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What Makes Her A Whore

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Even when I was younger and in school we would all gather in the bathroom to catch our morning smoke and a few guys would talk about the different whores or sluts in school.
The thing most women do not understand is no matter the age men still talk , and the talk is much more interesting because now we know what we are doing.
Just like in the 8th grade we had beverly who loved to fuck and then we had Jamie in the dugout after school and 5 of us were banging her. The smell of pussy was very strong , no love making just plain out animal fucking , sucking cock while being bent over. One thing now as I look back that was stupid we had no condoms and all five of us dumped our cum inside her. Days after we talked about how we wore her out and how she was walking funny . The thing is she did not mind all the talk , which I found interesting.

One thing that never changes though is it is never a girl who was fucked or a woman , it is always man I fucked that bitch so hard I almost broke her back , or dude that whore knows how to suck cock, man she is a dirty little slut. Makes me kinda wonder what the women talk is like , but I do know a little.

I have spoken before about how I use to drive a cab during events in Daytona Beach because you can make some mad money in a short length of time. My last spring break before Daytona fucked it up I made like 12.000 dollars in 60 days including race week and bike week. i called it stupid money because when people get drunk they get stupid throwing money everywhere , a 20 dollar cab ride and the dude throws you a 50 just fucking crazy.
Spring break was always fun I never turned on my radio , instead I just cruised up and down A1A picking up flags and for 12 hours it was never ending, fuck I hated when my shift ended.
One night I pulled up in front of a club called Razzels , Razzels is like a hip hop club , the cops are always sitting outside because of all the fights, but one night I slowly pulled up front and out came 5 girls from Mississippi flagging me down and when I got a close look at the one getting in the front seat , I was thinking holy mother of Jesus this bitch is fine half Asian and half American and a skirt so short when she sat in the front all I could see was purple panties.
Speed limit 35 mph and going 7 miles to their hotel which they paid a hefty price for, but the laughing and screaming , making out with each other in the back, talking about sucking cock in the bathroom and how their boyfriend would never find out.
While driving this girl in the front seat had one leg up on the dash and I am trying to watch where I am going and watching the mirror at the same time, then I hear a moan and I look to my right and this Asian chick is fingering herself and then taking her finger out and feeding it to one of the girls in the back, man fuck me with a chain saw. This shit went on for 60 days or so….

So what makes a woman a whore or even a slut ? Because she likes to fuck or suck cock ? Because she enjoys being single and not committing to a one on one relationship ? Because she enjoys multiple partners ?
If you think that then you have a very shallow simple mind. Your way of thinking is very self centered.

So if women who fuck more than one dude is a whore , why do men not fall into the same category? The male is not a whore he is a stud looking to put another notch in his belt.
I am not putting men down but most males have such a shallow mind and are driven by their cocks but there are two sides to every story , because some women can get pretty stupid as well.

So what is my definition of a true whore , or a slut ? It is really pretty simple most may disagree but I am good with that. I rag on men who cheat all the time but there are just as many women.

My definition of aw whore is a married woman who is out fucking while her husband is at work and her children are in school. She is not going to leave him because the one she is fucking cannot provide the security she has at home. She is not going to leave in fear of losing what she has and most of the time the guy she is fucking makes less than hubby.

So do you like playing Russian Roulette ? One bullet in a revolver just one and every time you fuck around you come home pick up your gun , spin the cylinder, put it up to your head and pull the trigger. That is what your playing every time you fuck around , because what you can catch today is a death sentence . It is not like it was in the 70’s when you would go and just get a shot, today you can die.

The prescription that will solve everything is communication , you may not think hubby will listen but he will , if you go to him in a calm way and give him an ultimatum , he will bend.
The bottom line is if your not happy leave , pack your bags , file for divorce and spend all that time dragging your kids through the mud, as well as your family.
Leaving is really the best option…

Remember life is based on two things. Choices and consequences



Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

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When out and about, and in my travels, I spend much time just observing. I like to try and figure other people out. I try and imagine what their life is like. What their demeanor is like, I just like trying to figure people out.

You can tell a lot from people when you just watch, I do this mostly while eating out, trying to read them, maybe my conclusions are correct, or maybe I am totally off base.

I was at a Chinese restaurant last night and a couple was sitting in front of me, the wife’s back to me, and her husband was facing me, I have no idea why I keep going back to this place the food really sucks.Anyway the man was doing all the talking, complaining about something she did, I did not catch the whole story. I could tell he drank a lot, his face was extremely red as with his nose, probably had been drinking for years. He was sitting there telling her how stupid and how he could not depend on her, he was just going to have to start doing things himself. She sat there not saying a word, I may be wrong, but I am going to guess the abuse reached far more than just verbal, just by her demeanor.

About a year ago I was in a Mexican restraint , I think Lyn was with me, anyway. The couple behind me, was in a heated argument, more so the man. I am thinking she was a mail order bride, maybe Filipino she did not speak English very well, this was his major complaint , telling her how stupid she was, how them getting married was a big mistake, how she was fucking his life up. Really are you serious? Now Filipinos can be a challenge. When you marry one, you marry the whole family, and that was an agreement that was made before you marry, so to speak. The average wage in the Philippines is about 150.00 dollars a month this is a teacher with a degree, and she will work, 50 to 60 hours a week. She she get married, now she wants to send her parents five times that amount. Wow.

Abuse like this happens all the time, the male is in total control, and she is at his mercy. Here all alone, no family and very few friends if any.

I told Lyn to go to the car I was going to pay the tab, and this dude was just going on and on, would not shut up. What is worse she probably did not understand half of what he was saying.

I walked up and I sat down at his table, and he looked at me in shock. He was a little skinny redneck looking dude, who had probably never had any pussy until he met her. A real pussy.

I said dude what are you doing?This is a true story by the way. Dude what are you doing? Really, really, your going to sit here and talk to her like that, what have you been married maybe six months?

I reached over and took his Jeff Gordan hat off and put it on my head, his bottom jaw almost dropped off. I said look Jeff, you married this girl, you knew she spoke hardly any english. You knew for the first year or so, you were going to be a babysitter. You are not going to sit hear and run off at the mouth, nor are you going to sit here and abuse her. I will take you outside and stomp a mud hole in your head. Now Daytona is really a small town. If I ever see you again, and she even looks like you have screamed at her I will whip your ass. I got up and started to walk out, and he wanted his hat back, I told him Walmart had them across the street of twelve bucks. What a piece of shit.

Here we go. American men tend to be verbally abusive as well as physical. A controlling issue. I am not saying all American me, so do not start getting all excited.

Asian men are far more abusive. In Korea the abuse runs far and deep, not only verbal but physical. Asian men tend to drink a lot,and  tend to stray when it comes to women. In Korea they are called Butterfly’s.

In the Philippines much the same. The one exception is, once married it is almost impossible to get a divorce. Thanks to the Catholic Church. So a man gets married has a couple of kids, and she wakes up one morning and discovers he is gone and has moved in with someone else who has no kids. Child support is not enforced, all though required.

There is a girl I am friends with who has two children, and not divorced we had talked about bringing her over, but it is not going to happen. I have a friend who is trying to marry a girl from Cebu, and has spent twenty thousand dollars so far, and she is still not divorced.

Middle Eastern men are far more demanding, most of the time, the abuse is just verbal, it very seldom grows to the point of being physical, but I am sure it does with some. If you are told to do something no matter how you do it, it is wrong, even if he told you to do it a certain way, and you followed his instructions , you still did it wrong.

Ahh BDSM abuse is alive and well. There are some who have not found the difference between being in control and being controlling. Thinking just because she wears a collar, he has the right to hit or slap, for any reason. Even if the abuse is not physical, verbal abuse is just as bad, and in the end can cause more damage, and it can take years to repair. How many times do you beat a puppy before it starts to cower to you, but still every time you call, it will cower but still come.

So The Dominant has a submissive or slave, who will basically do what ever she is told, within reason. Some will do anything to please. So you have a sub or slave who will spread at the snap of a finger, suck your cock at the snap of a finger, will let you tie them up, you can tell them how to dress, act, walk, sleep, cook, or even when to speak. Yet the Dominant still has the need to abuse, even when he does not see it as abuse.

You cannot give me one reason why two should argue, why two should disagree. The submissive is not going to say anything unless the dominant is going to do something stupid. Lets face it we as men we just do stupid shit sometimes it is in our blood. If we did not women would have no reason to just shake their head.

It took me years to get myself under control, and old Korean told me once, take a deep breath, and think before you speak. It works it really does, by the time you have followed that step, most of the time you have calmed down. Words can hurt way more than just knocking her down, or making threats.

The submissive should feel safe, be carefree, like a little girl skipping outside. She should not have to feel like she is walking on egg shells, or be in fear.

How a man could beat his partner, to the point she cannot hardly walk, then expect her to spread. It makes no sense.

Many women just not subs, hope there is change, they will stick it out. They have that small bit of hope, that maybe just maybe it will stop. The bad news is it never does, and it gets worse. Just ask Nicole Simpson.



This Bitch Is So Fucking Hot

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We all know I love Asian Women, I love Japanese porn . Although this movie has Mosaic it is still awesome. Japanese porn is getting better today, you can find more and more that is not censored.

Check out this hot Bitch.

Geishas and Whores

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I ran across an interesting Article I wanted to share.

by Guest Contributor (and regular commenter) Atlasien

Geisha cultists seriously disturb me.

Surprisingly enough, many of them are women. They love the geisha mystique, the tinge of nostalgia for a bygone era, the careful artifice, the idea of humans as living artwork.

I’ve enraged a few of them simply by dropping the “geishas are prostitutes” bomb. They tell me they know about Japan more than I do. I’m a lowly mixed-race Japanese-American. I don’t even speak Japanese. I’m pluralizing “geisha” wrong. I obviously have no respect for the traditions of my ancestors. Geisha = serious business. Ha!

Geisha are not very relevant in modern-day Japan. They’re a fossilized archetype, almost like ninja. If you asked a group of Japanese people the burning question, “are geisha prostitutes?” depending on region and generation, you would probably get a variety of answers: “that’s an insult, of course not!” “Well, it depends on your definition.” “Yes, they’re high-end prostitutes.” “I don’t really know.”

But a lot of people, especially white people, are invested in defending geisha, in putting them on a pedestal. And when they do that, it does harm to Japanese-American women and to all Asian-American women. Appropriation is almost too mild of a word. It’s not just theft, it’s domination. Imagine a young girl, on the verge of understanding herself as a sexual being, looking deeply in the mirror… and seeing her mirror image controlled by puppet masters.

I’ll try to explain further. The geisha figure is one end of a continuum of stereotypes of Asian woman sexuality. The continuum is inanimate. Other races have different sexual stereotypes: for example, “animalistic”. But Asian women are neither animal nor human. They’re inanimate things. They’re so passive that they barely even move. On the high end, they’re beautiful clockwork dolls, to be petted and treasured and collected and shown off. The most expensive ones can’t even be bought for money; instead, you have to win them through your superior knowledge of authentic Asian culture. On the low end, they’re doormats, sperm receptacles, happy ending massage girls, completely impersonal and interchangeable, existing for nothing more than a moment’s pleasure. Common sex jokes about Asian women concentrate on the idea that they have “stripped down” bodies — neat, efficient, even machine-like — and facial features that lack human expression.

It’s a fairly simple stereotype, and all this obfuscation about geisha unnecessarily complicates it.

I’ve also been accused of being prudish and anti-sexual when I say things like this, so I’ll try and explain where I’m coming from. I used to say I was a sex-positive feminist when I was young. I don’t call myself that anymore. The plain, pragmatic variety of feminism I was raised in always gave me clear benefits and made me a stronger person, but this new extra label I’d discovered never became as relevant in my day-to-day life. One reason was that I actually worked in the sex industry for a while, in a strip club, and thought it was a horrible environment. I still don’t believe in a unique, essential stigma attached to sex work, so I’ll say that while it was a horrible environment, there are plenty of others just as bad. I did notice there was very little barrier between work identity and life identity for most of the people in the industry. But then, that’s true of plenty of other jobs: bartenders, politicians and police, to name a few. I saw a lot of the strippers get sucked into insanely negative patterns of behavior, getting high on coke all the time, subsidizing parasitical boyfriends and spending what was left of their money on $100 purses the size of postage stamps. Others were instead sending all their money back to Eastern Europe and seemed deeply depressed about having to work there.

I was a cocktail waitress. My outfit, and the female bartenders’ outfit, was skimpy; it involved an ass-cape. We were all selling sex in some form.

While I’m not “sex-positive” I don’t reject all the theories, and I have sympathy with a lot of sex worker activism, so I do want to say this: lumping in all sex workers is bad, and so is splitting them all apart. It’s elitist and deeply nasty to say “I’m the nice clean expensive sex worker, not like those low-class dirty whores.” All human beings should be valued the same. But different people in the industry happen to have different experiences. I wouldn’t call myself a whore for working there, or claim that I know what it’s like for all sex workers, although I suppose I was on a kind of whore continuum.

One thing I noticed that while the environment at the strip club was pretty racist, it wasn’t any more racist than the racial hierarchies at the regular restaurants I was used to working in. And this brought up a question I still wonder about today. Do the actions of Asian-American women have any impact at all on our sexual stereotypes? Does it matter if we look or act whorish or geisha-ish or virginal or nonsexual or work in the sex industry or refuse to work in it? Or will the predominantly white media continue to import and circulate our images, reading into them whatever gets them off, regardless of our reality and our choices? The thought of such powerlessness is really sad.

Many white men (and to a lesser extent, other non-Asian men) have an obvious, direct sexual interest in controlling these images. In the case of Asian-American men it’s more complicated and involves interplay between assimilation and opposition stances, between race and sex, between power and powerlessness. For example, what’s the effect on the psyche of an Asian-American man consuming Asian woman fetish pornography designated for a white male audience? For any Asian-American, male or female, gay or straight, developing a healthy sexual self-image can be a horribly difficult battle.

But the weirdest piece has got to be white women. You would think they wouldn’t have a stake in this dynamic, but the most ardent geisha-worshippers seem to be white women who identify with geisha. They want to remake themselves into treasured objects. They want to steal a sexuality that’s already stolen. The project of arcane knowledge mastery, of transformation, of “becoming”, gives them sexual excitement.

If you think I’m making this stuff up, go to a website called then click on “About Us” then “The Face Behind.”

These women need to realize what they’re doing and who they’re hurting. They’re just as complicit as the anonymous man who shouts a pornographic joke at a young, vulnerable Asian-American girl. But we’re not real to them. Our images provide so much more satisfaction than our reality.

To make a long story short, call me a cranky prude and an inauthentic Japanese all you want, I don’t give a damn about geisha. If you’re sexually obsessed with them, hey, whatever, I’m not going to tell you how to run your sex life. But don’t pretend it’s some kind of noble homage. It gets you off. And you need to distinguish fantasy from reality. If shoes happen to be your thing, do you go to Payless, tell the clerks how to position the shoes and then start masturbating in front of them?

Own up to your fetish and at least try to be responsible about it.