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Making Love Nah , Having Sex Nah , Just Raw Fucking

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Arianna cooking dinner I get home from work walk over bend her over and push three finger inside her pussy, slowly fucking her until she starts to breath a little heavy, then I just simply walk away going about my business.

Being able to just snap your fingers and your submissive drops to the floor without question, even better tell them to go to the bedroom and strip and spread you will be there in a minute. Crawl on top bust your nut and get off. It can be that simple.

The thing is every Dominant , every Master can have it this way.  No questions asked, never. You can lead and they will follow you where ever you go.

Being a Dominant is much more than barking our orders, going to wal mart and buying a dog collar, changing rules when no rules are being broken and you want to punish.

I saw a post on Facebook not long ago a submissive was going to meet her Dom, and he was figuring out different ways to punish her, just for the sake of punishing.

The truth is most of you who except bruises except only because you think that is part of the D’s lifestyle , then there are those who except them because you want the relationship to work, so you will take what ever. Then there are those who truly enjoy them. There are Masochist who truly enjoy pain, there are those who need pain as an escape a way to release, but for the most, many of you just except it.

I heard some time ago that pain was needed to reach sub-space and that my friends is so far from the truth. There is nothing written anyplace that says pain is need to reach sub-space.

Sub-space is mental, sub-space is the connection the two of you have with each other, sub-space depends on how far your Dominant can get into your head, sub-space depends on the intensity of play, and it does not have to do anything with pain.

Okay so lets take the words BDSM we have the kink, we have the sex, we have the control, we have the bondage, the floggers, whips, cuffs, ahh the St Andrews cross. The list goes on and on, and while it is true all of this is a huge plus it is not the foundation of the relationship.

The foundation first and for most is the communication we have, second is the control we show at home and while out. Being honest, loyal, most of all truthful. You learn to guide they will follow and follow without question….. The rest is just a bonus, and the bonus’s just keep getting better and better. The longer you are who you say you are, the more your subs or slaves wall will slowly come down.. Once those walls come down your relationship has no end, it will continue to grow.

All these fake dudes the Fifty shade dudes who do not have a clue, the married dudes who do not have a clue. Their life is so fucked up trying to juggle two lives, hiding everything hoping they don’t get caught. Or the guy who thinks he is King Dom after reading Fifty Shades now he wants to be king master and he is on the hunt. These are all short lived relationships. The married one is not going to leave his wife, more so if he’s not investing anything into the relationship.  If your his submissive and your living alone he should be paying for part of your upkeep he should be helping with the home. I am telling you this from a mans point of view, if he is married he will not leave his wife, he has way to much to lose.

Listen to this you who are seeing married Doms, you are only getting one side of the story about how bad their home life is, you are getting their story. If their life was so bad, they would have already moved out, yes just like I did, they would of already left their wife and kids behind. . He can go on and on about how bad his marriage is, how much he hates his wife, but the bottom line is he is still there and he will be there when you are gone.

Now my question is how can you sleep at night with a clear conscious? How can you sleep at night knowing what you are doing to his family, destroying what she has worked so hard to build. Because what ever a man has it is because of his woman, it is because of his wife. Just something to think about because it is not fair that she does not have the ability to share her side of it. If his marriage is so bad put your foot down, put a time limit that he has to move out, then see what happens. It is not fair to destroy something his wife has worked so hard building, and the bad thing is she does not have a clue that things are so bad, because he will not communicate with her. Now if you think your the only one he is seeing you are stupid, and I know you are thinking the same thing in the back of your head. When you go days with out a call or email, or even a fucking text.

On the other hand if you do not care, and you are that cold you don’t have any feelings then go for it. To each their own I am not judging anyone, have a little compassion.

If he will fuck around on his wife, guess what ?

Now all the trouble you girls go through someone made a comment just a little bit ago.

You are a minority Vile… and are one of the rare ones to do it right.

Okay that can be a true statement but it is really not, you have to weed yourself through all the fake ones. It is like when you open a door and it is full of horse shit, your thinking fuck there has to be a fucking horse somewhere in here. So you open a door and there is a room full of Doms you think one of them has to be real. You have to be able to think with a clear head. You have to have a plan in place before you start your search.

Fuck fuck both of those are meat markets to men, and that is exactly what they think. Now are some real sure they are but very few and far between. You have to be willing not to settle for second best, and many times you get the feeling something is not right but you go right along with it. You continue to go along with it even though you feel something is wrong hoping your thoughts are wrong, and you know most of the time they are not.

If you do not live together you cannot truly know the fulfillment of living a D’s style relationship, to know what it is like waking up every morning with your Master, following his rules, his guidelines there is no way to experience it. The little you get while on the phone and it is phone sex mostly, the weekend out of a month if that, maybe a night or even just a couple of hours. You will most likely spend your Birthday alone, as with all of the holidays.

So no it is not that I am a minority , because there are plenty of me out there. It is just you the submissive or slave taking the time to weed thought the bad to get to the good. There are Dominants out there that will more than fit your needs. There are Dominants out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve, who will treat you as their princess.

For you Doms in the lifestyle for a while, just learning or the Fifty Shades, if you play your cards right, the submissive is for your taking. They want to be used and used on a regular basis, nothing brings more pleasure to a submissive to be used. Some of you guys just kill me.

Lady’s all you need is a plan.





Are You Looking To Meet A Dom

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Your a new Submissive or Slave a you recently became interested in the BDSM lifestyle. You have done your research , you have read blogs, been in chat rooms and stil no luck.

Fetlife can be an awesome site. You can learn a lot from the different groups, tons of information made available to you for no cost, unless you want to Donate so you can watch video’s

Then comes at one time Alt was a very good site to meet singles. That was before computers became so popular, I am going back some ten years. Now the site consist of mainly spam, and those Doms who are lurking in the dark for their next victim.

Then the one that is used the most today is Mostly spam I have seen men spend a lot of money , sending money to females they have never met for a ticket so they can come and live as a Slave. Willing to do what ever they want a no limits Slave, and these dudes fall for it. They never even get to speak to there new Slave. and they never show up.

If every Dom was real you met on collarme or ALT there would not be any single Slaves. What need would there be for these sites to stay in business.

Unfortunately there are not very many who are true to the lifestyle. They see women who are submissive as a weak target, being needy, and yes an easy Lay.

Most not all but most who are submissive or a slave come with some emotional problems, some baggage , which can really be pretty minor under the right Dom. Note I did not say all had emotional problems.

Those who do a man picks up quick on what you share with him, and he will play on your emotions , and most of the time you will fall for his game. Playing a game can be fun if you know the rules. If you do not know the rules your going to lose every time.

Fetlife can be a place to meet a Dominant but you do not try to meet scanning through profiles. You never want to be the first one to make contact.

Fetlife is huge it covers the world, it covers the US, it covers each state even the state you live in and chances are either your city or a city close to you.

This is when you start going through Submissive profiles, Slave profiles even better those who are already in established relationships. These are the ones you want to befriend.  Most you will meet chances are will already be active in the local community, that is step two.

Once you have made several friends you begin to communicate asking questions, you can never ask enough and the only dumb question asked is the one you don’t ask .

I can almost guarantee they will know another Dom or their will know someone who is single. This is how you weed out all the bad. Don’t get me wrong every Dominant you meet on Collarme is not fake but the majority falls under that fake mode.

Being introduced by someone already in the lifestyle takes out a lot of the negative. He is already known, and you will be told who to stay away from and who is safe. Meeting someone off of ALT or Collarme you have no idea about the Dom except what he has told you.

Now comes the time to put your big girl dress on, and hit up a few munchs. They will welcome you with open arms, you will feel like family, and they will treat you like family most of all they will respect you. Again you have already met a Submissive who is active in the local community chances are you would meet them there or they could even pick you up.

You stay at the Submissive’s side and she will take care of you as well as her Dom. They would not let any harm come to you.

Okay this seems like a lot of work, it seems like hours and hours of searching, but if you add up all the dates you have been on, the time spent chatting, and talking on the phone. You would not spend near as much time making friends with other Subs and Slaves.

Your one goal is to find the one. Why would you not go the extra mile? Why would you not put time and effort in your search.

A Munch is a gathering of like minded people. Most are held in a public setting, like restaurants. No sex, no nudity. Some do have play parties after, but that does not mean you have to take part. The key is to always be safe and aware of your surroundings.

Take your time and you will find the one.



Respect And Protocol

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While I was single and I was single for sometime, due to my choice, because I was on a mission and that mission was to find a partner. I was tired of being alone but I was more tired of settling for less than what I knew I wanted and needed. We are all guilty of doing the same thing. Just settling hoping things will work out but knowing they will not. We all need companionship, we all need to be with that one.

On the BDSM side of the fence, Dominants are suppose to have a creed they follow, Dominants are suppose to be respectful and caring, that is who we are suppose to be. We are looked up to in many cases.

If I happen to run into a Slave I had interest in, and she told me she was collard or seeing someone that was the end of the conversation. That was out of respect. She was spoken for, I no longer had permission to speak to her, unless I went to her Dom and requested such. Why would I do that ? There was no reason.

It seems today people want what others have and they will take what ever steps are needed. To this day I get asked if I share Arianna yes that is true.

We are both on FETLIFE , Fetlife can be and is an awesome site with tons of information. Any kind of kink you can think of and groups to join. No matter what your kink is you find find like minded people, and I love kink, I am pretty much open to anything but I am straight as an arrow a real straight arrow.

So if you have the need for information, you are trying to learn about the lifestyle Fetlife is the place to be. You control who you speak to, you only answer emails you want and you block who you want. My advice is to stay away from collarme, and, unless your a spam collector.

There are only a few on my friends list I have not met, but for the most I know and have met. Arianna got a friends request the other day I think it was Big Dick something, his profile had a pic of his cock, well you know what head he thinks with. It is a respect thing, it clearly states she is Married, and Collard and very happy and any friend request should go through me.

I encourage Arianna to make friends within the lifestyle she has gone out with others in the lifestyle women that is.

Men want what other men have for what ever reason, maybe they think the grass is greener on the other side, which most of the time it is not.

A lot of Dominants who are looking for someone will tend to settle for less. Now this is not every Dominant, I am speaking from experience because I am guilty of the same act. Find a submissive and stay with until we think something better comes along. Well it does not work that way because Karma is a Mother Fucker and it will bite you in the ass every time.

I know a couple right now well they are no longer together , he needed a place to stay and she was willing to take him in. Now he wanted to form a poly house whcih she was more than willing to do, even with all the troubles they were having. She just wanted to please.

I invited them to dinner they excepted a few weeks later as planned they showed up. I had met him a couple of times at the local MAST meeting MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER.

They showed up for dinner and after they left I looked at Arianna and said they will not be together another month. Sure enough two weeks later they split. He had moved in hoping things would work out until he found something better. Well it did not work out that way, now he is without anyone and the subs and slave he meets well anyone with any time in the lifestyle can spot a fake.

If a submissive or Slave has a collar she is off limits, not yours nor can you have. Show some respect and be the Dominant your suppose to be.

I do have a few female friends on here that follow me and who are owned. We still speak but if their Dom ever came to me and requested I have no more contact that is what it would be, no anger just respect. I have not tried to pick anyone up on here either. If you flirt I flirt back, if you yank my chain then I will yank your chain, but I am very happy with my relationship.

Find your own slave.



Our fetishes

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We all have our own fetishes, even if we do not admit it. We all get off on certain things, and at times our minds are more kinkier than we want to act out.

In our lifestyle we should never look down on someone because of their kinks or fetishes, we may not understand them, but it goes the other way as well someone else may not understand us.

When first meeting someone, there are somethings that are not best to share to soon. You should be careful with what information you give. One it could blow the whole thing, or two it could be used as ammunition later down the road when things go bad.

I have a bad ass fetish , I love to look, touch grab. Most of all I love anal sex, to me anal sex is the most submissive act there is, the most private part on the female body.

I have a short skirt fetish, I have almost broke my neck turning to fast to catch another glimpse. I am also a leg man I love a nice pair of legs, although they do look better on my shoulders.

The BDSM community has grown so much over the past 10 years or so, finely there was a place where people could be excepted and not be judged, or is that statement true ?

If you travel back in time to the late 60’s 70’s the Leather Guard Master And Slave, there were no Submissive. Then in the late 80’s and 90’s there was an explosion, the internet was a game changer people came to life, we could finely be who we needed to be.

Now you have puppy play , pony play , Daddy Dom and Baby Girl . Rubber fetishes , the list just goes on and on. We can be free and not be judged or is that statement really true ?

We are judged by the same people who live our lifestyle , we are judged by the ones who do not want to be judged. Why is this ? Because everyone has to be right.

That Master does not know what he is doing, or that Master is a FAKE , that Master cannot control his Slave, Or the best one is that Master cannot be real because he will not share.  Yea Ive heard that one before.

So when you first meet someone a Master meeting a new Submissive or Slave, a Submissive or Slave meeting a new Master you have to lay everything out on the table, but wait. Yes there is a BUT. These things should not be shared on the first meeting eh maybe even the second meeting. You should want to become friends first and for most.  Even when chatting and getting to know each other the topic of BDSM or limits or sex should not come up. If this does ladies you are just a piece of ass, and nothing more. I want to know you as a person, I want to become your best friend. Once you have got past that stage, then you lay your cards out, because if you do not, 3 months 6 months down the road these so called fetishes comes to light and guess what your partner is not game.

We as Dominant are suppose to be a different breed of men. We are secure by nature, we are not controlling by nature, we are self sufficient by nature, we are calm by nature. We indeed are a different breed. So if this is the case why do we not except others for who they are.  Every Dominant is different we all train different we all expect different things out of our relationship, we all have different goals, we all have different needs. .

Okay now there are a few good books out there for the BDSM lifestyle Master and Slave, but these books are one mans opinion, or a Slaves opinion. I am not to say what they believe is wrong or right, what they do works just fine for them. What I do works for me and Arianna.

I will tell you ladies something if you want to meet a real Slave meet mine Arianna, She can give you the definition of what living a Slaves life is all about. The one thing is we had an agreement prior to entering a relationship. She showed me her card I showed mine, there was no Bullshit. I will tell you this I do not negotiate, it is my way and my way only.  This does not mean I do not ask her for her opinion because I do. If there are any major decisions to be made we talk. Arianna is not a Doormat , nor is she stupid.

Be honest and upfront if someone does not like what you have to say, or they say no way would I think about doing that do not give in stand your ground. Be who you are and who you need to be.

Today we have a large number of BDSM site’s More of a spam site, use to because now you can only find Nigerian  slaves , you have FaceBook which can be awesome, and who could forget FetLife, every fucking kink in the world and you are not Bombed with spam.

Image I do have an Ass Fetish


Is Old Guard Real ?

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Many of the new today will argue that Old Guard is just a Myth, it never was and never will be. When in fact I do believe and have spoken to elders who were a part of Old Guard, in the late 60’s through the early 80’s

Old Guard refers to the leather community mainly the gay community. I myself am not into the leather scene, nor am I a part of any leather family since most have blown the protocol way out of text. In my eyes a lack of respect of what use to be.

Most of the Leather Family’s today are known as pansexual , you can google that. Unlike Old Guard, today’s Leather family’s welcome most anyone, without even really knowing anything about them. In the Old Guard days there were strict rules and Protocols to be followed. The Old Guard was a closed community and you had to become a member. Before membership was allowed one had to learn all rules and protocols and follow them, if not you got the boot.

Over the years we have strayed, we have lost the meaning of BDSM and it has falling more into just a kink, a past time, weekend warriors, bedroom only. Which is okay but the problem is everyone is right, no one is wrong. When someone hears how a slave or submissive lives they are just blown away and cannot believe they would allow someone to treat them a certain way.

It is not that a slave or submissive in today’s times are part of or believe in Old Guard, they just fall into their Dominants ways of doing things. Being strict, having rules, even protocols both public and private is perfectly okay, when there is no physical or mental abuse involved.

It is not that we take the lifestyle differently some are just more serious than others when it comes to the world of D’s and M’s. How Master Joe runs his house is on him, I do not and will not judge.

Back in the day a Dominant had to make his way through the ranks, there were steps that had to be taking. If a submissive or bottom had more experience than the Dom the sub out ranked the Dom, yea sounds weird. The problem is today’s Dominants want to start out as president they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Unlike today back in the Old Leather Guard there were dress codes, and they were enforced. Arianna and I have attended some local groups and I cannot believe they way some of the sub/slaves come dressed, more so the way their master allows them out of the house. Arianna has pointed out how mouthy some are, how she cannot believe how some disrespect their Doms.

Today it would be almost impossible to put together an exclusive group for meetings or teachings because of how BDSM  has branched out. Most groups come and go because of a dictatorship or just huge egos. Most people today are close minded when it comes to how others live as well

Old Guard when in a social setting it was the Dominant with the most experience who led the conversation, on the other side if the bottom had more experience they led the conversation, if equal the Dom was giving the go ahead.

When walking the submissive walked one or two steps behind, remember you are not equal in a sense. A Dominant would never think of hugging or shaking the hand of a submissive, nor would the submissive make direct eye contact, though the Dominant would. A Dominant would never think of touching another who was owned and collard, there was a respect thing.

Protocols is a lost art today, but what I expect if out in public a Dominant or Submissive should not assume anything. A Dominant should not just walk up to a submissive and strike up a conversation, they same with a submissive. It is however proper and okay to ask. Some couples have no protocols at all, nor do they wish to, this is where the lack of respect comes into play when it comes to what others believe. I have had people say they could never live like Arianna nor would they want to. What we have as a Master and Slave is very unique and special.

Old Guard when a Dominant was being served there were two ways, one palm out and flat drink on palm, the other the sub would kneel head down and arms extended making the offering. Depending on the protocol the sub could either leave or had to ask permission.

Those who play on the internet who belong to sites such as and so on generally stay on those sites with very little real in person interaction, those who get lucky enough to find a submissive or Slave generally fuck it up because they have no real clue what a in person interaction is. It does not take long for the Submissive to realize they have been played. The so called Dominant will generally put the blame of the submissive when it comes to the relationship not working.

When I speak about myself at times I mention old school, and not old guard. Old School just means I hold certain values when it comes to the lifestyle, I give and expect respect. I set my life to a certain standard as I do with my Slave. I expect when out my slave is giving the up most respect and she will do the same in return.

So in closing I think we should all get back to the basics when it comes to the lifestyle. Yes we do need rules, yes we do need guidelines, yes we do need dress codes, yes we do need protocols. More so we do need to respect others.

Coming in at the top of those who truly live the lifestyle with the fullest respect are those of the Gorean lifestyle. If you should ever have the honor of meeting a Gorean Master or Slave you would be truly amazed. Old Leather Guard probably not since the lifestyle is based on a line of books, but the lifestyle is very strict and respected by many. I am not saying everyone should live the Gorean way, but if you study up on it, it will give you a way different out look and perspective of their lifestyle.

We should all come together as one, and set standards, keep the lifestyle proud, keep the fakers out. It could be done.



Some Women Will Take Abuse

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A female who use to be a friend got me into blogging, we parted and went separate ways. I do wish her the best. Now I blog because I want to share my life experiences , but most of all it is to teach those women who are new to the lifestyle , how to find a real Dominant.

The key to my blog is I have no reason to lie. A man will lie when he has something to hide or cover something up. There are some of you who do know me, but for the most you would not know me if I passed you on the street. There are a few I have the hots for, but things pass.

Ninety nine percent of my followers are women, there are about three percent or so that make comments. I have made a lot of friends on my blog and I have lost some for what ever reason.

Why do you think most of my followers are women? Why is it very few men ever comment? Joseph McNamara  does comment from time to time, and I admire his writing.  The reason I believe is most do not agree with my BDSM style of living. Now there are a lot of women who do not agree with everything I write as well.

Where I am going with this, sometime last year, maybe just maybe I had just a touch of guilt hit me, concerning my past and how I treated women. I will be the first to admit I used for my pleasure , Be it sexual or physical. Maybe just maybe abuse may have come into play at times, because I always get what I want. There are those who would say no that is not true, but the bottom line is, if you are not with me, then I really did not want you.

Arianna and I were driving back from Orlando yesterday and I forget what the topic was, but I got kinda forward and rude. I believe my words were. Listen to me I may not be the best looking guy in the world, I have my flaws, but I have never dated an ugly woman in my life. I have never been with someone I would not take home to my parents. Someone asked me the other day if I had a huge cock. I asked why? He said how in the fuck did you get with Arianna? How did you score with her? She really lives with you? On a scale of one to ten Arianna is a twelve. She is smoking hot dressed or nude. As a matter of fact when we first met Arianna made the comment that if we were in the vanilla world she did not know if she would of dated me or not. Well I have some news.

So we are talking, and I began to explain. If I met a woman and I could get fifteen minutes of conversation you were had. I was taking you home. That is okay go on and say noway.

So for many years I used and used not even giving the consequences a second thought, not caring about feelings, or what the impact was on the female, not just submissive or slave females in general.

I suppose entering the lifestyle at such a young age, and being lucky enough to have had mentors I had from the beginning gave me an edge. It also gave me confidence, a lot of confidence and most of all the gift of gab. While in the US Army, I was banging a different chick just about every Friday night. With the exception of being stationed in Germany and having the opportunity to have met Gretchen, who up until I met Arianna was the best cock sucker I had ever met. Only two women maybe three but two for sure could give me head without using their hands and get me off, Gretchen and Arianna.

So when I share something I am not talking out of my ass. I do know a little something about something.  I was thinking maybe just maybe I could help a few, and I have helped a couple a couple , and I feel good about it, but there have been those who just wad the paper up in their hands and in the trash can it goes.

I am not talking about you Doms who are married and you go behind your wives back, because you are not Doms, you are a poor excuse for men who are real men. Men who have a back bone. On the other side of the mirror this is a two sided mirror, there are those who claim to be Dominants but just use the lifestyle as a way to get laid. Why is that? The truth is and I have said this many times those who are Submissive or maybe a slave. Looking for there first relationship , they are starving on the inside, they are lonely, and very needy, and this makes an easy target.  Even after all the reading, and advice giving about all the fakes, you are thinking this is the one, he has to be we have so much in common.

Some women will take abuse. You agree to meet for dinner, or maybe if bold enough you will drive to your new Doms house. You have not even met him yet but he has giving you rules, you have had phone sex, you have sent pics via phone, hundreds of them, he has seen you on webcam. The two of you have shared so much.

So your eating dinner the conversation is going well, then you see he reaches inside his coat pocket and pulls out a small leather collar. He places it on the table, and slides it over to you. He then says put it on you are my slave, you are wearing my collar, I just bought off of Ebay for 9.99. After your first meeting.

You are not only excited, your emotions are running wild, you start to cry a little, you have never been happier. You have finely found him. The one who is going to step in and fix everything. Your new Dom is going to make you complete.

As you are leaving you get in his car, and your first task is to suck his cock, yup your going to suck dick on the first meeting. He finishes and tells you what a good girl you are, and you part ways for the night.

Then and only then you start to really open up, you start to share more private information, because you were afraid to tell everything before, but the difference now you wear his collar.

A week later you hear from your new Master, this is when you spill your beans, you spill your heart. Everything seems fine, he is going to pull you together, you will now have rules, structure, um yea okay. I am not saying all Dominants are this way but way over 75% or more.

I remember after sherri and I split, and before I met chong. I would not allow women over at my place. We either met at their place or I got a room, sometimes I made them pay half. There were a very few select who were allowed over at my place. No I did not have anyone clean my house. I dropped my laundry off, and for ten dollars extra the little blonde dropped it back off at my front door. If I had started just letting every bitch I knew come over it could of been a disaster, after all , each one was the one, each one wore my collar. I did not need all that drama.

How do I know all of this? Well just like woman men talk, we share pictures, we talk about how good or bad someone gives head. Men talk we are in our cave comparing notes.

Does sucking a mans dick on the first date make you a slut, or maybe fucking on the first date. Nah not even, you are doing what you feel you need to do, to prove yourself, you are willing to go that extra mile, to show this Dom you are the one.

Once you fully open up, and you start to share more private things, the Dom now knows you have to much baggage, you are now going to be to needy, you are now a liability , you are now a problem. He will slowly start to push you away, he will not answer as often hours or days between text. Then finely nothing. You cannot go over to his house, you have no idea where he lives. You cannot call his work because you have no idea where he works, nor his friends you never met any of them. He has just pulled a Casper on you POOF he is gone.

You as a submissive will make the same mistake several times, you will be used, abused and sometimes put through so much pain, in hopes of finding the right one. The bad thing is, this is all normal, unless you truly listen to someone which is not the case most of the time. Dating sites like Alt are okay, Collar me is okay, and maybe just maybe the old craigslist just might work. I am not saying it is impossible, but it is very hard, and you will endure a lot of head games.

The best way to meet someone is through a friend who is already in the lifestyle, local events, you will be welcomed with open arms, and treated very well. Most of the time an older submissive will take you under her wing. Fetlife is a good place to meet.

I have posted before on what to look for in a new Dominant, questions you should ask. If the Dominant says I am married but my wife is not in the lifestyle but she understands me, and allows me to play. This is fine and good, ask him if you can talk to her since she is so open. Um yea that will happen. Not.

Just be careful, take your time, have patience he will come, and not just in your mouth. Although it does happen a good idea is no sex on the first meeting or even the second. A real Dominant would never collar you on your first date. Again NEVER.

So just chill and enjoy the ride, because once you find the right one, no other relationship could even compare.



The Online Thing….. BDSM

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So your in your nighty leg hoked up in your chair , your favorite drink in hand, you boot up your computer, up comes yahoo messenger. Your thinking should I send the first , you do, your heart pounds as you sit there waiting on a reply. Then How are you? You exhale relief he did show up like he said.

You have never experienced BDSM  first hand. You belong to,,, but you have never felt the flesh against your body, the breathing in your ear. The words you have been waiting for. I own you Bitch.

Your conversation starts off mild, likes dislikes, work. The different foods you like, music, Flea markets, you cannot believe how much you have in common, you feel like you were made for each other, it is fate, it has to be.

Then the text start, the text get more intense, sexual, spanking you, flogging, you on your knees sucking his cock. The way he is going to rape your body when you meet.

Then the phone calls start, you have been dieing to hear his voice, his commanding voice. The first time you hear him speak, chill bumps run down your spin, your pussy is soaked, you cannot even touch yourself without jumping.

You feel the connection, it feels so right. He is the one. I want him to take me, I want him to own my mind body and soul. I have waited on this all my life.

Now Ladies Slap your face one time and come down to reality. Pretty fucking intense there yes?

Online BDSM the fantasy you have always wanted to live out. After all, you can be who you want to be, you can let go, you feel free, rejuvenated , your alive for one time.

Then you decide to meet, but the mystery is already out of the bag. Chances are he has already seen you nude, or almost. He knows what you like sexually. He knows you just want to be fucked not made love to. Where is the excitement?

This is for you newbi’s out there BDSM is real, online is one thing , but in person is another. You are going to give up total control of your life as you know it. You are giving rules and task to follow and complete. At times while playing you are going to experience pain you have never felt. At some point he will put the fear of god in you.

If he is a Dominant chances are he has been with a submissive or two. I am not talking some old fat man who sells insurance and carry’s a wooden spoon in his back pocket.

So now you want a relationship, you have to be with him. Why ? Because he is the one you were meant to be with.


Dominants are human as well, ladies, we harbor feelings inside, we hurt, we feel, and yes at times we can love.

The move is something to think about, not a day, a week, long enough to get your head clear, and fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

Okay lets say you have met a couple of times, you both met halfway , he got the room, you played a little, he fucked your brains out. called you his Bitch, his whore, slapped your face while fucking. Wow you loved it.

The you move in. Here comes the almighty blow. Now before you say anything you were warned. You were told how things would be. You cannot change your mind midstream. This is not the time to come clean,and say hey this is not me.

Remember you have someone else to worry about now, who lives, breaths, has a heart beat, and yes again feelings.

I have seen this happen, it has happened to me, even after everything was laid out on the table, no lies, no bullshit.

You excepted everything he had to say, you agreed , you promised.

The first 90 days are the hardest, maybe a little less, but generally 90 days for you to be able to adjust.

There is one exception, you are and were born a true submissive, does not happen to often but it can happen.If you have never lived a D’s lifestyle, you need to sit back and think long and hard.

Men and women have this switch, it is called fuck the feeling switch, can be turned on and off at anytime. Is it a fair switch to have, nah. It sucks you know it sucks. You have done it and you have had it done to you.

Let me tell you a little about Vile. The relationship although there are two. It is about me. Yea that sounds cold. It is not as bad as it sounds. Although the relationship is not a democracy, and I have the final say. We go out when I say, you eat what I say, dress, speak, walk, and fuck when I want. I may or may not let you cum,depends on how I feel. I use a few slave positions daily which will be enforced . It is about me.

Now you are thinking what the fuck do I get out of this selfish mother fucker. Vile is a fucking pig, he is ego driven, and abusive. Nah

What you get is someone who is loyal, caring. Someone who will communicate, take care of you. Spoil you at time, bath, cook. Laugh with you, and yes feel your pain.

I brought the subject of me up because. This is what you as a new sub or slave will experience with 98% of the Dominants out there. Okay some think Vile is to extreme. Well no I am not because everything is out of the table. I have shown you my hand of cards, nothing is hidden.

If you are sick, I will nurse you back to health. I am not going to play with you, if your running a fever of 103, although I do love to fuck when a sub has a temp. The pussy is smoking Hot.

You subs and slaves need to think do I really want a relationship like this or a FWB type thing.

BDSM is real. Think.