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What Runs Through My Mind

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Here is a good question I was giving ….


mmm Sir … what a question. Keeping the words “no prescription” in mind and knowing each is an individual … but also keeping in mind human nature …
May i ask a question … when a Master, Sir, Daddy … play with their treasures … when they have pushed us so very hard … knowing we will do anything ours Lords desire …
HOW does that feel … for it cannot be “a free for all ” set of emotions.
What drives you to push us …
when you touch our skin and feel the results of our torments (that we so do enjoy and some that we do not enjoy at all) … what goes through your minds. Bearing in mind … each is unique … but keeping in mind base human nature …
Sir … may i ask this question ..
Sex is about me and only me this was made clear from the start. I told Arianna she would be for my use and my use only. Although there are those few exceptions when I decide to just play with her. I love fingering her ass , one maybe two or even three fingers once her ass loosens up. Having her lay on her stomach and reaching my arm around her waist so I can reach her clit while fingering her with my other hand.. I guess you can call me a romantic..
I do have a sadistic sexual side , I have changed over the years at one time it was all about pain sluts. Inflicting pain was my game , I loved the look in a slaves eyes when pushing her over the limit.
As I grew older I wanted to be in more control , there are very few sadist who are Doms or even Masters although there are a few but very few.
I grew to crave the control and making sure my needs were met. There is nothing that is giving everything is earned. I also have the right to take back anything that is giving and Arinanna knows this.
Knowing that I can do what ever I want when I want without question is a fucking rush. Walking up while Arianna is watching Tv and just shoving my cock in her mouth , the thought is a feeling like no other.
The power of in my mind that I own someone , knowing I can do what ever I want is a sense of power.
So many people when entering a relationship settle for less than what their needs require. Most settle for that moment and time only later to find out the relationship was a mistake. Instead of saying hey its not working we need to split this is when the cheating comes in..
Having your property tied spread eagle on the bed, blindfolded and gagged just standing back and looking and thinking man she is fair game. I can take any hole I want without question. That is the ultimate rush , I get chill bumps all over just thinking I own someone who has no desires but to please…

Spanking , Sucking Cock ,And Yea Baby Anal Sex

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My three favorite subjects.

A little bit of information about Arianna and I, Although we are TPE Master and Slave, in a no rights relationship, I am not into pain. The thing that many do not understand pain does not have to be part of the lifestyle, I am more into the Discipline part, structure,and protocols. Those three things are very important to me.

I am more into the control aspect of the relationship, and I am very fortunate to of found Arianna.

99% of the time if a man is successful in life it is because of his wife, because she was smart enough to put the home together,she was smart enough to save, she was smart enough to insure the family was taking care of.

The Slave or Submissive makes the Dominant, they make the Master. They give reason, they give drive,and I know everyday I give thanks.

I am thankful I have Arianna, I am thankful she is so compliant, I am thankful she allowed me to collar her, and become my property. I am thankful she is honest, and loyal. I am thankful she is so understanding. I am also thankful she understands my personality knowing there is a great chance I will embarrass her in public,because that is just me.

The sexual side of things, I am also thankful she really knows how to suck cock, I am thankful she knows how to use her pussy muscles, and I am thankful she has a nice ass. I hat to see Arianna leave but I love to watch her go. She has this awesome bubble butt. It also makes for more pleasure when I am up behind her fixing to slide my cock in.

Three things I require before entering a relationship, you suck cock, you swallow, and anal sex, if you say no to anyone of those three, our conversation is over, because I refuse to settle for less.

Now here is something interesting , if and when we add a sister to our home, I will not require those things. That way Arianna is giving something special if that makes since.

Arianna sleep nude every night, no clothes are allowed while she is in bed. Most of the time Arianna is nude while home. The first thing she does once home is shower, shave, and then I may allow clothes. If I do allow she has a slave dress she wears, there are two, I picked both out, and they are nothing pretty.

Female endorphins are released during play. It does not have to do anything with pain, just the erotic part of playing, the foreplay, fingering anal teasing.
The releasing of endorphins this is the process of reaching sub-space, again pain is not need to reach sub-space. It is the mind set between the two of you, how well your minds are acting as one.
Arianna gets goofy, she starts to ramble, talking and making no sense, other get numb and feel as though they are going to pass out, they have no control over their surroundings. Many believe pain is needed to reach Sub-Space but that is just not true. It is also true sub-space is not going to be reached every time.
Sub-space is mental and nothing more, this is the point and time you have truly giving your all because you feel comfortable enough being with your partner.

Spanking if done right and your partner is truly into erotic spanking you can have the endorphin release. just like sucking on her clit and she cums.

I was seeing a slave at one time who got off on needle play, and the look on her face was pure Ecstasy.
Now the way I learned how to do needle play was, yup on myself , I stuck several in me because I wanted to know what the feeling was like, all your doing is breaking the skin, there is little to no blood involved. From the first needle she was floating, and her body became limp, she had no clue to what was going on around her.

Spanking is the same thing, nerve endings, and if your partner is truly into spanking, again you have the endorphin release.

Bent over exposing herself, legs spread just a little for her pussy lips are exposed, as you stand behind her telling her not to fucking move, and you hand makes contact, with your hand cupped it makes the sound louder than it really is. I have found the use of baby oil, well if your into like special effects, it sounds louder than the slap really is. Switching from cheek to cheek, if you cup her pussy you can feel it getting wet.

Sucking cock, I see sucking cock as being submissive, many do not because to some it is just sucking cock. But being told how to do it, guiding their movements, I set the pace. your either just going to lay there sucking and french kissing my cock while its in your mouth, or ill put one hand on your chin and the other on your forehead and I will do all the work, from top to very bottom. Sometimes I want to cum and others I do not want to lose that moment, because well it just feels so fucking good.

I say Lube my cock, I hear Arianna say with my mouth or Lube. That is just fucking hot, there are no questions, no hesitation she knows what is next. Once lubed , my command is on hands and knees, she knows then to reach around and put a hand on each cheek and spread her ass open. Remember the Training?
Come on girl back up on it, I put my cock right at the entrence, come on girl back up on it, inching backwards hands still on ass cheeks, yea I am in, NASA we have landed.
I just sit there and wait, feeling her ass muscles grip my cock. I move her hands I reach up and grab a handful of hair, and I slowly start fucking. I let the head come almost all the way out, then back in.

At times I will instruct Arianna to get her vibrator because I am going to let her cum, while I am fucking her ass. sometimes I cum in her ass, but she is so beautiful, I love watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth, so once she cums I pull out I get on my back and I tell her to put her face to work.
Once finished and I pull her head up by her hair, it is a sign of beauty with all the slobber dripping from her mouth.

Then Arianna says in a very low voice. Thank You.


Can I Suck Your Dick

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My five favorite words, I have other favorites as well, but just being able to lay back and relax after a long hard day, to some slow head. It really does clear my mind, there is not a better feeling .

My eight favorite words are. Do you want to finish in my ass. Wow okay so I am a little off this am, and I am just blabbing random thoughts. I love sex I love everything about it. When I hear those words my comment was lube it up, the answer was with my mouth or lube, just mind blowing.

I am one lucky man, its kinda like direct TV video on demand, but mine is called Sex TV, sex on demand. It is even like having 3D, nothing but action. In the Florida room, the kitchen, living room, shower, and yes bedroom.

Imagine the word no is not in ones vocabulary,, or I do not feel good. I am not a total ass, because if Arianna is not feeling well, I pretty much just leave her alone.

In the bed Arianna is not allowed to wear anything. Yes I like the availability, crawl on top hit it and right back to sleep.

Lets face it you can truly tell when someone really cares about you. not in just a sexual way, but by conversation, the way your hugged, taking an interest in your likes and needs. Then yes sex, the willingness to please. If your partner is giving you head you can tell if they are really into it, just like if your being eating out, you can tell.

In a relationship sex is a huge tell tell, this is where you find out if one is selfish, just looking out for there kicks, or if they really care.

Sex should be exciting, fun, it should never be planned. Sex should be spontaneous, between a couple there should be no inhibitions. What goes on behind closed doors is just that, for your eyes only.

When you do ask if you can do anything or just want to please makes a huge impact on your relationship.



Using Sex As A Tool

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I have said in the past that BDSM has truly changed so much in the past 10 years or so, and for those of you who have been in the lifestyle any length of time knows exactly what I am talking about.

Sex is good, fucking is even better, making love I am not so sure I can even go there any longer, maybe the way I fuck is my way of making love. I have the need to be rough, spank while having sex, at times slap, or choke.  This is a need for me not a want. Maybe sometime ago something just clicked.

In today’s times more so the younger generation, when you bring up the word BDSM one or two things come to mind first abuse, second sex.  I think even more so the older generation is more out to judge. I truly do not understand why people judge something and they do not have a clue when it comes to a certain subject.

Don’t get me wrong I love sex, I love everything about sex.  There is nothing better that will relieve a stressful day, than taking a nice long hot shower, then laying back and enjoying some slow head, WOW.

I love anal sex, sometimes I do get carried away while in the doggy style position and I look down and I am thinking yea here we go, just one quick move and I am in, oops no lube. I do have a ass fetish that goes way beyond this world. I enjoy being rimmed and rimming, on my part I have to really be into you or be my partner. To me anal sex is total submission on the subs or slaves part. The most private thing one could possibly give, and in some cases humiliating.

I have noticed though that there are a lot of those who are submissive or a slave who think that the only way of pleasing their Dominant is by offering their body, be it a blow job or just being fucked. I think there is a huge misconception when it comes to a D’s or M’s relationship. I believe the sub or slave thinks sex is the main part of the relationship, when in fact in my eyes this is not true.

This is something I have been trying to break Arianna of. that although sex is good, it is not what serving means or being in service as a slave. Being in service should not just be about sex, communication, great conversation, just being there. Doing things you know your dominant likes or enjoys, sitting at my feet while watching TV. I suppose with every couple the situation is different.

Don’t get me wrong sex does play a part in any relationship. I think the knowing is more of a high, knowing I am able to get what I want when I want, no questions asked. That to me is a total rush, knowing I can just snap my fingers and BAM instant head. Knowing the word no or I cant never comes out of her mouth.

Arianna has a foot fetish, while watching TV she lays at my feet and services me, yes truly relaxing, but most of the time it does lead to a good fucking. Head I love head and I try to just lay there and enjoy, but all to often I just have to grab her by the head and start face fucking, yea pretty much uncontrollable.

I do enjoy being asked if there is anything she can do for me, again this is sexual. I am glad that she really cares enough to want to please.

This is a misconception when it comes to a D’s or M’s relationship, even more so if someone is new to the lifestyle, and their first dominant is just using them as a fuck toy. You can give a false impression and it seems like you in control and giving out rules, but at the end of the day they are just a piece of ass.


I do love this pic


Sex When I want It, And On My Terms

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I am not sure if sex is one of the advantages of being a Dominant has anything to do with this topic, but I hear a lot of vanilla guys talking about how their women cut them off, or they wont suck dick, and how their girlfriends refuse to have anal sex.

The truth be known many vanilla men are pussy’s. In many cases the female holds sex hostage, to use at their advantage, usually to get what they want. I remember hearing my aunt talking yo my uncle when I was very young, how he had better watch his mouth because it was not Thursday yet, which was payday for him. She may of been playing but now that I look back on it maybe she was serious. My uncle was an average looking guy nothing special. My aunt had always dated rich men she was catered to. My uncle was a union carpenter at that time he made like 14 an hr, back in the early 70’s I guess that was considered good money. I remember hearing my aunt saying how my uncle was not much to look at, but he treated her like a princess, but still she held sex hostage.

I got a lot of flake off of a post I wrote several months ago about how women were put here to serve.Well in most cases I still stand firm on my beliefs. There are those exceptions where the woman runs the house. There are those exceptions where the woman controls the man, and the man just bows down. I would imagine some are happy, but then again there are those men who lost their control early on, and had no idea how to regain it, or maybe just to afraid to grab their balls and step up to the plate, in fear of what? Yup not getting pussy, their weekly reward, get on and get off and leave me alone until next Thursday.

Some men just cower down like a beat puppy. This really in many ways makes me sick to my stomach , I cringe when I hear those almighty words YES DEAR. Wow really are you serious? Your really going to take that. Your going to put your head down turn around and run off to the little man cave she allows you to have so you are out of her hair. All because you are pussy whipped.

Those were the choices you made before getting married, or moving in with your girlfriend. I have a friend named matt, who lives with a girl, and he can only get on collarme or fetlife when she is not home. Now at one time he was a Daddy Dom or I thought he was, but like many people who are willing to settle for less until the next best thing comes along. So yea he is pussy whipped to the max, his penis runs his life. Matt is not allowed to come over to my house because his girlfriend thinks I am a bad influence on him. Me a bad influence on someone well it is possible I suppose.

Another friend Fred, I am not allowed over at his place anymore because of the same thing yea a bad influence. Fred pays a hooker 10.00 dollars twice a week to give him a blow job, I have never seen her but 10.00 bucks really, I can just imagine what she looks like. This has been going on for about five years same girl. Why? because his wife refuses to give head, or do anal, but he knew this before getting married.

So him and I are standing in the kitchen, I really hated going over to his place, they have 7 cats, and as many birds but the litter boxes are over running, the bird cages are dirty, and the smell is just well, like a land field. His wife stays home all day playing games on the computer. She does not cook very often, most of the time he picks up a pizza before coming home. So we are talking about this bitch he pays to suck his dick. He is paying roughly a thousand dollars a yr for head, plus keeping his wife up. That is just crazy, more so it is uncalled for. So I told him go in the living room drop your pants and tell her to give you head. Well her being the nosy bitch she is over heard me, here she comes running in the kitchen. Excuse me what did you say? I told fred to go in the living room drop his pants and tell you to give him head, if you did that he would not be paying a bitch to suck his dick. Okay she did not know about the hooker, my bad. He knew before he married the cow she did not suck dick or take it up the ass. He should man up and except his own stupidity. He made the choice he dug his own grave so suck it up.

We all know how I feel about infidelity ,I feel once in a relationship the two should remain monogamous, unless, and I do mean unless, the couple has made arrangements. The problem with cheating, you really do not know someone you just met, and the odds of taking something home are really great. How much guilt would that carry? Would your marriage be reparable ? Is it worth putting your family through such an ordeal when you get caught, because you will get caught, it is not how, it is when.. I have absolutely no respect for a dominant who steps out of his marriage because his wife wont take it up the ass. So he finds a bitch who will, knowing he will never leave his wife, kids and lose his home, on top of all the money he will end up paying out. Now the submissive is thinking different, and it will take about a year of ass fucking for her to figure that out.

A Dominant who is married, and steps out of his marriage is a punk ass pussy. Your a fake hiding behind a title you do not deserve. While you have some bitch tied to a bed, your loving wife is home cooking dinner and helping the kids with their home work. Fuck I get worked up over this bullshit. Your a pussy and I will tell you to your face.

Here is the thing, I have a friend who is a Dominant, he is seeing a married woman, he is married as well but separated. The married submissive can only have sex with her husband when she is given permission. Are you kidding me? Her husband puts food on the table, pays her bills, a roof over her head, and a car to drive, but she is not allowed to have sex with him. Get the fuck out. The same goes for a female if your not happy, cut the rope and get the fuck out, be who you need to be, you do not have to drag your whole family down with you.

Maybe being a Dominant and owner does have its advantages, but I have met other Dom’s who have the same problem, they are pussy whipped, the first time a submissive says no , the dominant blows up then he wants to exert his authority. I am your Master Bitch you will do as I say. Come on now you have heard it as well, or the Dom will start pouting, or even worse he will pull the guilt trip out of his box of tricks.

The word NO is not in Arianna’s vocabulary, the word NO never comes out of her mouth. I will admit she still does hesitate at somethings, but she is slowly learning , I have her best interest in mind.

Sex I love sex, I love to fuck, I love getting my dick sucked, I love eating pussy, and if I am really into you I will even rim. Last night I rubbed lotion on Arianna, maybe not a full massage but close. Then I just got the urge to go down on her, so down south I went, for a good ten minutes or so, just loving life. I did not want anything in return, I just love eating pussy. So without saying a word I pulled the covers down I opened her thighs and went to town, I did not ask or say a word. The same with getting head, if I am in the mood laying in bed, I will just grab her by her hair and pull her down to my cock.

Yesterday I got the urge to fuck, I told Arianna to strip and get on her back, she did as instructed, I crawled on top busted a nut, and got off of her, I was done. Now most of the time I spend a lot of time when it comes to sex, I love hearing and seeing a woman get off, so I try to make sure I take care of her, but at times it is just about me.

I run my house, I control my house, it is my way and only my way, no questions asked. This was the agreement we had before entering a relationship. Sex when I want, how I want, where I want, be it oral, pussy or anal, it is about me. If you settle for less, you will never be happy, and I refuse to end up being the cheating Dom having to rent a motel room. I refuse to pay for pussy.

Being a Dominant, a Master and owner means a great deal of responsibility, A Dominant should be able to give 100% and no less to his property. We must be available 24/7. Because if you are not, she will find someone who will be, it make take a little time but she will dump your sorry ass.

Sex is on my terms. Now if Arianna is not feeling well. I am considerate enough to wait. Again on my terms.

When out I do not dress Arianna like a slut, although she would wear what she was told to wear. When going out I instruct her on what she will be wearing. In the afternoon, I have clothes laid out, she knows to come in, pull her shoes off at the door, pick up her clothes and shower, no questions asked.

Arianna does not have options the only options are those I allow her. I do not talk much about our business, I generally just handle things, Arianna has enough on her plate now, so I do not bother her with the little stuff. The other day she asked about something, then she made the comment, well I guess it is on a need to know basis. My reply was your correct. If I feel I need to asked her for advice I will, but until then it is on a need to know.

Arianna comes first, no matter what. She knows she can wake me at 2am if she needs to, if she feels she needs to talk. She does however wake me to request to go to the bathroom, then permission to re-enter the bed. I am good with that. She was told early on about getting up or entering the bed.

Most would think our relationship is one way, but that is far from the course, most think my way of running a house is somewhat unorthodox , some think I am to strict. Well they do not pay my bills, nor does anyone put food on my table. How I run my house is my business. As long as Arianna is happy that is all that matters to me.

Arianna is by far the most compliant slave I have ever met. She enjoys task, she loves structure. She loves being limited to where she is allowed to sit. I do not believe Arianna could ever be replaced.

Sex on my terms, and only my terms. You guys need to think about those words instead of paying for a motel room, so you can have it on your terms. Go home to your wife.



My Love For Anal Sex

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Again to me anal sex is probably one of the most submissive acts a female can perform, the most private part of her body.

While it is a fact most women are not into anal sex, I hate to say but it is a requirement for me, not that it is a daily need, but the knowing, it is there for my taking when I want or I feel I have the need.

Ahhh now the lube part. At times I will use lube, but there are times when the sadistic feeling comes over me, and I just want to ass fuck, doggy style, grabbing a hand full of hair and pounding my way to china. If I give it thought while fucking, and the ass comes to mind, I keep a bottle of lube by the bed, and I will take a few seconds out and lube up.

I have talked about my ass fetish in the past, and it seems to grow daily. Tish / Arianna has an ass to kill for, yes while in bed my hand is there while sleeping.

My favorite position for anal sex is with the slave on her back pulled to the edge of the bed, legs pushed back, and just slid right in. This is also the most uncomfortable position for the female, but the other night I was not giving it much thought. The heat of the moment type thing.

Anal sex can be pleasurable for the female if done correctly , and one is willing to take the time for a little anal foreplay, and with the use of lube, anal sex can be very erotic. Just like foreplay playing with the pussy, it takes time to get excited and wet, well the ass is the same. While eating pussy I love to finger slowly slipping a finger in as deep as I can, then fingering the ass while going down.

I plan on getting into some enema play here very soon, which makes anal play not only more fun, but much cleaner as well. Safety always should be a factor when doing any type of what I call taboo play.

While I do agree that at times some anal training is needed, for those who have not had anal sex a lot or never have, but the dominant should always be present. If a sub/slave is just giving orders to perform anal training while a lone, once done it can leave an empty feeling. With the right amount of foreplay and lube no matter the size of the male if he takes his time it can feel good.

I just love a nice ass, and I have even walked up to complete strangers, meaning women and gave compliments on their ass. So far no one has been offended or maybe just to speechless to say anything.

I am going to order a couple of new butt plugs this week, Tish / Arianna wants to try and wear one at work, and slowly build up to an all day thing. So I will start off kinda of small, and I will use lube and will insert for her. I find this to be very arousing.




I do love a nice ass


True Or Fiction

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As I stood at the gate at OIA waiting , I was wondering what was going through her mind. I had not discussed anything that would take place. I am not one to share much of what is on my mind.

Meeting for the first time, both have expectations, you already know what each other likes and dislikes, The limits and the ones to be pushed.

As she exited the gate I saw she was wearing what she was instructed , a white button dress blouse, and a black skirt, that went below the knees. I walked up a greeted her. Very small, short black hair, no makeup, I like that. I stood behind her and place a small leather collar around her neck, I then attached a leash, and began to walk.

Once we reached the car I opened the trunk and she placed a small bag inside, I opened the door to let her in. Once in the car, she had been instructed to unbutton her blouse exposing her firm breast. I then reached down and pulled her skirt up and told her to remove her panties. Now her breast and pussy were exposed. The windows were down, it was fall, the weather was very nice.

We arrived at my home, I stopped at the front door and instructed her to stand at the door. I walked in and returned with a blindfold, and a pair of old civil war shackles I had bought just for this visit. I stood behind her, place the blindfold over her eyes. I then wrapped her eyes and blindfold with body tape, insuring it stayed in place, and no light would get through. I then took the leash and guided her to the bathroom, and told her to strip, once nude,I guided her into the shower, turned on the water and I started to bath her.

Once I was done I dried her off, and placed the cuffs on, her wrist then ankles. This is what I had been waiting for. I placed my hands on each shoulder, and pushed down instructing her to kneel. Once down I told her to open her mouth, and I inserted my cock. I began pumping slow at first, then I placed one hand on the top of her head , and one on her chin and I fucked her face as fast and hard as I possibly could, Until I shot my load down her throat.

A knock at the door, I grabbed the leash, walked her to the living room, I open the closet door placed her inside, I said sit, not a word, I closed the door, went to answer the front door, and it was two couples I had invited, both Master and Slave. We sat at the table must have been a couple of hours drinking coffee, talking about our week. Then it hit me, wow this bitch is still in the closet.

I excused myself, went to the closet, opened the door and I told her to stand, grabbing the leash, I guided her to the dining room and introduced my little Asian. I instructed her to hold her arms above her head, and to spread, with the shackles still on. I grabbed each breast telling my friends how firm and soft. I told her to turn around, I placed a hand on one ass cheek then the other, showing how firm her ass was. I guided her to the kitchen, and I took the body tape off then the blindfold. I told her how good she was doing, how she made me proud. Stand right there do not move. I left to return with a black leather hood, that had openings for the eyes nose and mouth. I placed it on her head. I had bought her a pair of 6 inch heels I gave them to her to put on. I showed her the coffee pot, where the cups were. I then told her to prepare five cups and bring them to us in the dinning room.

Once the coffee was served, I singled her to sit on my lap, and for her to place her arms around my neck. as we all sit there talking, my hand ran down to her tight pussy, which was very wet, and I whispered in her ear, your a dirty little whore. While we were talking I began to finger her, and pulling on her clit, Once I knew she was about to cum, I stopped. I whispered in her ear again, no no, this is not about you, this is about me.

As we sat talking, she whispered in my ear that she had to use the bathroom. I instructed to her ask for permission to speak, once granted then she may speak freely. I excused us and I took her by the leash and walked into the kitchen opened the backdoor and walked her outside, only wearing a hood, heels and shackles. Once in the yard she looked at me baffled. I looked at her and said go, you told me you had to go to the bathroom now go. Once she had finished, I walked her back in, opened the closet door, and placed her inside, I shut and locked the door and returned to the dinning room. Another couple of hours had passed, and my company was ready to go. Once they had left I went to shower.

I had prepared roast beef, mashed potato’s, gravy, and green beans. I went to the closet, unlocked the door, took her leash and guided her out. I removed the leather mask, and placed the blindfold back on along with the body tape.Guided her to the table and told her to kneel. I prepared my plate then her bowl, I placed my plate on the table, and handed her her bowl with not silverware , and instructed her to eat. While eating I was telling her she was in for an interesting weekend, I was going to do things she had only thought of .

Once we finished eating, and I allowed her to wash her hands, I went to the bedroom, and returned with a small bathrobe. I removed the shackles, and had her put it on. Now was my time to sit outside and relax. I poured me a drink, I took her leash and guided her outside sat her down in a chair across from me, and I told her to spread so I could admire her pussy. The evening was nice a little breeze, and you could hear the ocean, very relaxing.

A friend of mine walked up and asked how I was doing, and I replied well look at what I have, a toy for the week. With out thinking she closed her legs and I said not a word. After her had left, we walked back inside, I guided her to the bedroom. You have been a bad girl, no one told you to close your legs. It is very simple, you do as your told no more no less. I reached up and smacked her face, I said do you understand me, a small whisper, came from her mouth yes Vile.

I removed the shackles, and told her to place her hands at her side. I reached in my closet and grabbed some rope and I began tying her arms in a dragon sleeve behind her back. Once finished, I placed spreader bars on her ankles. I picked her up placing her at the foot of the bed, bending her over until her face was flat on the bed. I walked over to the table and picked up the lube, after I stripped I lubed my cock up and walked up behind her. placing my cock at the opening of her tight ass I slowly pushed in, Until I was as deep as I could possibly be, and I just held it, feeling her, her ass was tightening around my cock. I reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair, pulling her head back, and I began pumping her tight little Asian ass, telling her what a dirty little slut she was, how I enjoyed using her. Once I came inside her ass, I pulled out telling her not to move. I reached in my box and pulled out an anal plug,and I slowly inserted into her ass. Pulling her by her hair, I said stand. I then removed the spreader bars, and replaced with cuff’s. Walked her to my closet, and said it is bedtime. I reached in my box and pulled out my favorite toy, a butterfly vibrator, remote controlled. I placed it over her pussy, turned it on the make sure it was working.

I then placed her in the closet, sat her down, and I placed a blanket over her, and shut the door.. As I laid in bed I turned on the vibrator. I could hear it buzzing, and before I knew it little moans were coming from the closet. I could tell she was about to cum, and I shut it off.

The next morning I opened the door, and helped her stand, as I removed the sleeve, and cuff’s , I said you have five minutes to stretch. I prepared breakfast, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. This time I paced her bowl on the table, and instructed her to eat again no silverware.only her hands.

After she had finished I sat my food on the table, I like watching the news while I eat, I did not allow her to wash her hands yet and instructed her to get under the table, I pulled my cock out, grabbed her by her hair and said please me. While she sucked my cock I ate my breakfast. Just as I took the last bite I exploded in her mouth, telling her not to pull back.

I walked her to the shower turned on the water, and told her to take her anal plug out. Once out I began to bath her, her blindfold still in place I spread her legs so I could wash her pussy and ass. While washing, I told her we were going out for the day. We were going to Orlando to a Dungeon. I hoped she would like it.

Once showered I removed the blindfold, it took sometime for her eyes to adjust. Come on it is time to get dressed. I had bought a small black leather skirt, and a small black leather halter top, along with black heels, no panties or bra. After she was dressed, I bent her over lubed her ass, and fucked her again, I was thinking I still have not had her Asian pussy yet, but soon I shall. After I came again, I reinserted the anal plug, placed the collar and leash back on and walked out.

It took us about 45 minutes to reach the Dungeon, on the way not a word was spoken. Once there I opened her door took her by the leash, and walked her in, and began introducing her.

The first was the spanking bench my favorite, I bent her over cuffing her hands to the legs of the bench, then her ankles, I pulled her skirt up, and singled for a friend of mine to come over. I said when is the last time you have seen an ass like this, small firm, look at the way her pussy is puffed out. as we stood there talking, I poured a little baby oil in one hand, grabbing her hair with the other hand, pulling her hair back, first the right cheek, then the left, this went on for about 10 minutes, her Asian had turned a dark red, I un-cuffed her, and walked her over to the St Andrews cross. I had her back up to it and cuffed her arms, then her legs. I left her there and went to my car to retrieve my bad as everyone was looking at her, once back, I reached in my bag, and Pulled out two big black book binders I use for clips, I knelt down and grabbed one pussy lip and placed a binder on, then the other. Then I grabbed two more, I placed one on each nipple. I then took a small piece of rope, and laced it through each binder on her nipples, then down to her pussy lips, laced through each binder, pulling the rope tight, and tying  off. I walked over to the wall, and picked a eight pound flogger.

I walked over to her I liked this one because it had a swivel on the end, and I began rotating my wrist, until the flogger made contact, I started at her breast, and slowly moved down to her belly, the her pussy area. This went on for about fifteen minutes, she was completely red, and I could see small bruises popping up.Once I had enough, I un-cuffed her and walked her over to a cage, leaving the clamps on, I opened it, told her to kneel, Not a fucking word do not speak to anyone.

About an hour later I came back, opened threw her clothes in the cage and told her to dress leaving the clamps on.

Once in the car, back on I4 heading to the house, I told her to put her cock sucker to work, I made her undo my belt, and take my cock out, as she began sucking I pulled up next to a tractor trailer, and I honked my horn, causing him to look down. I grabbed her hair pushing her face down until I could feel her gagging, until I came deep in her throat.

I love Asian women. small petite. I can just pick up and carry around. Once back at the house, and the door was open I snapped my fingers and told her to go straight to the bedroom. Once inside, I blindfolded her again, this time using only body tape. I walked her over to the bed and instructed her to sit in the middle of the bed. I told her to put her hand behind her back, and I cuffed her. I then laid her back, taking out  a few pieces of rope, placing one around the back of her neck, I then told her to pay back, I took her left leg, and pushed it back until her calf met her thigh, I then tied her leg in place, taking the other end of the rope, I tied the other leg tight, so not both legs were spread wide. I stood at the end of the bed just looking and admiring her body. I could not believe this little whore was mine for a week.

I walked over to my bag and took out a ball gag, and the anal plug, I inserted the plug into her ass., I told her to open her cock sucker, and placed the ball gag on. I then crawled on top of her pushing my cock into her tight pussy, and began to pump her, whispering in her ear, what a dirty little slave she was, how everyone tonight was watching me use her at the dungeon,  after I dumped my load in her. I crawled off, and went and showered, leaving her tied up, I laid down and went to sleep, with her still tied.

What an awesome week..

True Or Fiction.



So I have this Smoking Hot Little Chinese Slave

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Over the past 8 months , I have been seriously looking for a partner, I have dated maybe 20 submissive’s, all but 4 or 5 I walked away shaking my head, wondering WTF.

A Slave from Chattanooga Tnn, Who’s words were fix me, very over weight for her size, in and out of the hospital because her sugar, goes through the roof, who would call or text maybe once a week. I am not a chaser, I have never been. Well she wants to be fixed on her terms, I have to be there for hands on..

Another was a slave who lives in Michigan, an older slave of color. which I had never really considered before. A year ago, I met a small teacher from Texas who would fly out and spend the weekend or a long weekend, but we never had sex. She just wanted to learn as much about BDSM as she could.

The slave from Michigan , would go weeks without any contact, no text no call. Her excuse was I was working. Really you cannot take 30 seconds to text to say hey how are you?

A few more I was interested, I had been talking to an older woman in orlando, who was pretty hot, a 45 yr old Goth. Goth chicks have always turned me on. At 45 with 3 adult kids and the oldest has his girlfriend living there as well. Yup she is the only one working. So why would you want to bring me into your mess? Why would I want to help support 4 people, who are not working.

As of now I have no stress or problems in my life, nor do I wish to indulge with anyone who does not have some type of control, of their surroundings.

I went to a BBQ Monday, and I wasted 2 hours of my life which I will never get back. I went only because a friend invited me, and once he saw how fucked up things were, and his chances of fucking the girl who live there were slim to none, this bitch pulls a fucking Casper the fucking Ghost.

So here I am, sitting with these what ever they are. I am not one to judge anyone, but sometimes you just do not fit in.

So the husband who is disable and draws a check, which is fine with me, if your disable, but he was asking me if I knew someone who was looking for someone who paid under the table. The wife who is divorcing him who does not work, and was dressed like Larry Bird with 5 kids, and her mother.

Well the husband left to pick up a friend, when he returned it was another female, where does she sit, yup right next to me, as she is sitting this huge burp comes out. So I am trying to have some type of conversation with the soon to be ex husband, but all I can get out of him is, hey man she is hitting on you.

She was trying to talk to me, she was explaining she was no dressed up because she rode her bike to the recycling place to sell her beer cans. I am thinking where is a bolt of lighting when you need it.

So anyway my little slave calls me, yup who is showing interest, so I get up walk away from the table, I am telling her how fucked up it is, and this drunk is hitting on me, we talk for a few minutes,steph is getting ready to go out with a friend, but she still continues to text for a while.

I ask if I can use the bathroom, and the wife tells me where in the house it is located. I go in and I cannot believe how dirty. I walk in the bathroom and there is a shitty diaper on the toilet lid. Well I can hold it.

Back outside the wife hands me a pen and paper, and wants my FB name, are you kidding me, standing behind me running her hands through my hair, fucking shoot me. So I keep avoiding her question, the drunk is wanting to come over to my house. rubbing against me asking me to dance. I have got to go.

I get up and say hey I need to find Al the friend who left me, I open the grill grab some chicken and bolt. Freedom.

I settle in, church is almost on WWE. I cook up some veggies reheat the chicken, jack and coke and I am set, I showered for like 25 minutes. in my pajamas on the bed here we go. A knock on the door, fuck so I get up answer it, Wow really its the drunk, fuck head Al told this bitch where I live.

Can I help you, well I thought you might want some company. I have this dead stare, thinking are you serious? So I say look I really appreciate the offer but I am seeing someone, and I am not one to mess around, but if I was single we could hang.

She asked where she was I stated in Orlando, her response was well I am here she is not. Well can you give me a ride to the store to get more beer. No I cannot, Ive been drinking myself, well can I have some of your jack. No you cannot. Look I really need to go, she just walks away , calling me a sorry mother fucker. Wow.

Anyway so I met this hot little girl, who is really awesome. She shows a lot of interest, text first thing when she wakes, calls every chance she gets. Although she has had a few online Dominants nothing face to face. She is really excited about meeting.

Very easy to talk to, the flow of the conversation is just so smooth, an awesome personality. Smart and beautiful. At 5 ‘3 125 smoking. More so who would of thought there is still a virgin left in the world. More so one to fall into my hands.

I put my truck in the shop yesterday because I fucked it up, it should be done this am, and I will go to Orlando and pick her up.

She is wanting to do a lot of hands on stuff, bondage and so on, but we are just going to talk, I am thinking, get to know each other more, go to my place for a little show her where I live, then ill take her to the beach, and just chill.

Right now she just wants to try anal sex, and oral, the pussy is off limits, and I respect that. Here is the deal, it is going to take me a while to even get to that part of the relationship. If you start of sexual, then that is what the relationship is based on.

Although pretty much of everything to her is an experiment I want to go slow with her, and teach what is right and what is wrong. What to look for in a Dom and what not to look for. I have the mindset already this is not something that will last, and I am sure steph, will agree.Although the truth is you never know.

Sunday we were talking and she wanted to try figging. I use ginger root as a form of punishment, I never spank when it comes time to punish. Spanking for play and punishment just does not mix.

So I told steph to wait on anal figging, being alone it could break off, a bitch to get out, so she tried it on her clit. It took about 5 minutes for it to really kick in, the noises coming from the phone was a Kodak moment . Somewhat of a masochist which I really like, but all of her experience has been self play, no hands on.

Do I want to fuck her, yes indeed, could I fuck her I could without question, will I today no.She does want anal bad , I believe anal sex is the most submissive act one can do. The most private part of the body.

I call her steph now she got kinda iffy when I used her first name so I agreed to change it. Steph has this tom boyish look about her that really makes her hot, more so I can actually talk to her, on pretty much any level.

Now the age thing, I am 49 she is 21, yea buddy. would this normally bother me, not a chance, this is somewhat different, maybe her back ground, or her up bringing.but to meet someone who does not have a ton of drama, someone you can communicate with, someone who is beyond smoking hot, with a body built for sin.Her ass is out of this world, wow. Not to mention the hot pics I get daily, which I do delete, I am not a pic collector.

I have posted pics here, of breast, but would never post anything that had someones face.

So anyway I hope my truck is done this am, and I will keep it updated..

Image The Dragon sleeve is the first thing she wants to try.


I love Butt Plugs

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I use Anal plugs as a form of play and punishment, and Humiliation. Just like Dildo’s Anal plugs come in many different shapes and sizes, many textures , soft gel, rubber, and hard, I prefer the inflatable butt plug.

Just like fisting it takes time and a lot of patience , I have never met a woman that could not be fisted, it may take several tries, but lube is the key, and no all lubes are not created equal. I myself like Wet, or Astro Glide, both will wash off with just a warm cloth.

Punishment, I have a couple of different methods I use, the first is a vegetable The almighty Ginger Root, if you use this one time, your submissive will not break a rule or act out, know the consequences.

If you have never played with or used ginger root, there is a lot of care and steps you have to take, the key word here is SAFE, always think safe. I have added a link, that will walk you through the process.

The bad news is, if your submissive is a Masochist, chances are she will enjoy, on the other hand if the submissive is not, she will pout for a couple of days, and walk funny.

If you use the ginger root as a form of punishment, once or twice, the submissive will walk a fine line. I like to always keep one in the Fridge, so that when she opens the door it is seen, and a reminder.. The proper term for using ginger root is called Figging. You do not have to insert very far, and for just a few seconds will do the job. Oh yes make sure the submissive is tied down, or you may have a Rodeo Fuck on your hands.


Before any anal play I use an enema, I use two, one to flush everything out, the second to clean. Anal play is meant to be clean play unless your into scat which I am not.


Image If you do not already have a kit, they are like 12 bucks. Always use warm water and add just a tad of dish soap, if you just use water the play will just be nasty.

If I am going out, I may use a butt plug as a form of punishment. I will insert prior to leaving the house, no panties of course, and the submissive will walk around for a determined amount of time, including going to the movies, out to eat. Always use lube before inserting, after about a 3 or 4 hours it will start to feel uncomfortable which is perfectly fine.

For public humiliation a plug is inserted, and I always make the submissive insert herself, and a vetry short skirt. I have done this, it was During Bike week here on a Saturday evening on main street in Daytona Beach. I would purposely drop my flyer, and have her bend over to pick it up for me..


I love the inflatable butt plugs, it allows the submissive to grow use to the different sizes. Also if used while fucking, she has never been so tightif you have a plug inserted in her ass… Lots of lube, then just pump like a BP cup. The inflatable plugs for one that will last you will need to shell out some cash. If you spend 15 or 20 dollars, you may get two or three uses out of it..

Image This can also be used to prep for fisting as well.

Have fun, I do enjoy ass play a lot…

Abusive Training

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To the new submissive this is a very common thing, many new to the lifestyle really has no clue what to expect from a new dominant. The submissive really has no idea about the lifestyle, only what they have read, and if you frequent chat rooms. I have not been in a chat room in years.

Every Dominant when it comes to training is different, their rules, protocols, and expectations of their submissive.Every Dominant has different needs, some are just about sex, while others are more interested in service, or both. Some want their subs to excel in life, while others hold back, and just use. So it is very important as you the submissive to find your click.

One thing I can tell you from experience, there are a lot of predators, those who seek out who they believe to be weak. Those who use, and toss aside, when done or they have grown bored. Then the search starts all over. One thing about a submissive, is when she has a bad experience most times she just wash’s her hands and moves on….

When I first meet a new submissive or slave, I want to spend a great deal of time getting to know her. Although sex may come up at times, that should not be the main topic of your conversations. You want to know how they think, what they like? what makes them happy, angry, foods they lie, movies, you get the drift.

Many Dominants will come off playing the Dom card. Hear me Roar, I am Master you are Bitch. While there are those who are true and sincere, those who truly want a relationship.

The two should take the time to learn each other, become friends, best friends, talk, laugh joke. These things are first and foremost. If you start out with a sexual relationship or if you live long distance you start out on a webcam putting on little shows. There is a very good chance your relationship is going no where fast. No real Dominant would even consider asking you the submissive to get naked on cam or masturbate on cam. If he does guess what he is just jacking off getting off at your expense, and he will grow tired, there is only so much you can do on cam.

One of the biggest jokes I have heard is how they are going to put their submissive through cock sucking training, anal training. Are you serious? Now while it is true not every sub or slave may be good at sucking cock, then the dominant can teach, but to come out and say training. This happens mostly on the first meet, and 99% of the time the submissive will comply, going to a motel on the first meeting. The Dom brings a small bag, which is always in the trunk of his car. Chances are he is married, if he wants to get a motel, and yes he will expect you to pay for half if not all. I am not saying this happens all the time, but in most cases the sub flips the bill. So in his bad, a little rope, maybe a dildo, or vibrator. Now think about this, would you want a toy used on you, that has been used on someone else. I would not think so. Maybe a pair of cuff’s, maybe some lube.

If you are seeing a Dominant and you are having a long distance relationship, do not think you are the only one he is seeing. I know many Doms , and no you are not the only one. He has several, on the side, but your going to think what you want, you have to find out on your own… A good Dom will always find a way to make time for his, no matter what.

Just be careful when first meeting, never session on the first meeting, never go to a motel on the first meeting. Ask why cant we go back to your place. If he gives an excuse then you know he is probably married.  It does not bother some women to see married men, just do not get any ideas he is going to leave his wife, he has the best of both worlds, his wife and a piece of ass on the side. More so if he has children and owns a home, he is not going to risk having to give up anything. If he is fucking around on his wife, he is fucking around on you.

Make a list, what you expect out of training, where you want to be in a year, five years, what goals you have, that is real training…