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Here Lately I have been Thinking About Women Of Color.

Posted in bdsm, Black Female, prejudice, slave, submissive on October 4, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I have a Fetlife  Account, Vile1962 . Last week I joined a couple of groups, that had to do with Black Female Submissive’s . I joined the groups because a friend of mine told me I would be a good fit in the group. Being how soft spoken I am.

I have had a couple of females request to be friends.Now we are shooting emails back and forth. Although nothing will come of if, it is nice to have someone asking questions. One thing I make clear, what I say is just my own opinion, and thoughts.

I do come off kinda strong at times, egotistical, stuck up, self centered, I could go on and on.  I can tell you this if you take the time out to get to know me, you would not have a better friend, Or Dominant.

I have never been prejudice I grew up in a small country town, brought up with good Southern values. I will bend over backwards to help someone if I see they are trying to help themselves. If you are not, well you can guess.

About 1.5 years ago when I was going through my mini sabbatical, re-finding myself, getting my shit together, and making sure of what I wanted out of life and.

I wanted to have my life straight, no problems, no drama, and no Ex issues, before entering another relationship. Just prior I made a couple of bad choices speaking of relationships. We do this when we feel something missing and we want to fill that void. We tend to settle for less. The bad thing is it never works out.

So what do we do? We wait, we seek, until we find the perfect fit. The One. I can tell you it is not an easy task. As a matter of fact It would probably be an easier task if I would bend, or change the way I am, but I refuse.

So I met this black female who lives in Texas a school teacher, very smart, awesome personality, and we talked for hours and hours for a couple of months. The problem we had in the end is her children. Which is really not a problem because a mother is always going to be there for her kids. I respect a single mother who has children, and works to keep a home. My hat goes off to all of you.

The second thing, her kids who were both in college, found out I was white. Yea they had a fit, but I was okay with that, and in a way I understand, then again I do not after all it is the year 2012.

Then came my parents, both Pentecostal, my stepmother is a bishop, and teaches part time at UT, as a substitute. They both being Christians, very loving people, God fearing. Well they came unglued at the seams. Wow really are you serious. The Pentecostal’s who are now letting Gay and Lesbians become bishops. I commend the church for allowing this as well. I may not agree, but it is only fair, I suppose. Who am I to say what is right and what is wrong. I know if your someone who follows the bible then it is not right. I believe that we as adults should be able to choose out own partners, with out backlash from our Government

The point I am making is they were judging me. Telling me it was not right in gods eyes, I was wrong. This is why I am Buddhists and I would like to blog about that sometime, how it has change me and helped me in the lifestyle.

Now my parents know of my lifestyle, I hide nothing from anyone. It is not something I boast about, but if I happen to get close enough to someone I tend to open up a little bit. They do not agree with me, and my stepmother will tell you I need help.

So I have to sit down and do what is adventitious to me , not anyone else. Just as I told my stepmother, you are not paying my bills, you are not doing my laundry, I am not banging you, nor would I . Yes I said those things. I am not on her favorite list of people she prays for every night, well maybe she does, and finds out the next day when I call her prayers were not answered.

This is really a touchy subject and I had to think hard before sitting down, and just let my thoughts flow. We are not in control, who or when we find the right partner. Sometimes we are just narrow minded, and we have a mindset of what we need, not want, wants are to vague. What we need. Our needs must be met way before our wants.

So would I date a black female, sure I would, if I found or could see the qualities, in a slave that fits my needs. I think most would find a relationship in the D;s lifestyle a little taboo. Then again we are not her to make others happy, it does not matter what others think. The bottom line it is what makes you happy. Am I seeking a black female? I am looking for a slave. A life long partner. Maybe that answers the question, maybe not.

The key is waiting, being patient, not getting stressed out. Spending to much time worrying if there is someone out there for us. Sure there is. Being in the lifestyle it may not be as easy, but yes there is someone.

Take note about what I said about getting my shit together. If you enter a relationship, and you have mounds of problems, you are causing great harm to your partner..