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What I have Learned

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I learned about greed at an early age. I remember deer hunting at 14. I invited a friend, while hunting one early morning I shot a buck. We would clean right there on the spot because it was to hard getting the whole deer back home. As we were packing I noticed once we were through he had taking way more than half. That was the last invitation. I figured he needed it worse than I did so I said nothing.
Hunting was something I enjoyed it was my get away. I remember I would go squirrel hunting and I would take Mrs Wright my catch and she would cook squirrel dumplings for me.

I have learned that Drama is a cancer, and the only cure is to cut it off at the source. If you feed on their drama is just complicates your life.

I’ve learned that if people are to quick to help they have their own agenda.

I have learned once an abuser always an abuser, you are just wired that way, and there is no cure.

I have learned once a cheater always a cheater, yes you are just wired that way.

I have learned to keep my friendship base small. You cannot trust to many at one time, because all do not have good intentions.

I have learned that being confident you can get ahead in life.

I have learned you cannot live your life trying to be politically correct. If you live your life being politically correct you can never be yourself. In fact your life is a huge lie.

I have learned honesty is the best policy. You should never have to lie to get what you want.

I have learned religion is a huge farce. Religion is something people hide behind living off of false hopes.
Religion is nothing but greed, and it has brought down millions of people, and millions have been killed. Religion is greed and nothing more.
I am not saying there is no god, but I believe you can be right with the man in your own home.
People believe in order to be next to god you have to give money or your prayers will not be answered.

I Have learned the lifestyle has changed so much in the last ten years and abuse is running rapid. It is truly a shame how people can abuse and not have a care. To not have any compassion or care for someone’s well being. The explosion is due to the internet and like the drama it to is a cancer.

I have learned that greed now runs the world. Families are no longer families, they are more acquaintances, and they are there until you need something.

I have learned that if your partner will lay on her back and take what you give, she should be your only concern. Your partner should always come first no matter what.

In my eyes Arianna can walk on water, she is a true sign of perfection.

We spend to much time looking at faults, when really if you look at the good, and focus on the good, there are no faults. It took me years to learn to look for the good qualities.

I have learned there is no end to submission. If your submissive or slave is treated with respect, the submission will grow.

I have learned our community is no longer as close as we once were, and I find this to be alarming. We no longer look out for the ones who need guidance , advice, or may just need a push in the right direction, everything now comes with a price.

I will be your mentor but your going to suck my cock, or your going to fuck me, but I will help you. That is very unfortunate that we have gone in that direction.

At one time I had the complete set of the native American dawes rolls, and yes that is the truth. I would help people obtain their cards from the different tribes.
The thing is once I explained the steps I needed from them it was to much work.
Everything we do in life consist of one word. Effort.

I have learned real love is almost impossible to come by today. It seems most have their own agenda. When things go wrong it is easier to just pack up and leave.

I have learned drug abuse is no longer a habit that was once known to be part of the poor population. Our country has a huge prescription addiction problem.

Everything I have stated above also consist of one word. Greed

I have learned there are those who want what others have. Those who want to destroy homes, take away what someone else has built, but in the end they lose, and they lose everything, expecting others to feel sorry for them.

A man will destroy his home, and family over a little pussy, with no guilt or regrets.

Yes all of the above consist of one word as well.




What Is A Good Dominant

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You know while it is not written anywhere Dominants do have what is called a code of Honor.

At one time what set us apart were the strict protocols that were put in place, and there was a time not only did those who were slaves and submissive followed them, but Dominants did as well.

In the lifestyle we were held to higher standards , because well not only was it expected, but we were leaders. Sometime ago it took a very long time for a Dominant to become recognized within the community, it was not a title that was just giving out or a title someone could claim. As a Matter of fact many were not accepted in the local community just because of who they were and what they stood for.
So yes there was a time when protocol’s were indeed protocol’s and they were followed.

Then the internet boom, all of this information was online and available , and just as with anything you read you can take parts of this and parts of that, and come up with your own ideas.

Then somewhere along the line what we believed in and what we stood for began to fade away. Protocols were being lost in the pile of confusion.

While at a local MAsT several months ago this topic came up and as I was speaking about how things use to be another Dominant stepped in.

He stated you had to let others in who did not believe in the same protocols, rules. His thoughts were you had to let everyone in because if you did not you would have no one to lead.
So then we have to bend our rules, we have to set our protocols aside, we have to let others criticize the way we live and what we stand for.
While I do agree to a point everyone should be allowed to come to MAsT meetings, I also believe they should have to adhere to our rules and protocols, if they cannot do that, show them the door.
I would rather lead a 100 strong into battle than a 1000 blind.

Okay where am I going with this you might be asking ?

What I can say is today there are those who are fake who would never think of going to a MAsT or a munch because they know they would be called out. There would be people who are able to see through the fake wall you have built, and for the most you would be ignored.

There are things that do not mix in the lifestyle , whether you are a Dominant or you just gave yourself the title.

There is no place for anger, if you have anger issues you are not a real Dominant.
There is no place for Alcohol during play, if you drink you can hurt someone, and hurt someone bad. I have met very few Dominants over the years who have had a drinking problem. So if you have a drinking problem and you cannot control your alcohol you have no place within the lifestyle.

Last year we were at a party and another Dominant asked me if he could session with Arianna. It took me a minute to digest what he had to said, but what really got me is he had been drinking.
I explained that I did not share my property and if I did I would not because he had been drinking.

Married Dominants or single Dominants who have this idea about going after married women.

If you re married and you have to cheat on your wife because your needs are not being met, then do what a real Dominant would do, Leave. Pack your things up file for divorce and leave. Why wreck someone’s life because your little kinks are not being met.
You knew before you got married, she did not take it up the ass, you knew she did not swallow, you knew she was not submissive. You knew all of this ahead of time. To bring someone into your mess is not fair. To lie or mislead someone is dead wrong. What you have done is wasted that much time of their life.

Find you own woman, your own submissive, there is no shortage, and if you find a married woman who will fuck around on her husband, guess what? She will fuck around on you as well.
Just like the Dominant who fucks around on his wife, he will fuck around on you in time. Please do not think you suck cock that good, or your pussy is any different because it is not.

I do not like women who are weak, I am not a rescuer , I do not roll like that. I like the challenge , I love the hunt, then you move in for the kill.
I wanted the best, I wanted the woman who would not normally give me the time of day.
One thing that is for sure I never wanted another mans problems.
If you have the need to wreck someone’s home no matter how bad it is, and believe me if it was that bad they would already be gone.
You my friend are no Dominant, you are not now and you never will be.

A Dominant is a leader, a Dominant is someone who is in full control of their life. This is just no my opinion either. A Dominant accepts responsibility but more important admits when he is wrong. A real Dominant would never step between someone and their family.

I don’t want your wife, who is already fucked up in the head with her own problems. I don’t want your girlfriend, if the pussy is that easy to get, why would I want it?

I got game, I do for those of you who have been lucky enough to see Arianna, I got game.
I had to be able to back up my words, if I was going to play the game, I had to know the rules. I had to walk the walk and talk the talk. I got game
I would never stoop so low as to try and take another mans wife, more so if children are involved. They did not ask to be brought into your fucked up world, how fucking pathetic is that.

I can talk shit because I am living the dream. I have what you fake Dominant only dream about.
Yes I have what you never will.

While this blog or post is not about anyone in particular, I am sure many can relate to my words.

If your a Dominant then be one.


As Always


Okay So Your In A Bad Relationship.

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We have all been there, fuck I have even been in some fucked up relationships with women I even liked. Sometimes we are better left as friends than trying to make a relationship work.

I have been in relationships I knew where not going to work, but I stayed because it was convenient at the time. If your in such a relationship you have to know in your mind when it is time to go, cut your loss’s and get the fuck out.

Sometimes we enter relationships just for the security, knowing someone is there. Sometimes we need that interaction, we need company, so we settle for less.

Then sometimes we enter relationships that start off good, and everything seems to be flowing in a good direction, then it is like you hit a brick wall, and your like what the fuck just happened.

So you let things get to what the fuck happened ? How do you fix this ? You talk and you talk and you talk, but things are just going from bad to fuck me.

Abuse does not have to be physical, no no no abuse comes in many different forms. It can be verbal, it can be mental, mental is the worst because you never know what to expect, just like physical you never know when he is going to knock the fuck out of you.

Mental abuse stays with you, more so than physical. A black eye will go away, the words you stupid bitch will not.

so now you have to figure out what your going to do, you have to figure out how your going to fix something you did not even break. What is your time line ?

How long are you going to stick around hoping things will get better? 6 Months ? a year ? 2 years ? Maybe your just so insecure you want to leave but you cant ? Last maybe you get off on the abuse but you don’t know it. Maybe you get off on the humiliation and you don’t know it, and I am sure that happens.

It is easy to replace a dumbass , as a matter of fact you can replace a dumbass in less than a week.

To replace a dumbass with someone who is really going to be there for you, respect you, understand you, someone who wants to understand you. Someone who cares about your feelings and needs, you get the picture. That type of relationship will take some time.

You can pretend the stupid will go away, but the truth is, once the stupid kicks in, it just loses all control, and you cannot stop it.

You are never stuck, there is always an out, there will always be someplace you can go. You are never stuck.

I have a very dear friend who is in such a relationship, her Boyfriend is mentally abusive. Everyday there is something, they never go a day without fighting.

Let me tell you what I did. I gave them a place to live when they had no place to go, I put a roof over their head. They did pay rent once they got on their feet, but I knew from the beginning he was some kind of stupid. He was in trouble running from the police, active warrants , and still today he is wanted, but Vile kept his mouth shut.

K I will call her is very sick, more so physically but she has some mental issues as well, but now she is on meds.
She has no medical insurance , so I walked her through the steps to get the things she needed, I will also add her Boyfriend played no part in anything.

I knew she had to get counseling I helped her with that and I made sure she went. She is very sick physically a lot of problems going on.
She is not able to work, I helped her get her disability , and last week she received her first check for 2100 dollars and a check for 16.000 is on the way.

How much did Vile take from K ? None, nothing money did not even cross my mind, that is hers.
I also agreed to be her payee, because her BF cannot be, because he is a felon. Because he did something stupid and he is not willing to man up. Shrugs.

So I am not looking to gain anything, the satisfaction I got was seeing her improve, making sure she got the help she deserved.

The few things I stressed was, to be honest at all times, tell the truth, do everything by the book, and never give up. If you follow those steps nothing will ever go wrong. There may be a few obstacles you run into, but you stay on track and good things will come.

K will have to make up her mind here pretty soon as far as what she is going to do to make her environment better, because in life there are always options.

What can your partner do for you, I am not talking about money, or maybe that is the way you roll, maybe money runs your life, maybe money makes you feel better, but you can be rich and still be poor.
How is your partner there for you, are they walking the same path as you are?
Are they devoting as much time as you need?
Are they communicating with you on a regular basis?
Are they showing on a daily basis they need you?
Are they showing you they understand you?
There are many factors that come into play..

If your waking up miserable on a daily basis, or your arguing on a daily basis, then sometimes you just have to say fuck it and throw in the towel. It does hurt and will probably hurt for a long time, but do not go down with a sinking ship if it was not your fault, and you had no hand in it sinking.

You can be a submissive in the same situation as well, again you have to decide how much time you want to waste …. Because the longer you wait it out the more your going to miss out on. Just saying..

The one thing you have to remember, most of our problems are self inflicting, so for the most we are in control of our own life



Asking To Be Released

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You as a slave enter a relationship in hopes of being accepted for who you are, and are promised your needs would be met. It is very important when entering a new relationship that you be upfront about everything, and what you expect out of the relationship. Where you want to be in a month, three months a year and so on.

When you first meet a new Dominant you should take great care with the amount of information you give. You do not want to spill your whole life out on the table over your first meeting. Somethings are meant to be private until you really feel like you are truly getting to know someone.

Information such as a abusive childhood, maybe you suffer from depression, maybe you were raped. So the information you share is very important but on a need to know basis.

I am not sure what the reason is but most slaves just want to sit down and open their book of life when they first meet someone new. This could really have a bad effect on the new Dominant. One being to much information, he could prey on what weaknesses you have shared, or two it could be to over whelming, and he is thinking man fuck all of this.

Another thing that really bothers me is a lot of slaves think they have to fuck on their first meeting, maybe trying to prove their submission, or the willingness to please. This is so far from the truth, you just need to be you, be the person you are. No one can make you submit until you are ready.

In the vanilla world when you meet someone , you spend time getting to know each other, you talk on the phone, go out to eat, the movies. So why would you think a D’s or M’s relationship is any different.

BDSM is not about sex . BDSM is not about you having to spread to prove who and what you are. BONDAGE DISCIPLINE SADO, AND MASOCHISM. No where in those four words does it say you have to spread or get on your knees.

In those four words the key word is Discipline , most do not fall under the last two words at all. So lets put the Bondage and Discipline together , again it does not say anything about sucking cock.

You the Slave are really looking for very little out of a relationship. Your looking for security, someone who will take care of your needs, someone who cares about your thoughts, your emotions, and someone who understands you. Your looking for structure in your life, your looking for stability in your life, and most of all your looking for someone who is not abusive, and someone who is in full control.

A Dominant is in full control of his life public and private. We set the standards and like me my standards are very high. You should avoid the Dominant who is full of drama, the dominant who cannot control his anger, the dominant who cannot control his emotions, and then the dominant with the ex problems.  A Dominant leads by example, that is how our respect is earned our respect is earned by all of the above I have mentioned.

I understand where a submissive or slave is coming from more so from those who are single. Most slaves are very needy, and being needy does not make you weak. The needy factor is a natural feeling, but you need to learn how to control those feelings until you are sure you are with the right one.

I myself prefer someone who is needy, someone who is depends on me. I am an attention hound. I like being the center of attention. Most Dominants I believe prefer someone who is needy, someone who is open, and someone who is able to communicate.

We are all different, we all have different needs. You notice I have not said anything about wants. I could careless about your wants because if your needs are met, and met on a daily basis guess what ? You do not have any wants.

I am far from perfect and I will admit I do make mistakes, but any mistake I make is far and few between. I think on a rational level, I look at both the choices and consequences. I look at every angel and everything that could go right or wrong, then I make a decision on my next move.

You as a slave have rights, you as a submissive has rights. You have the right to make demands if your needs are not being met. You have the right to speak up. Because if you do not speak up, you will spend the majority of your time on your knees or on your back.

Why am I sharing all of this information with you? Because I myself have been there, I have used, I have played on emotions just to get my dick sucked. I have played on emotions just to get some pussy and it is not very hard. I got what I wanted washed my hands and walked out. So now I am trying to make things right, in my own way I suppose. Emotions that is a very powerful weapon that can and will be used against you and any problems you have shared, a very powerful tool.

The Collar, the collar is to me very symbolic it has more of a meaning that a wedding ring. Accepting a collar you are submitting , you are giving yourself as a whole. So you have to have a clear understanding of what you are doing and what you are going to be giving up.

It is very important to ask questions, if your answer is not clear ask the same question in a different format, until you get the answer you need. You need to have a clear understanding where your new Dominant is coming from, because if you do not ask, and down the road you now have questions it could be to late because he is not going to change. I myself would never change.

If you are made promises from the beginning , you are explained how the relationship is going to work and what is expected, what your role is going to be then you need to make sure that path is followed. A Dominant cannot change rules midstream to fit his needs or wants.

You have the right to ask to be released, and you explain why your asking, and also explain that the relationship is not what was promised from the beginning.

Then comes the guilt trip, now everything is going to fall on your plate, it is your fault the relationship did not work. You are not a true submissive or slave. The relationship fell apart because of you and only you.

Well that statement could be true, but who was the one in charge? who was the one who was suppose to be in full control ? Who was the one who wanted to lead and you follow ? Who was the one who promised your needs would be met no matter what ? Because your relationship ends does not mean it was your fault.

If a man is abusive and he hits you, he is going to promise never to do it again, but he will, again and again and again, but he will continue to promise and he will promise to change.

Do not let yourself be abused, be it mental or physical.

If you are told one thing and down the road the Dominant wants to change things up. Lets say he told you he wanted a one on one relationship. Now he comes up and says I would like to have a threesome or even move someone else in. This is not what you were told from the start. In my eyes this is something that was planned all along, just waiting for the right moment. You have the right to refuse. Your goal is to always be number one, in my eyes anyway. If the topic of moving someone else in he had better have a good explanation as to why,and why he thinks it is needed. I believe most slaves do not want to share but do so just to please. I would not want that kind of guilt on me.

Shrugs just my thoughts and opinion.



Let Me Tell You Ladies Something

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Warning Signs Of A Fake Dominant.

I am not or was not just speaking out of my ass, I have been there. I am not saying I was a fake, but I learned at a very young age how to manipulate the system, meaning how to get into a submissive’s head. That is what it is all about to begin with the Dominant being able to get into ones head. If he cannot do that he cannot control. It is you the submissive who allows this.

Yes I am guilty of a lot of messed up things. The hunt was exciting, the kill was a total rush. I was not looking for love I had one thing on my mind and that was getting my cock sucked and pussy nothing more. As I grew older it was not until my early 30’s I realized I wanted more. I had to find the one. It was then I found out the hunt was not as easy because this time I had a goal. I needed more so I had to be more selective in my search. I had three long term relationships all three were slaves. One after almost seven years her mother grew ill and she moved back to Korea. the second was my fault because I lost control, because I let my feelings get in the way. Now the love of my life Arianna

Everything I am going to tell you is the truth I have nothing to gain from misleading you

I am speaking as a man from past experience’s . So now what I am trying to do is make things right, give good valuable advice, if you listen you listen if you don’t well I tried.

Beware of the closet Dom, he is ego driven, nothing more. He will lead you down a path of total destruction and never look back, and when he is done he will wash his hands and move on.

BDSM is not about SEX. BDSM is not about SUCKING COCK or Laying on your back. BDSM is a relationship where the two form a bond that cannot be broken, BDSM is about communication and open communication. You as a submissive should be able to express your feelings with out being judged or talked down to.

So when first meeting you only give out information you think you need to, nothing to private, no problems, if you suffer from depression or anything else that should not be brought up, for sometime. This is ammunition that can and will be used against you. This is how a closet Dom gets in your head he preys on your problems. He will tell you trust me I will make everything alright. I can and want to help you. I am here for you.  Listen because if you think this has happened to you before.

What makes one a Dominant ? What makes one a Master ? these are questions you should ask. If you think of a question then ask, do not be afraid to ask in fear of ruining a date, because if you do not ask he will not volunteer any information.

You need to have a plan put in place a list of questions, and make sure all questions are answered. If he seems like he is getting a little agitated then something is wrong. You the submissive is conducting the interview.

If you did not fuck on your first date, why would you think you would on the first meeting with a potential Dom. To prove your submissive ? Fucking or sucking cock on the first date does not prove anything . At this point he is already halfway through the hunt.

A huge red flag if the Dominant talks about a collar on the first meeting. In my eyes it really takes about six to eight months before someone should ever consider offering a collar. A collar is earned , a collar is just not giving out. Would you marry a man on your first date? I would not think so. If not why would you just be willing to hand over complete control of your life ?

Passwords is another huge flag. Although I do have access to Arianna’s phone I to this day have none of her passwords. Why is this, for one I am not ego driven, and two I trust her. It is not to say that one day I may have her log into her email , because I have that right and she knows it. Your passwords are just that yours. Even in a D’s or M’s relationship we still need some privacy. If he gets angry because you do not wish to share, then just walk away.

You have to be best friends, you have to enjoy being around each other. Going out and doing things together, laughing and joking. You cannot be Master and Slave 24/7 it just does not happen that way, although you are always in that frame of mind.

If you find out your spending more time on your knees and in the sitting position then guess what ? You have been had, you are just another victim another notch in his belt.

We all want the same thing out of life. A partner we can depend on, someone we can let all of out inhibitions flow away. We want to be able to share everything,but more so we want to know we are loved.

You do not have to spread your legs to prove your submission, you do not have to suck cock to prove your submission. You do not have to clean his house to prove your submission. You prove your submission by being who you are.

To allow someone to take you to a motel on the first meeting, that is just insane. We are human not cats we only have one life and to give that life up to try and prove your submissive is just plain crazy.

If you get with a Dom who is not experienced and he is into impact play you can really get fucked up. Even rope bondage you can get hurt if your not tied correctly. You can hurt muscles and damage tendons that is a fact. Impact play if you can lose a kidney if you are hit to high. Your tail bone can be broken. You can get hurt, and your not going to tell anyone how it happen due to the humiliation.

I said this yesterday once you are tied down spread eagle, blindfolded and gagged you are fair game. He can do anything to you he wants, and you will get hurt, or worse. Do not play with your life, you have nothing to prove.



You as a submissive or slave has rights, you not only have to agree to a Doms terms but he has to agree to yours as well. You do not have to submit until the Dom has agreed to your terms and your rules.

Number one, you should know where he works. You should have his phone number and have the abilty to call when ever you have the need . You should have the ability to text when you have the need and expect a reply in a timely manner. A timely manner is not the next day. You should have his address to where he lives and the ability to see him when you have the need. He should be willing to introduce you to his friends and co-workers. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do not ever let a Dom tell you what you are going to wear on the first meeting. Most women would not feel comfortable wearing a short skirt with no panties meeting a total stranger

I Have No Respect For Married Dominants

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I have posted about this before, it just really gets to me I think Married Dominants are nothing but mere cowards.

I have a very dear friend who was seeing a married Dominant who is now in the hospital, at the hands of his wife, after being beat with a baseball bat. Now she did not know he was married until she got out of the car at home after leaving the motel.

The married Dominant knew when you took your vows, for better or worse, that your new loving bride was not into BDSM, you knew she did not suck dick, or took it up the ass.. So instead you hunt for another bitch that will fill your wants, and  your control issues.

What really pisses me off is every time I post something about some dick who is married, he does not have the balls to say anything, or can give a rational reason why he has to step out on his wife and children while they wait at home for daddy.

You the submissive, or slave, never get a Christmas, birthday, Easter, vacations nothing. You have to settle for an over night stay at the motel 6. and most of the time the subs pays half, because the Weak Dominant cannot afford to pay on his own, because he still has a family to support.

So we have a mother of two, who is in ICU because the Married Dom did not have the guts to come clean with his vanilla bride, who cleans his house, cooks dinner, works, takes care of the kids, and spreads from time to time. What a piece of shit.

My hat goes off to Who had the balls to come clean about his lifestyle. Who divorced his wife because she could not be what he needed. JD is the first besides myself in twenty years to have enough balls. To stand up and say this is who I am and I cannot change.

When I divorced I owned a 250.000 dollar house on the beach. After my divorce I walked out of my house with a fucking duffel bag, and a beat up pickup truck. I lost a 1957 chevy, a 1976 Fiat Spider, a 1962 Corvette. Oh and 50K in cash I had to fork over. I lost all of my possessions. In the end I was happy, I could now be who I was and needed to be.

Not one of you married Dominants can give me a justified reason why you have to cheat, or if your not happy to get a divorce. Do not say it is for the children, I had a child and Lion has two.

If you think for one minute you will not get caught you will, no matter how slick you are, or sneaky you will get caught. Then your going to put the blame on your wife because she wont suck dick.

You are a disgrace to the Community, and you want some bitch to call you master. The first words out of your mouth is TRUST , ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. Then you want the sub to follow your rules when you cannot even follow your own.

Why don’t you all stand up and be the man you say you are. You married the one, suck it up, it was your mistake, but your willing to take a chance and when you get caught you bring your whole family down.

There are exceptions, there are those who know. There are those who are poly and are willing to except other partners. To each their own, I do not share my pussy is just that my pussy.

Now you turn the table, and I have seen it before, if your wife was spreading for another man you the almighty dominant would come unglued you would have a fucking heart attack, you would beat the mans ass. For what fucking your wife.

Before I entered a relationship with Tish I made it perfectly clear what my needs were, I put all my cards on the table, she agreed, and I agreed to meet her needs. The fact is, I am here for her 24/7. I am available no matter what. I have no need to look somewhere else, I get everything I need from one.

Be a real Dominant , be who you say you are.

Get a fucking life.


A Slaves Trust

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When a Slave first meets a new Dominant, she is at her most vulnerable time. The slave has much they want to share. They want the new Dominant to know everything about them, they have the need to open up. The Slave wants you to open their book, and read every page of their life. The Slave wants you the new dominant to except the good, the bad, and even the mistakes they have made. The Slave spills their heart out, lays everything right in front of you.

Can you even imagine, how a Slave must feel after sharing every detail about their life, and the pause, and silence waiting on an answer how they must feel. The slave has no idea how the New Dominant is going to react, or what his answer may be. If the dominant is going to get up and walk away, or will he simply except the slave for who they are.

A slave shares details about their life, they have not told family or friends, laying all their cards out on the table, looking for acceptance. acceptance is need , it is a must. I can imagine how their heart must be racing. Waiting on those words. I understand.

If anyone has met a slave or submissive that did not come with any baggage, I would like to meet them. We dominants offer our hand, we can make everything alright, or so we think. At times the road is a bumpy ride, at times with the right amount of patients it is smooth.

The relief a slave must feel after spilling her heart, and knowing you the dominant has excepted her for who she is, the mistakes one has made, the needs. The slave is now starting off with a clean slate.

Then the breakup, it happens. Whose fault is it, the Doms, the slaves? Does it really matter?

This does not give us the right, to use what was intrusted to us, to use what was shared as ammunition. We as dominants are suppose to be better than that. We are held to higher standards. After all we excepted the slave for who they are, not what they did.

These past few days I have read some emails that has just blown me away. Emails from a dominant with twenty years experience. I have never seen anything like it. I could not imagine myself stooping so low, trying to verbally dismember someone. To break what little was built up

When a slave meets her first dominant, it is seldom permanent , the slave is deep in love.The slave has found the one. That is the slaves intentions anyway. The fact is a slave seldom stays with her first. Six months a year maybe. Any dominant who has been in the lifestyle any length of times knows this as well. Now there are exceptions, I know a Master and Slave who have been together for 25 years or longer right out of high school. So it does happen.

So I have been able to take a bad situation, and turn it around. After a couple of days o nasty emails. We are now being civil. Speaking of Tish’s ex Dom. The reason being I did not blow up, I maintained who I was, and I stayed calm. Once he saw he could not get under my skin, his tone changed. I am guessing at some point he will now apologize for his actions and his words. I did not blow up, I do not roll like that.

Still not admitting he may have done something wrong, or maybe just maybe he could of handled things a bit different.

I wanted so badly to post a few of the emails, but I am not going to drag Tish deeper into a bad situation. Words really do cut, and they cut very deep. While a bruise can heal, words never fully heal.


I put the blame on no one. Things happen, but you do not use things that were told to you in confidence and throw it back in someones face. I suppose I think this way because when I was much younger, I was guilty of the same thing.  I have grown, I have learned to stay calm and in control.

Today shall be an awesome day.