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I Have No Empathy For The Ashley Madison Users

Posted in Ashley Madison, Ashley Madison Hacked, bdsm, Cheaters, Men who cheat, slave, submissive on August 30, 2015 by thekinkyworldofvile

Busted , Ive always said you always get caught and you do no matter how sneaky you are or think you are, if your cheating chances are your partner already knows it…

There are things I do not understand , one being if you were to travel through a Black Hole in space could you live, or what is on the other side, I am sure I am not alone on that one. Another those who make the same mistake over and over again thinking the outcome will be different.

The one thing I do not understand is why people cheat, I cannot even comprehend those thoughts nor the actions or why someone would act on them.

The different blogs Ive read most of the time the sex is lousy, it sucks , it stinks, there is no kink. He cant get me off, she cant suck a dick to save someones life.

The answer is really simple , fucking leave , pack your shit say good bye and move in with your fuck buddy providing he or she has a job.

Sitting in the bed at night while your partner is sleeping you grab your credit card and boom you are a member of Ashley Madison, you are now ready to fuck around. Now if the tables were turned on you , you would be a mad mother fucker, you would be ready to kick someones ass, but it is different because it is you..

Why do married men cheat but not leave? Good question but most are momma’s boys, the wifey takes care of the home and the kids. He is happy but she wont give up the ass, she wont suck his dick, or he cant smack her around and get away with it, he cant call her his little whore, so the next best thing to do is BOOM Ashley Madison , which is another thing I don’t understand because now your paying for pussy three times. One your wife , two Ashley then three your fuck toy.
Or maybe just maybe it is wifey fucking around and she falls under the above, she is the one fucking around because she is not happy.. The male is not going to leave because it would cost him money, money he is not willing to part with.

I do however understand it would be way to much work to sit down and communicate, talk things out , talk about your needs. Maybe your husband or wife is kinky ?

I have never paid for pussy nor would I join a dating site and pay just to get a piece of ass. These dudes that cheat are not men, they are scum, scum like earth worms.

When a woman who is married cheats she does not leave because the dude she is seeing cant keep her up, or hes not willing to take her 6 kids, and why would she want to move out of her trailer or if she is high class maybe she lives in a double wide who knows…

My philosophy is if your not happy get the fuck out, because once your home your still fucking miserable. Having to keep two different cell’s if your smart which is why Tiger got his ass beat. That seems to be more of a fucking headache , way to much drama..

A submissive was telling me a month or so ago she was seeing a Dominant who had a submissive but wanted to see her but was not going to tell her. All I could do is just sit and stare, I said nothing because I was trying to understand all the stupid.
That is no Dominant , no Dominant a real Dominant would act in such a manner.. Using a title to get pussy

Arianna and I had talked about bringing another submissive into the house, well that has not worked out for now and it may never happen, but if I wanted to I mean really wanted to I would bring someone in and just say deal with it she is here to stay. She knows this all to well, I don’t need to go behind her back..

I know I said I was going to change, but this Ashley Madison thing has got me busting out laughing , and to make this really funny , most of the profiles on Ashley’s site are fake. Most of the profiles that are up are fake and was put up by Madison employes…. So men who were cheating were paying on an average of 250.00 dollars..

So Ashley Madison said they had around 36.000.000 users which is incredible but from what Ive read it is more like 15.000.000 million and with our population around 320 million that is a lot of cheating fuckers. It also means there are a lot of stupid fuckers because half of the profiles were fake, and they were paying money trying to hookup and that person was fake…

My train of thought is that is way to much work to try and get some pussy. Then after you contact them it is a waiting game and no one is going to contact you back so you spend days , weeks and months repeating the same stupid.

Now all these people are pissed off because Ashley was hacked , but who were the ones giving their real name and credit card information? Who’s fault was it really?

I really do not get it… Maybe someone who is married and cheating can explain why?

dr_evil Am I understanding Ashley Madison was hacked?