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We went out Monday Night , And I Fucked Her Brains Out

Posted in Arianna, Bar, bdsm, Finger fucking pussy, fucking, Fucking Missionary, pussy, sex, slave, Submission, sucking cock on December 18, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

Arianna likes going out, and every week we try a different place. There was this oyster bar I had been wanting to try. I knew she did not really feel like cooking we had both had a long week, so out we went.

Now Arianna loves to dress up, so she picked out this real short mini skirt that just barely covered her ass, pink leggings with stars on them and a gray sweater which is her favorite color. ahh and ankle high heel boots. I really could not wait to fuck her.

Once there we walked in, yea pretty much a dive bar, clean but just old. When I opened the door and we walked in it just go silent, you could of heard a pin drop, yea I like that.

I found a place to sit the waitress came up I told Arianna she could have a drink, she had to explain to the waitress several times what her drink was, it was a long island ice tea mixed with something else. Then we ordered wings and this burger platter that was suppose to be their take off of the Big Mac, I had to have it.

Arianna loves karaoke and we were hoping they had it , they do just not on Monday night. So we sat there talking first came the wings that is the way I ordered it, then once finished I wanted the rest brought out.

Arianna was saying she wished there was music so she got up and walked over to the jukebox and it got quite again, then she realized she had left her purse in the jeep and asked if she could go get the cash. As she walked back in these two men were walking out, and one said lordy girl something to that effect, and I am like really these dudes knew she was with me.  Wow some dudes.

So the Burgers came and yes they were awesome, Arianna had played sweet home alabama on the jukebox which is one of her favorite songs. So we ate, Arianna was feeling good, I paid the bill and we left.

Once on the road I asked Arianna what was on her mind, and she said your cock. She said I want to suck you, okay that is a good thought.

Once home I made her strip, and stand there so I could take her all in. I had her lay at the foot of the bed on her side, and I slipped my cock in her mouth and I touched her thigh and she knew to spread. She was going to town on my cock like she was starving, and I was pounding her pussy with two fingers, I love that wet noise.. Once I was rock hard I grabbed a handful of hair and I guided her up the bed, I layed down still holding her hair and guided her on top. I slipped my cock in and told her to ride. She has this way of rocking her hips and nothing else moves, drive me fucking nuts.

After ten minutes or so I grabbed her hair again and put her on her back and told her to spread, she was so fucking wet my cock kelp missing the hole, so I grabbed it and pushed it is as deep as I could and I told her to just lay there, I started out slow so I could get the feeling of the heat, the wetness, then I just started pounding her as hard as I could, she reached and pulled her legs way back so I could get all the way in.

I love pulling out and having her jack me off, that is hot and that is just what I did. When finished both of us were out of breath, what a fucking night.