned. It got me to thinking well that is really not something to be proud of. As I stated before my first slave was a masochist, a total pain slut. I was never able to make her shed a tear until the day I said goodby. I dated this bitch for seven years and never knew she was fucking married and her husband was in prison. WOW fuck me. Here you think you know someone inside out and you really do not know shit.

Sherrie was a masochist but not submissive so maybe the word slave is wrong. You can be a masochist and not be a slave. At the same time you can be a sadist and not be a Dom. Weird huh.

Sherrie broke rules daily , fuck you couldn’t beat her she would cum with the touch of a belt or whip. I could not take anything from her as punishment because she just did not care. She was there for the pain and pain only nothing more. She had brought up the idea about me moving in when we first met and forming a poly house. I suppose that is why the husband thing never came up, but once she found out I wanted nothing to do with a 24/7 relationship , when hubby got released that was her security although he was not a sadist. He was really a pussy who was in prison for bad checks.

That type of life I did not want, although at that time I really got off on inflicting pain not to mention no limits it was like I was in school I was learning everything I could because I knew down the road I would need that knowledge. I needed more I needed the structure, the control. I wanted to run my house my way no if ands or but about it.

The poly did intrigue me in the beginning because I was thinking sex, blow jobs and all the ass I could ever want. In seven years I never fucked Sherrie once , she did suck a lot of cock but I never fucked her our relationship was not like that and there was just something about her.  The Poly did get me to thinking but after much thought, it was not really what I wanted. Then some several years latter when my slave brought up the idea the way she explained it kinda made since so I agreed. Poly was something we had never spoken about before.

It did work for the first five years or so and it worked well , each had duties and chores that had to be done and everything just feel into place. All three worked and all three pitched in to support the house.

In today’s times living in a poly house could have many advantages with the way the economy is today, one income, two incomes or three incomes, as long as everyone is on the same page.

The third Slave could be just used for service meaning no sex, or she could be used for both service and sex. Although Chong my slave was Bi it was something I never really got into. I did watch at times but I never took part.

The Poly house has to have an Alpha female the head Slave. You are bringing another female into play. Some do not agree with that statement but this is just my thoughts and my opinion.

The female head female slave in a poly house runs the house. The Master explains what needs to be done and when and the the insures it gets done.  It is the head slave who really has to answer about any problems or why something did not get done.

The flavor part again I just do not understand. In my search I was looking for the whole package. Someone who could fulfill my every need and want to do so.

When it comes to sex I get anything I want. Communication I get on any level. We are best friends, we go out together often we are never alone unless she is quilting with her friend. I go shopping with her. I have everything I need rolled up into one fine ass female.