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Triad , Poly , Or polygamy

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I think in today’s times the latter is still a very taboo word, and is really looked down on. Even the poly and triad is looked at as taboo, or wrong, even sick.

My views on poly and triad are much different than most. While polygamy I have done some research on, after watching the TV show Sister wives seems like way to much drama.

Another problem is people talk even about their private lives, okay well I suppose I do pretty much the same here, and although there are a few who know me in person who read my blog for the most I am sharing with people I do not know, and people from around the world.

We blog to express our self, we blog to share our life experiences , we blog for advice, we blog to give advice, or some even share their kinks.

I do not like the word poly, I also do not like the word unicorn which in today’s terms means the third female. The term or word unicorn is relatively new , and there are those in a few forums on fetlife that look down when that word is used.

Poly is a group of people usually ran by a couple in the BDSM lifestyle. On fetlife or any other forums you would read member of this house, but most of the time these people do not live together. I have seen as many as 15 or 20 who belong to a house. The problem with those types of situations you have no control, you lack structure, you lack any kind of loyalty  , and the drama meter is tipping the scale, mass confusion , arguing, it does not work. Most poly homes have a revolving door, because there is no stability. I am not saying all poly homes do not work I am sure there are some, but from my experience very few work out for any length of time..

I do not care what kind of Dominant you are, what kind of Master you are you can only control so much, and if they do not live under your roof, you have less control.

Triad is much different, you have three living under the same roof, usually two are submissive although I use to know a vanilla couple who were triad and were in their 15th year being together two women and one male. .

In the lifestyle things tend to be much different, usually a Dominant maybe a Domme a female Mistress . Keeping things simple one Dom two subs, maybe a sub and a slave, under the right circumstances there could be two slaves under the same roof. You are a closed unit, you function as a family. The two be it a slave or submissive or two slaves work to help each other. Hanging out becoming best friends , shopping together, movies . While the Dominant maintains control over his house. He provides security, he provides stability, he provides communication, he provides structure, and love. Most Triads the third usually sleeps in a different bedroom, and the male spends the night with each one on different nights. I find that troubling because one is going to feel left out. I know I would feel fucked up in a situation like that. You have to treat both equal, but you also have to let it be known the first is the alpha, while she may not give out rules, or tell one what to do, she does give direction, on things that need to be done.

Polygamy dates back hundreds of years, and what use to be religion based has now moved on into the mainstream of life. When you mention Mormons the first thing you think of is Polygamy , but still today it is against the law to have more than one wife, but its not against the law to be poly or to live in a Triad, weird. I can see where a man marries more than one in the court of law, because our law says your not allowed. The problem is you have these tree huggers who want to express their rights, express to everyone how their way is the right way, when if they just kept their mouth shut everything would be fine. Most in a polygamy relationship support their own, they take care of their house. The only problem I would see is if they are receiving assistance from the government, then and only then does it become an issue with me. Most who are polygamy do not live under the same roof, they live in separate housing and the husband goes from house to house and sleeps. Again I find one would have a lack of control and then the drama factor comes in. If you have seen the show Sister Wives there is more than enough drama.

Living in a triad can have a lot of advantages, but the biggest disadvantage is if the Dominant does not have full control over his home, and I recently met a Baby Girl who was living in such a home. Arianna and I agreed to open our home to her but she declined, mainly because she does not think a Master can step in as a Daddy which is far from the truth. We were even going to help with her expenses. I am sure things will work our for her the way they are suppose to. You have to make each feel equal so I see all sharing the same bedroom that is just how I see things. We have not worked out all the details as of yet but I believe Arianna sees it the same way in order to be fair.


Now the one thing I have not mentioned is one word SEX. There is a reason, while I am sure sex would be part of any type of relationship  that should not be what is driving you to form such a house. If you speak to most Dominants or Masters they require the female to be bi sexual, they require the female to have sex with each other. I suppose it is suppose to be a show. Sure what man does not enjoy watching two women get it on, I do for one but to make that a requirement in my eyes is wrong.

There are some women who prefer living with someone who is bisexual and there is nothing wrong with that, but if that is a requirement from the Dom or Master then what is his real goal when forming a Triad.

We are all different, and we all have different needs, we as Dominants have different needs and wants, but to make such a demand, well it really limits your options when trying to form a Triad.

You want the two to work as a team, you want the two to function as best friends, but there has to be a valid reason on why you want to bring another into the home, and it cannot be just because you want to watch to women eat each other out.

To bring in someone else in my eyes and my opinion there should be a valid reason. What is it going to do to help the two of you, not just monetary but mentally, physically. How is it going to help better the home. How is the submissive or slave going to benefit ?

How is it going to change your lives, because once you make that move, you now have three, and all three have to be treated like family. If you go out to eat, shopping a theme park vacation over to a friends house, all three have to go you cannot leave either out.

I was talking to Arianna the other night, saying it would be funny at the company Christmas party telling them I need seating for three.

This is something that Arianna have talked about a lot and we are still talking. We are covering all bases, while I am the one who is searching she is helping me, we are working together. She will be the one who decides not me. Even if I like someone and Arianna says no then it is no.

We as an M’s couple do have a lot to offer. In the beginning we were not looking for another Slave, but a submissive. I could handle another Slave but not one who needed to be micromanaged that would take way to much out of me. I am not so sure about a Baby Girl, but I would consider it would depend on the maturity level and the amount of attention that was needed. We do have a nice home, we love it. It was built in the early 40’s hardwood floors through out except the kitchen and the Florid room which was added several years ago. We can offer security, stability zero drama, no arguing, that is something I will not tolerate, and of course structure.

I am not trying to sell myself on here, I am just sharing, although there has been a few who showed interest.

I have stated before I do run a very strict house. I have rules and protocols that will be followed, and I will punish when needed. I prefer not to punish but will. Arianna has been punished one time in a year and a half. I use to think I was to strict, Arianna at times thinks I am not strict enough, but she lives with me everyday.

No matter who we are we need to be happy we have to do things in life to improve ourselves be it living as a couple, poly or in a polygamy family, either way they are still sisters, they work together to help run the home and each other.

Much Love


Do You Have To Be Submissive Before You Can Be Dominant

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This is something I have heard for some time now. You cannot be Dominant unless you have been submissive. I find that most who make that comment are those who switch.The other statement is, how can you control a submissive if you have never been submissive. To each their own I just do not follow this train of thought. I am not saying your way of thinking is wrong because it is not. Your way of thinking is just that.

There are women who are submissive who are able and like to switch, but I have never met a slave who would even think of switching. A slave is not wired that way.

I know if Arianna was to see me submit to someone else, she would be gone. Number one reason would be I am not the Dominant I told her I was, but the most important thing would be, she could no longer respect me.

We all have our kinks, we all have our needs, I do not judge anyone by the way they live their life. I may not understand but hey if it cranks your tractor go for it.

I have stated before there is a huge difference between Master and Slave, and Dominant and submissive, or Daddy Dom and baby girl. The dynamics of each and every relationship is so different.

In the last couple of years there has been a few Masters who have just blown my mind, those who switched and I never saw that part in them, while their slave was not able nor did they want to switch.

I myself have never been on the receiving end , and you have a better chance in seeing the sea part before you see me submit to someone. The idea I do not understand my slave because I have never been submissive is just a fucked up statement. I am not sure about others, but I do understand my slave, I understand her feelings, I understand her needs. I know her inside , out.

Although, on the wild side, if I have done something to a slave out of the ordinary , I have probably done it to myself. A good example I was with a slave who got off on needles. I had never done any needle play before, so I experimented on myself. I got nothing out of it, but I was able to fulfill a need. the Tens Unit, I have tried on myself, Chinese cupping the same, the violet wand.

If there was something I did not know how to do and wanted to try. Then I find someone who knew how to do and got them to show me. You never go in blind, because you can really fuck someone up.

As far as being on the receiving end , um no that has never crossed my mind. I know who and what I am about. I am not going to let some pissed off Domme tie me down and fuck my ass with a 12 inch strapon that will never happen.

Your kink is just that you can share with me, I will listen to you all day long, but I will never take part in. Nor will I tell you that your wrong or how fucked up you are. You have to live your own life to be happy. Why would someone care what others think? Why would someone seek my approval? You have to be you.

We are all human it does not matter if your gay, lesbian, straight or bi. You have to be you, and you will only be happy if you are you.

I just do not understand the Male switching part when someone is Dominant and they switch to being a submissive, while there submissive watches them submit to someone else.


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Bettie Page portraying both a submissive and a dominant partner

In BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or (in the case of dominance and submission) sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive. Partners may switch roles based on mood, desire, or to allow each partner to experience their preferred activity. For example, a switch may be in a relationship with someone of the same primary BDSM orientation (e.g., two dominants), but enjoys participating as either orientation, so switching provides each partner with an opportunity to realize his or her BDSM needs.

It is also common for people to switch with different partners, such as when a person acts exclusively as a top with one partner and exclusively as a bottom with another. The act of “switching” may also refer to a spontaneous reversal of roles, initiated by either the bottom or the top. Persons who engage in self-bondage can be viewed as simultaneously taking both roles. There can sometimes be found a lingering prejudice in some local BDSM communities against switches and switching, while at the same time it gains increased acceptance in other local communities. Like bisexuality, identification as a switch is sometimes prejudicially regarded as ‘sitting on the fence‘, or being indecisive, about one’s kink orientation.


Are People Really Stupid

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A Domme has been asking me to bring Arianna over so the couple could play with her. I made it clear from the start I do not share. That was one of the stipulations Arianna had before entering the relationship. I really have no desire to watch another guy fuck her either.

Arianna has been with women, but at this time she does not wish to be. I also made it clear if at any point and time, if she had the need, should could and I would not take part in, but would be present.

So this Domme was sending me text, and she made it clear, if we were to come over, play is a must. If I had no intentions of a full swap there was no sense in us coming over. Okay I am good with that the subject is closed, done finished.

Friday I receive a text, asking me if we were still coming over, I am looking at the text just shaking my head. Then another, we you can come and visit just as friends and stay the night. Hmm well maybe. Then she starts with we can show Arianna how I get fisted, and how a car buffer is good to masturbate with. Okay I still have not figured out the car buffer thing, maybe someone can fill me in.

Again I declined but I did say we may be in that area soon for a munch and we could stop in. I had always thought the word No meant No, not let me think about it, or maybe.

While I was stationed in Korea, which is where I got my first real tasted of BDSM. I would see guys lined up to see the medic so they could get the Shot. Yep the clap, the drip. I rented a place off post called a hooch. A small room that had a mattress on the floor and a small free standing closet. All the cooking and bathing was done outside, even the bathroom, fucking cold in December.

Even then at 18, I always stuck with one. I never had to step in that line. I did how ever thought I had the clap once, but it turned out it was a urinary tract from drinking the water, which was just nasty.

When it comes to sex Arianna and I have no real limits, well the usual, no blood, scat, children of course. So now just let your imagination run wild.

The truth I am asked at least once a week if we play or if I share, and some ask more than once as if they did not hear me the first time, or maybe I may have changed my mind the next day.

While living with Chong, I allowed her to have a girlfriend. Although she followed my rules we never had sex. When I bond, I bond with one.

I love eating pussy, that is a real fetish of mine, and to be down there and thinking that some dude was banging her the day before. That would truly make me sick. On the other hand I love watching two women eating each other, but to take part in nah, I would just want to share. Another point although Arianna has been with women, a woman would not be her first choice, if she was told to do it she would. So I would be picky with any choice I might have. That has not crossed my mind, and it will probably not.

Quote from Ron White. You Cant Fix Stupid.

Not my Thing.


I Was Somewhat Annoyed Last Night

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Tish and I had just finished Dinner, and a knock at the door, a very good friend of mine came over , but she did not recognize him because he was not in uniform, once he told her who he was I told her to let him in. He has a habit of just showing up, but we are really close so I do not mind.

He had his slave with him, I guess they had just returned from Orlando. I could tell almost immediately that their main focus was on Tish, so I just kinda went with the flow of things. We have been really good friends for a couple of years, soI tend to look over a lot of things.

I could see him looking at his slave, as if he was waiting on something, and the subject of sharing came up again. We had already been over this or I thought,, maybe I did not make myself clear the first time.

I am not going to post pictures of Tish on here, but I did post one of us at Seaworld on my FB in my group. You have to be a member to see, sorry about that. Tish is really smoking hot, a little taller than I am, as a matter of fact I am the shortest man she has ever dated.

Anyway I just cannot believe the subject even came up again, with my friend knowing how I feel about sharing. I forget what we were talking about, and out of the blue his slave says so you do not share. Tish was standing by in the service position, and I had to remind her about offering company drinks. I did not really say anything Tish is still in the learning mode, and it does take time.

So again I explain why I do not share. Now if for some reason Tish wanted to be with a female, which she does not, I would allow, and I would not take part in anyway.. She has been with a woman before, and does not really care for it.

If I just out right told her to she would, and not even hesitate, but it would only be to please me.

Here is the thing, we as Dominants are to take care of ours. I have been mentoring a young couple who both has anger issues, but the male when he gets upset, he tends to say some very nasty things. that are very hurtful.

So I asked him, give me one good reason why you two should argue? I am just asking for one reason. He could not answer, as a matter of fact anyone reading this cannot give me a reason. She on the other hand gets angry because he has trouble telling the truth. that I can somewhat understand, but it is still not a valid reason to argue.You call him out on it confront and let it go.

Ladies, subs and slaves, here is my way of thinking. A woman no matter what her status is, vanilla, submissive, or slave. Cooks the mans meals, does his laundry, keeps the house clean. Here is the kicker, she lays on her back spreads her legs, sucks his dick, gives up the ass , and the male is going to disrespect her, get the fuck out.

Now I love to cook, I do not mind doing the dishes, I will even throw in a load of laundry, not much on folding. I was looking for a slave not a house keeper, or mother.

So if your woman is going to lay on her back and take pretty much what ever you want to do, why would you as a male, Vanilla or Dominant even think of putting your woman down, be it verbal, mental, or physical.

If your a Dominant and you have anger issues, maybe you should rethink your status.  I am not going to say I do not get upset, because I do, I even get angry, I will cuss like a sailor, but never I repeat never at my property. I would never disrespect her in anyway shape or form. Now if you are not in my circle, I do not even see you, I want nothing to do with you, I could really careless. If you are my friend, I will bend over backwards to help you.

So the couple last night are very religious, I do not understand the sharing, but both are very christian like. I started to explain in Viles words.

Look I love to eat pussy way to much, to be down there, and I have this mental picture of some dude banging my bitch. I love to kiss, so thinking of her sucking some dudes cock, well that is not going to happen.

They did exchange phone numbers, and fetlife id’s . Tish received a text about a half hour later. Tish likes to be restrained at night, so I bought her a chain and padlocks , she explained in the text, her chain was ready and she was turning in for the night.

Okay even if I did want her to be with another female, knowing that is really not her thing, is that really fair to Tish. Could it be detrimental to her well being? Sure it could.

As a Dominant, I am suppose to lookout for Tish, not only physically but mentally. , if I force her to do something she really does not want to do, what kind of Dominant does that make me? Will she still respect me after it is all said and done? I think the feelings would change somewhat. I broke my word, from the start I made it clear I do not share. I do not mind someone looking, but hands off. If you were to see Tish’s body you would understand why I do not mind someone else looking.

I was somewhat disappointed in my friend because he had his slave ask yet again, he knew I would not say anything out of the way to her.

I do want Tish to make friends with other Subs and slaves in the lifestyle. I think that is very important for her growth. So she has an understanding of how others live. I would think that would be something every dominant would want.

So call me greedy, stingy, but the bottom line is my pussy is just that my pussy. My friend who was over last night is not the first, it is like dudes are coming out of the woods. WTF.

I just do not get it.


More Hot Women Making Out

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I love watching women making out

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