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365 Days Of Sucking Cock

Posted in 365 days of sucking cock, Arianna, bdsm, calendar, cock sucking, Face Fucking, gagging, slave, sucking cock, sucking dick on April 20, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

Arianna brought this idea up about 3 weeks ago, I do love the way she thinks. However with our work and the hours we work it really makes it kinda hard to make it an everyday ritual.

Now this is the truth, not every woman knows how to give head, just like every man does not know how to eat pussy. If the woman is giving head just to please it may be good, but not near as good if they truly enjoy it. Although you can enjoy it because you know you are pleasing.

So Arianna hung a calendar up in the hallway , and every time she gives head she gets to put a star on the date. Here is the kicker, depending on the blow job she can earn two stars. Sometimes I do enjoy just laying back after a hard days work and just enjoying the moment, then there are those times I really get into it.

Arianna has this way of applying pressure with her tongue while sucking, it just gives this incredible feeling. I am not sure while she is sucking but she can actually fold her tongue in half while sticking it out and make S movements with it, just to watch is a total turn on.

I also love wet blow jobs the wetter the better, I love hearing those sucking noises the biggest turn on in the world. Starting off slow, and at first she takes me all the way in her mouth just moving her tongue around until I get hard, then she starts moving up and down real slow, applying pressure with her tongue, Wow just laying there relaxing letting my mind go, it is like a day at the spa.

I have said before most of the time I do not even want to cum I just want to enjoy the moment, but then there are times I just want to rock n roll.

So when I am ready, I reach under put my left hand on her Jaw and my right hand on her forehead, hold her in place and I start pumping while she is still sucking applying pressure with her tongue, and before you know it, I am blowing my load like Moby Dick. Last night she lost just a little bit of dinner now a lot but I felt it come up.

Once I was done and she sat up her whole face was wet, and poor Arianna only thinking of me, said I will get you a towel , now that is pure love.

What I love about it most is there is no fighting it she just goes with the flow, and is more than happy to please. The truth is there is not a day that goes by that she does not ask if she can suck my cock. Even when I come home late and she has to be up early she ask can I earn a star.

I tell men everyday if you can find a woman who truly knows how to give head, you can look over a lot of stuff.

There are two ways to a man heart good food, and great cock sucking skills.